Idea Factory to US: “We’re Not Censoring Our Games!”


Game developer Idea Factory have unfortunately followed suit with other companies in refusing to kowtow in response to the feminist mania corroding the western gaming industry, announcing that they will no longer release games in the west if they require censorship and artistic compromise, paining fans greatly but perhaps being the lesser of two evils.

A recent interview with Idea Factory president Haru Akenaga brought up the Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 fiasco and how it convinced the company to go this unfortunate route; he also goes on to state that he does not want to censor games as it is not true to the original art.

Naturally, this latest turn of events has many western fans wondering whether a new entry into the Neptunia or Moero franchises (amongst other such games) will ever see the light of day again in the lands so blighted by political correctness, “gender equality” and religious fervor.

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