Hideo Kojima Banned From The Game Awards 2015


Hideo Kojima, the revered creator of the Metal Gear Solid franchise, has been banned from this year’s Game Awards due to the details of his contract with Konami; a rather cruel turn of events that all but confirms Kojima’s departure from the relentless company.

Konami had previously reported that Kojima was in fact on vacation as opposed to no longer being with the company, a fact that was immediately disproved from a number of sources and quite obviously revealed that Konami was attempting to save face after the esteemed developer’s departure.

The news comes from the Game Awards 2015:

In tribute of Kojima’s absence, Stephanie Joosten was brought on stage to sing Quiet’s theme:

Kojima’s contract is said to expire this month, at last giving the legend the freedom he so deserves, however the same cannot be said of the Metal Gear Solid franchise…

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  • XxLolimasterxX says:

    Relax people, I did the math. This is just beacause Hideo Kojimas is so damn fuggin’ amazing that with just his presence the audience would die of a multiple epilepsy attack. It is preety clear he got banned. Kojima would just commit incredible mass murder with just his epic entrance. Pff people are so scared of nothing nowadays..

  • So, considering that Konami is a family-owned & operated yakuza company (literally) that is known for “reassigning” problematic employees (including directors & executives) into such esteemed positions such as pachinko manufacturing & gym floor mopping, I wonder what Hideo’s actual job is now as he’s trapped in that work contract that likely has a massive financial penalty clause should he try to break it?

    So, while Hideo is being awarded (with konami execs “humbly” accepting the award on their own behalf – not a mis-type), I wonder what esteemed job he was performing?

    Likely turning the screws in one of the Konami pachinko factories for the new Metal Gear Solid pachi-slot cabinets.

    It’s either that, or he’ll be sued for breach of contract while his house gets burned down and his family is made an example of.

  • You misunderstand, but it isn’t KONAMI that several game series were killed.
    The voice which will make those series restore in KONAMI rose, but all KOJIMA killed.
    He made sure that he won’t make them make other games to bet on only his series.
    Without knowing those fact, you’re abusing KONAMI.
    That’s very very stupid and is a funny thing.
    When you were loving a game of KONAMI really, the partner who throws a stone wasn’t KONAMI, it was KOJIMA.
    However your eye was foul, and I didn’t also notice the thing stupidly.
    You were stupid and stupid than JEDAI tricked by SHISU.

  • Kojima was spending money of KONAMI selfishly.
    Kojima drove away tKojima staff Kojima doesn’t like in evil work.
    Only the plan which freezes a plan of various games, and is itself.
    The one I was making give priority is also he.
    Kojima was lowest man as a member of society.
    Kojima also concerns stealth marketing of Sony and.
    A negative campaign of an other company was being also performed aggressively.
    Kojima doesn’t begin to like everyone and that tKojima Japanese who knows him would like to be a concern.
    I never think.

    Overseas people.
    This is his true form.
    He’s never a praised person.
    If that’s a Japanese gamer, everyone is to know.

  • Hideo is so fcking overrated anyway. Hideo this hideous that.
    He isnt some god of gaming or anything, stop sucking his 3 inch dick guys. Sorry for the rough words but im not sorry for being rational here.
    Too much praise is too much