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Seiyuu Shirakawa Sumiko Passes Away


The loss of another legendary seiyuu has unfortunately come to pass, with the renowned voice talents of Shirakawa Sumiko coming to an end and bringing grief to fans of such classics as Doraemon and Sakae-san, amongst others.

The dedicated 80-year old seiyuu’s absence from a recent recording session had aroused suspicion amongst family and staff, prompting a visit to her home where she was found collapsed in the bathroom; the cause of death has yet to be determined.

Shirakawa Sumiko was most notable for her roles as Doraemon’s Dekisugi and Sazae-san’s Nakajima, spanning a career of over 40 years and surely impacting those who grew up listening to the seiyuu’s voice.

Fuji TV will hold auditions in the near future for Sazae-san’s Nakajima.

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