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Ninja Musume In A Trap Uniquely Entrapping




Final Fantasy VII heroine Yuffie (or a girl bearing a very coincidental resemblance to her in both looks and name) has become the star of a sexy new eroge entitled “Yuffie… Ninja Musume In A Trap“, subjecting the materia-loving ninja to the sexual desires of a multitude of foes while also boasting some unique gameplay for once – an unexpected event in the realm of H-games.

The game itself mostly centers around a system that involves leading the determined Yuffie along a set of traps to “soften” her up for her inevitable violation, a suitable mechanic that might be troubling for those who merely want to get right to the H of course…



















Yuffie… Ninja Musume In A Trap features animated H-scenes and is available now.

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  • Is it just me, or do a shocking percentage of hentai artists not understand how a vagina works?

    Few things look weirder than a sex scene where they appear to be fucking the front of a girl’s pelvis.

    • Although it is true there were some artists with bad anatomy drawings but most of the cases lies with the way of how mosaics is added. As a side note, a huge percentages of images found on Sankaku Channel is photoshopped by users, top artists drawing ero images usually has a very good understanding of the human bodies, albeit not every artists.

    • Thank god that they put mosaics in most hentais and eroges. Otherwise our ronery otaku buddies at japan would continuously fap until they drop dead, which means less number of people that supports both normal anime and hentai industry.

      • So you were that same anon with the “ronery” otaku fetish posting negative remarks on almost every articles here? If you know eroge then isn’t it strange to call ero-anime hentai? By your logic, many people in da west should have dropped dead by now from fapping. Less supports usually stem from piracy, it can happens to musics, movies etc.

        • Well, Mr ronery otaku, if you have a grudge against otaku, weaboos or whatever then why are you posting on this site? You must have first hand experience of not able to score with real girls hence venting your frustration on a site related to hentais and eroge hehehe

          Who cares about tracking some unknown anon, I just happens to have pretty good memory and nobody besides you start the sentence with “ronery otaku” don’t tell me you replied because you don’t care, which is very hypocritical.

        • Mr veteran Anon,i bet you must one of the ronery otakus…opp sorry western weaboos who share similar looks, traits and characteristics, ie being not able to score with real girls hence turn themselves to hentais and eroges.That’s why you are so pissed off at me for belittling your eastern comrades eh, hell why should i care about that? don’t tell me that you have a fetish of tracking anon’s identity based on his or her comments alone, if you do then i should have a reason to be scared right now heheheh

  • I still can’t figure out what about these types of sprite hentai games is just kind of entertaining. Maybe it’s how effectively they can take my childhood and just turn it on its head. Of course it’s equally weird, because if I imagine the games I love like Chrono Trigger having a game over rape of Merle and Lucca turns my stomach since I love those characters.

    It only really works when the main girl is just designed to be a sex toy and you can feel it the moment you see the design.

    • It is precisely because there were people with this mindset that prompted feminist groups to target games like these. Not that game makers haven’t done what you had suggested before but people complain about lack of character developments or craps along this line. Either way, haters will still hate no matter how you do it, gotta hand it to the new generations’ spoiled kids nowadays.

      • Porn is the same, the women submit to being sex objects in a context the same as the men do, it’s not a denegration of women, it’s a contextual sexuality for both. And the important part is that it’s in a context, and not overall. These girls designed to be sex toys are part of a type of entertainment. Nobody really thinks about it much, but there’s a certain type of innocence to the concept that a world just unapologetically sexy, I think it strikes through our mammalian brain and we feel somehow relaxed by the unapologetic exploration of our lizard brain. A woman gets conquered, no bullshit, it just happens. And there’s something to that I think in terms of something at our core which is why this type of thing works.