Final Fantasy VII Remake: “Will Be a Multi-Part Series”


As if recent revelations weren’t depressing enough for those in favor of Final Fantasy VII’s old turn-based combat, it has been announced that the Final Fantasy VII remake will also be a multi-part series, a choice that fans have already been denouncing as a cash-cow milking of the most embarrassingly epic proportions.

The reasoning behind this volatile decision stems from the game’s sheer size, as producer Yoshinori Kitase claims that attempting to fit the entire remake within a single game would be impossible due to the graphical quality – an issue that somehow could not easily be resolved with the usage of multiple discs, as the first game and so many others have done for decades.

A Famitsu interview also unveiled that other game companies such as CyberConnect2 have been lending a helping hand as well, and may possibly be the culprit for making the game episodic, as CyberConnect2’s .hack franchise is so infamous for.

The developers however have tried to reassure gamers that each volume sold will be equivalent to that of a full-size game, though no particular qualification as to what constitutes a “full-size game” is provided.

A brief discussion with the game’s producer Yoshinori Kitase:

The Final Fantasy VII remake can instill shock and awe or cause a massive upset once it arrives sometime in the distant future; it can be pre-ordered now – the first installment at least…

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  • chisarthemis says:

    Enix plan for FFVII remake
    Disc I : us$ 30
    Disc II : us$ 30
    Disc III : Us$ 30
    DLCs :
    1. vincent’s dugeon key us$ 20
    2. Yuvie’s random world map encounter us$ 20
    3. Jet mode on highwind us$ 15
    4. Permanent gold saucer’s pass us$ 40
    5. Unique individual lvl 4 limit break us$ 7.5
    6. Chocobo’s breeding nut (come with 10/50/100% success upgrade) from us$ 10-100
    And many more
    what they tell you are all lies, they only want to get your money by old age golden mine. Enix suck level = beyond help

  • There is literally nothing wrong with it being a multi-part game. It means that it won’t take them a gorillion years to release the first batch of content. If you’re patient enough to wait, then wait for the bundle pack that will be affordable or the inevitable collectors edition.

    People are going to bitch and bitch and bitch, then the game is going to come out, get pretty good to amazing reviews, look like a ton of fun to play, and half the people bitching are going to end up buying it anyway.

  • At first I was hyped. Then they announced the did away with the turn-based combat in favor of a shittier action combat… Ok.. could still live with that… even though controlling multiple characters this way is just a pain in the ass and will most likely result in people letting the NPCs doing all the work… but now this? Nope… Fuck Square-Enix.

  • Turns head to continue playing his old version of Final Fantasy VIII.
    True, it might not have been as “Popular”, but this is also why Square hasn’t gone and butchered it to death. While the rest of you VII fans get a giant F.U. from the company, I get to enjoy the fruits of a deceased company. (remember it was SquareSoft that brought these games -this includes X-1. X-2 and newer are all products of “SquareEnix” not SquareSoft. Notably so was Kingdom Hearts I…)

    On that note: Star Ocean 3: Til the End of Time is a proud product of Enix. Not SquareEnix.

  • I have no problem with this as long as the content justifies it. It wouldn’t surprise me if you physically can’t fit all the data on a single blu ray, especially with 4k+ type resolutions.

    • It’s a load of crap. The first FF7 fit entirely on one CD except for the FMV cutscenes. Try it some time; load the game, then while playing remove your disc and replace it with another. It’ll work perfectly until it tries to load an FMV cutscene and at that point it’ll load the wrong one (since the one it’s looking for is not on the disc), but after the cutscene it’ll go back to working like normal. I used this for a while when I didn’t want to watch Aeris getting killed.

      Anyway if it takes two or three discs of content then sell us it all at once! Don’t “TO BE CONTINUED” a story that we already know completely. This is the exact same greedy drag-it-out crap that makes me unwilling to watch Hollywood movies.

      So far we have:
      1. Uematsu not doing the music
      2. Dicking around with a battle system that was completely perfect and did not need to be messed with
      3. Greedy multiple installments content chopping

      Yeah, fucking dropped. Every time news comes out it gets worse. It’s like they’re deliberately trying to sabotage their own game so they won’t have to commit to actually finish it.

      • To be fair, most of the environments in the first game were low res static images.

        For a modern fully 3d game, a single object requires multiple textures and maps.

        Still, there are plenty of other games that seem to fit just fine. GTA5 is probably a good example of a fairly large, detailed world with lots of varied environments. MGS5 probably isn’t a good example because a lot of it is the same old desert or jungle, likely recycling textures.

        I agree that they are changing too much already. Most people just want an HD remake, not a whole new game.

