Sankaku App Gains Notes & Favorite Searches


Version 1.3 of the Sankaku App is now available, bringing a customisable navigation menu and search bookmarking, note support, enhanced cache management and further improvements to user privacy and security.




The following new features characterise 1.3 as the best thing since sliced bread, Aya Hirano, or 1.2 at least:

Bookmarked searches: Tabbed browsing, bookmarked searches and a customised app menu have all been rolled into one with this addition; tapping the “bookmark” icon in the app bar whilst searching tags in the app will allow the search to be saved to the app navigation menu on the left (under “browse all”), and these can be freely renamed, edited and reordered from the menu itself.

Note support: Read only support for notes (user edited subtitles) is now present – these can be toggled persistently with an icon in the app bar. Searching with “order:recently_noted” will provide the latest notes, and of course those of a mind to can add such a search to their bookmarked searches.

Enhanced cache management: the app will now more intelligently limit the size of its cache of downloaded files so as not to consume too much of the space available on the user’s device, and a “clear cache” option is now provided in the app settings.

Remember login: A “remember user” option has been added to the logon and settings screens, so users can keep their app activity private if their device is used by others.

It is freely available now in both Black and White editions.

Questions, quandaries, qualms and quibbles are all welcomed via email or comments.

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