Madoka Magica Concept Movie Video Leaked




The Madoka Magica concept movie that had previously debuted at Shaft’s “Madogatari” art exhibit last month (in honor of the studio’s 40th anniversary) has been leaked online, reacquainting viewers with the legendary series and naturally causing people to wonder if a new Madoka title may be in the works as a result.

The leak, filmed by way of a stealthy recording device:

The concept movie’s producer has stated that the piece will form the basis for a brand new Madoka Magica project, whether or not it will take the form of an anime or a movie (or something else even) has yet to be clarified however.

The January 2016 issue of Kadokawa’s NewType magazine will have an interview with Shaft possessing more details about this new project and what it might be about.

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