  • I think it is simply because the original was locked view and this will be full 3D in next-gen level of rendering so the world will take a lot of time and money to make, even areas that you just might run past will need time to master so if they did it with just one single release that would leave them out of pocket. And also it might look visually like a poor-man’s FF7 Remake. Its the same Idea as Sega’s Shenmue, that was a game that was ahead of its time and had a costly production value so they got the players to fund it in installments, and even after that Sega left that game unfinsihed.

    I knew this would happen even before PS4 was launched, thats why they delayed remaking this game long ago.

    I don’t mind though. That FF15(XV) also is a long and large, pricy project and I will laugh out loud if it (FF15) does as bad as FF 13(XIII) because they wasted so much time and money on FF15(XV) and I suspect FF13 (XIII) was not given the right funding because of FF 15(XV) wasting more then its share.

    Lets see what happens.

    • Polygonal environments are far less memory intensive than pre-rendered ones. Compare Xenogears, a game that was rendered real-time and completed with a far smaller budget despite being a similar length.

      • I dunno about Xenogears, but modern high definition 3d requires a lot of large textures.

        Thing is, I don’t really trust Squenix. They could very much be bullshitting, but it’s hard to say without knowing exactly how they intend to redo stuff.

    • I can totally see the save Aeris thing being DLC.
      They also said some shit about having new areas. Expect them to keep adding DLC areas and shit.

      I’m going to laugh if every episode is only about 2-3 hours in length (with most of them being cutscenes).

  • Gotta milk as many shekels from this series as possible; as if them making a remake of FF7 wasn’t enough of a hint that this was the intent the whole time.

    It’s just like all those remakes and “reboots” that Hollywood is doing. Rather than put in the work to create something new they just dress up an already completed work and sell it back to you.

  • There was no way that FFVII remake could ever happen withouth the “cow milking” side of it. Did you think SE would ever release it because of respect and love for the original game? In your dreams. The episodic thing is also understandable, because we don’t want another FF XIII with new skins.

    With all that said, it’s FFVII remake, for Christ sake. Stop whining and be glad it will happen at all.

    • Then the game comes out, you buy it and it turns out to be unavoidably terrible. But hey, just be glad.

      A very likely scenario, especially if you bend over and take their bad decisions up the ass instead of expressing legitimate concerns beforehand.

    • I can’t really bring myself to heartburn over this. I’m down with separate chunks of story over time, considering it’s been almost 20 years since the thing was released in the US the first time.

      Hell, maybe they’ll use the episodic format to offer DIFFERENT storytelling forks, so all the flavors of fans and shippers can get the ending they want.

  • FFVII was big for its time but compared to Elder’s Scrolls, GTA, Fallout, etc. it’s size is more like an ant. I played the game again recently and skipped most of the mini-games and beat it in like 30 hours without rushing too much. That’s not big or long at all.

    This multi-part thing it’s a major turn-off. Especially if it will be delivered like those crappy TellTale’s games.

  • Blazenwhiper says:

    Yeah don’t try and blame CyberConnect2 for Square enix’s bad decision.

    The main difference between FF7 and the .hack games are that
    .hack games have defined cut off points where the endings of each volume transition well with an episodic format.

    Final Fantasy games aren’t like that at all. There have never been any points in the games that would allow that kind of cut off.

    This is just bad decisions from Square Enix.

    • The same points where you change the CD’s? Although it’s still a shitty cashgrab idea to make them into separate games, it went so well with FFXIII…though they did make money, just lost their reputation.

  • “We can’t give you the whole game on multiple discs at once due to the graphics, so we’ll give you the whole game on multiple discs and charge you for each disc. That solves the graphics and multi disc option!”

    • Don’t worry! Even if they are dividing one full-size game into multiple pieces, each piece is equivalent to a full-size game!
      Who would have thought the Banach-Tarski paradox also applied to videogames.

        • So, you’re argument is that modern games are shit so we should not expect more from this remake?

          It seems you don’t understand why people kept asking for the remake. We don’t want them to release a shitty “modern AAA” game under the FFVII title. What we want is the original game presented with modern technology.

  • No surprises here, they have been preparing their “lie” since even before the announcement, they’ve been telling us for years FFVII was just “too big”.

    Anyone who didn’t expect this was simply not paying attention.

    Never excited about this remake because I knew since he beginning it was going to be a scam.

  • They only did this with Final Fantasy 13 because they over developed the first game in the series and cut out a lot of content which they used for later games, especially 13-2. They’re probably expecting to do this again with FF7 remake.

  • FFVII Re: Episode 1 – ARPG
    FFVII Re: Episode 2 – Tactical RPG
    FFVII Re: Episode 3 – Turnbased RPG
    FFVII Re: Crisis Essentials – android/IOS RPG
    FFVII Re: Crisis Interlude – android/IOS card game
    FFVII Re: Vincent: Another Story – 3rdPS/FPS

  • I’d be okay with it if they added “new content” that lets you fuck Aeris and Tifa, but that’s not going to happen.

