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  • Santiago Troche (Lolimaster) says:

    I find these games to be quite dangerously out of place but heavily influential.Hurtful and sentimental to some, but a raw constructive experience.First Russia on COD, then the middle-east on various franchises; All we need now is a 9/11 recap in ps4. Game reminds me of a ps2 title somewhat…

  • The interesting part is comparing the original PS3 version with the PS4 version. There are some pretty huge leaps in visual quality, particularly with the destructible environments.

    You can tell they haven’t converted much of it to PS4 yet, because the PS3 trailers all have much more footage. That, and Granzela only broke away from IREM not too long ago.

  • Blazenwhiper says:

    I think they need to work on the walk animations. They look far to casual for someone in a disaster zone. Even the run feels way to….well to put it into words. It doesn’t look like the character feels any danger from anything.

    If you are running from a collapsing building you don’t run like that. It was far too calm.

    Hopefully they’ll add some grime to it as well as more detail to the textures in general. i really enjoy games like this were you can just explore the world but it looks a little..bland at the moment. Hopefully they’ll improve on the details before this is released

    Also some weather effects would be very nice to add in.

    • It says it’s still a work-in-progress. The previous games did have lacking character animation, though. Check out the cancelled PS3 version for more content.

      The previous games had some pretty nice weather effects despite being on PS2 and PSP, so hopefully the PS4 version will make good use of the PS4’s power.

  • My only issue is this is the cleanest disaster I’ve ever seen. The lighting is so bland, a disaster is actually quite colorful and vibrant, which is why they are so fascinating to watch even though they make us face our mortality. This just feel like they built a world so it can be destroyed with base lighting and textures. I hope they push it a bit more, right now it’s on the cusp of being something good, but right now it’s just bland in terms of having a believable atmosphere.

    • It says in the corner that it’s still work in progress. If you compare with the original PS3 footage, they haven’t brought much of it over to PS4 yet. The final product could look very different.

      If you look at previous entries in the series, the visuals have always been somewhat colorful.

  • I see nothing controversial about this game depending on what the gameplay and plot is about.

    If it’s what I think it is, this will greatly improve peoples awareness,concerning such situations.

    If it’s going to have a non-survival/rescue plot of some weird mystery behind the disaster I’m gonna drink sake till I’m almost unconscious and play it.

    I appeal to all people against this, lets wait until we know more about it.

    This game, if it is about survival and rescue during such a disaster, should be on multiple platforms, they should be able to net quite a lot of money this way. The graphics are fantastic, and if the plot is what I mentioned, this can actually turn a lot of unaware people to learn what-how. Done right this can help a lot of people.

    • It was controversial because it was due for release when the Tohoku disaster hit, and as a result it was cancelled and IREM erased the franchise from the internet.

      The original creators left IREM to form a new company, and managed to retain the rights to the series.

      The Disaster Report (Zettai Zetsumei Toshi) series tends to have good plots, so not much to worry about there. Just hope that it has better depth and gameplay than the third game that was on PSP.

    • The previous games were like Resident Evil in a disaster setting, where the enemy is the environment.

      The second game was about staying dry and warm. I think the first game involved staying hydrated? The third game was about avoiding stress.

      When this game was first announced, it was mentioned that players will need to occasionally visit the toilet to urinate. I wonder if that’s still in.

    • Yeah, I love edutainment. It doesn’t need to be 100% realistic, but even a few factual tips thrown in here and there would certainly be useful.

      That, and having this kind of experience may allow some people to stay more calm instead of panicking when faced with a similar situation.

      The game was originally cancelled because people didn’t want to be reminded about the Tohoku disaster… but I think it’s more important that people face their fears than avoid them.

    • Several years ago, I went searching for a good disaster/survival game. Most of them were very shit.

      The only good series I found was this one. It has a pretty large following in Japan, and people have been begging for it to be released for years. I’m sure many people are very ecstatic about this news.