    Everyone’s still going to buy the fuck out of this game though. SQEX have been edging the exploitable FF7 fanbase for many years now, and they’re at the point that just a small touch will get them to blow their collective loads. It’ll probably even have DLC shit too. On top of all that, who wants to bet the final product won’t look nearly as good as these “gameplay” clips?

    Maybe I’ll buy it in 2020 when I can get a PS4/FF7 bundle for less than $200 or something.

    Anyways, even if FF7 is just another cash cow now, at least we can thank it for all the many years of great FF7 porn and doujin comics.

    More great non-ecchi art from the same artist as above:

  • The stupidest part about this is people are saying it’s okay because the original game was 3 discs.

    The original game was 3 discs because it had a fuck ton of prerendered CG movies. That’s completely different from splitting up sections of the story into episodes.

    • To elaborate further on my comment:

      If I recall correctly, in the original game, regardless of what disc you were on, you had access to most of the world.

      Now, if what they are saying is true, ie. “it’s not possible to fit such a large world onto a single disc”, that means the world won’t be accessible at any time like the original.

      In other words, it likely means the locations the player can travel to will be limited within the scope of each episode. That is, of course, if they are not giving us some bullshit excuse.

      I personally think they’re full of shit. It should be possible to fit the game data onto a single disc, and the console only needs to load the surrounding area at once.

        • Oh yeah. I completely forgot that PS1 had jack all memory, so it was always loading forever. The FF7 videos were streamed straight off the disc as was audio. We’ve come a long way since then.

      • If the price is 20$ I don’t mind it being in 3 parts, but yes, majority of the world was accessible on first disc even before you got Highwind, you could travel a LOT with Tiny Bronco or you could get Golden Chocobo.

        If the price will be low then I am willing to take 3 parts. I have a gripe over the combat system because I don’t like the new remake system they are forcing down on me so whether I buy it or not depends how they actually end up playing this. I don’t enjoy Final Fantasy Hack n Slash. I have DMC for that or Darksiders/2.

        FF7 has a lot of content, I worry about what is locked out from the first part of the game. But I won’t even buy it if it gets the Real Time combat system instead of ATB Turn Based.

        They can easily do dual system (or triple cuz Original FF7 had dual system actually, Turn Based and Active Time Battle).

        But idiots that have problems with thinking will love mindless hack and slash.

      • Well, of course there’s no point putting in Icicle Inn and beyond if the first part ends in the Forgotten City.

        Also, in FF7 after certain events, places get locked. In that case, there’s no need to put in content for those, since they aren’t supposed to be accessed.

        It depends on what exactly are they planning to cut.

    • I haven’t bought a game made by Square / Square Enix since Chrono Cross. And if the store would have let me I would have returned it. Piece of crap shat all over my memories of Chrono Trigger.

        • I felt the slide started with FFVIII, but I was at least able to force myself to play all the way through and beat it. I dropped Chrono Cross very early due to general dislike of the gameplay and characters. It’s one of only two RPGs I’ve started and haven’t finished, and the other game was a ragequit when I lost several hours of gameplay to a random battle party wipe after forgetting to save.

  • Can we have a game where Zack doesn’t die? Always found it bullshit in Crisis Core when you’ve over levelled your character and are comfortably dealing with the soldiers that the game takes away the choice of surviving from you.

  • Why the hell are people so stupid that they think that what they are talking about is the number of gigabytes the game is. They are talking about the cost of asset production. Seriously, anybody with half a brain would have figured that out.

    • Then they should just be honest and say that production of the remake is too fucking expensive so they want you to pay N times the cost of the average game.

      The problem is with their stupid excuses about how the game’s size requires this, despite the original being just one installment.
      Not to mention their lame attempts to save face by saying that each partial game is equivalent to a full game.

      • They where honest, people just misunderstood what they meant when they said that the game’s size would need it to be released in parts.
        Updating to the latest technology and making it a ARPG is extremely expensive. Can you imagine the fights against the Weapons as a ARPG? That would be totally different than fighting them in a turn based RPG and way more expensive to make. All the boss fights would be way more expensive to make, because they would need much more complicated A.I.. The sets would need to be tested a lot more to make sure that you can traverse them properly and not get stuck in the scenery. They also claimed that that you would be able to explore other parts of Midgar, not just sector 7 like in the original.

        • @anon
          I guess the reason they use ARPG is because they want to make it accessible to younger gamers. Most popular MMORPG also use ARPG, that’s why they also popular on younger demographics.

          I remembered myself didn’t have interest on any Turn Based RPG until I was 20. My friend first showed me FFVII when I was 17 yet I found it really “boring & unattractive” despite all the CGs and visual effects.
          I finished myself FFVII when I was 22.

    • That’s what multiple discs are for. Just the same as it was for the original game. Blu-rays can hold 50GB with standard dual layer.

      There’s no way the final release package is going to exceed 150GB if they released on 3 dual layers.