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Feminists Deny Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 Western Release


News that the “misogyny simulator” that is Dead or Alive Xtreme 3 will not be released in the west has shocked Dead or Alive fans, with the developers themselves conceding that such is the climate of fear induced by feminist mania for persecution of the games industry and the cabal of white knights secretly dominating the gaming media, they “do not want to talk about those things.”

The news came by way of Dead or Alive’s Facebook community manager, who then elaborated on the situation surrounding a western release of the title:

Do you know many issues happening in video game industry with regard to how to treat female in video game industry? We do not want to talk those things here. But certainly we have gone through in last year or two to come to our decision. Thank you.

Koei Tecmo Europe’s official Twitter account has at least offered western fans a solution to this abysmal situation by providing a link to the game’s apparent multi-language version.

The current fervor surrounding the bizarre condition of the gaming industry with respect to its depiction of women has lately been playing more and more of an impact in censoring and outright preventing games from being developed in the first place – with Japanese releases and their preference for healthy if varied sexual expression at the expense of ultra-violence bearing the brunt of the attacks in many cases.

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  • XxLolimasterxX says:

    I admire the femenists acts and all but… Seriously tho.. instead of preventing stuff like this…Why not worry if your neighbor is stalking your daughter…Or like go do your bed gawd!

  • Woooow most of you guys are gullible. This is so obviously a marketing ploy that my 15 year old cousin could see it.GTA’s and EA has been doing stuff like this for years.

    Problem: Localization is super expensive and DOA Xtreme hasn’t had great sales for a bit. But, the DOA Xtreme series usually sells better in the west.
    Answer, drag up the dreaded specter of feminism and let Gamergaters/antifeminists/defensive otaku do your marketing for you. And oh my, what’s this…PlayAsia coincidentally has a multilanguage option available. How lucky.

    So now, the sales double or even triple without complicated localization because certain folks buy the game out of spite alongside fans of the series.

    PlayAsia and Koei Tecmo are playing you guys like cheap fiddles.

  • False controversy. They are just trying to gain interest. The reality is that the game probably sucks and they don’t want the criticism.

    They are basically saying, “We are scared to be judged for our product so we’ll blame someone else.”

  • Funniest thing is, DoA volleyball is practically every lesbian’s dream game. Characters are all hot sexy girls w/ boobs of various sizes, only male on the island is a goofy comedy relief, and the non-core game is all about girl-on-girl romancing.

    Heard there’s a whole bunch of lesbian slashfic on it, too.

    • According to the haters, anything featuring a significant number of female characters, regardless of their relationships with male characters (if a male character is even present), falls into the harem/wish-fulfillment genre. Cut women out or minimize them, and you’re pandering to men by implying they’re the only ones who matter, but include a lot of women, and you’re pandering to men’s baser instincts and all that. “The only way to win is not to play.”

  • The feminists and SJWs didn’t stop or take shit. The licensors are simply pussies for caving to the whims of the loud and overly opinionated opposers of their content. They would not lose a sale if they brought it over. These people wouldn’t buy it anyways. I would honestly not have a problem if it were simply not a financially viable endeavor, but their given reason is a cowardly one.

  • The problem is, feminist’s don’t give a fuck, they just want to see what they can get away with and control and it seems to be a lot if they scream loud enough.

    There are enough injustices in this world against women that are actually based in reality, but video game girls with big boobies, well that’s just every crime wrapped into one these days.

    I’m unsure why a company would bend to their will though, these women wouldn’t (most likely) buy or play these types of games and it certainly doesn’t cause men to just expect women to be like women in video games, if they did they have issues beyond what’s in a video game or any other media format for that matter.

  • A chaste and harmless boyhood fantasy like Dead Or Alive is condemned as a cesspit of deprwvity because it’s written and produced by the *desecendants* “eeeviiilll Japs” who bombed Pearl Harbor.

    Now watch as Game of Thrones, an actual cesspit of blood, guts, cruelty, child murder/abuse AND rape is praised as high-art, simply because it is produced by hebrews.

    Jews; proving Hitler right since 1945. 🙂

  • What do you expect? Times are changing, Playboy has already stopped with nudes.

    The times we live in now make it ok for a man that thinks he’s an alien trapped in a human body to get a sex change and then get an award for it, instead of getting the psychiatric help he needs. It’s not ok for a police officer to shoot a criminal if they are black, as black lives matter more than any other race now.

    There’s an influx of people bitching and complaining on the internet, for the sake of bitching and complaining, and they are a majority, so things get changed.

  • Doesn’t stop us gamers from importing the game, though. Importing might be expensive, but it sure beats having a western release with a potential censorship like xenoblade x and fire emblem fates.

  • I feel like a lot of people are exaggerating over the current issue, I don’t think there was ever enough complaints loud enough from the feminist community because I really never heard anything about that. The DoA facebook page announced they don’t have any plans to publish DOAX3 in the west, followed by what sounds like the community manager’s own words about the “issues” the gaming industry has in the west with women, and then everyone lost their shit and started playing the blame game, now it’s deleted. I also feel like Play Asia made things worst by having to bring up SJW when they announced they’d be selling DOAX3 and I’m surprised how far they’re going with it, all they had to say they’re selling the game. I find that if you bash SJW they automatically assume you’re with Gamergate, and I guess it can be the other way around since I’m not really a fan of either of them. I just think it be best not to label these people or pick sides, just say what needs to be said.

  • These feminists have created a social climate of fear where they and the media that protects them pushes these insane ideas about “sexism” because they sadly can’t differentiate reality from fiction. It’s been bubbling up the last few years with their rhetoric and they have successfully banned a few games. The games they can’t ban are sadly censored to hell. This might sound crazy, but it’s been confirmed that many localization teams have these types of sex negative people and if you have noticed anything getting censored lately, it always happens to be sexual. It might be sexual, but if you choose to sexualize it more than it should be and you don’t like it, that’s no ones fault but your own. You not liking something shouldn’t allow you to police content for others. These companies who are giving in and letting them are foolish for it because at the end of the day, they will always lose more people from censorship than they ever would from someone just not liking something in a game. While I don’t like that DOAX3 won’t be coming here, I’m also kinda glad because the amount of vitriol from the media and these people hell bent on destroying fictional boobs and women in scantily clad armor.

  • Feminists are cancer. They are a bunch of hypocrites. The west is doomed for embracing these terrorists. An I mean terrorists because they scare young girls into believing lies about the invisible boogieman called patriarchy to fill their ranks. Men have less rights than women, so if anything women need to lose their rights or men be given more rights. An to any die hard femnazis out there choke down this:

    Women serve less jail time for the same crimes, women pay less for car insurance, women win law suit cases far more than men for the same suits, women are given a choice in abortion men are not, women will more likely win custody of children or for that matter basically any court decision, female prisons are vastly better quality and safer, there are less women in prison, women can’t be forcefully drafted into military service, women can’t be forcefully sent into combat zones, the vast majority of workplace deaths are men, the vast majority of suicides are men, women report a high degree of happiness on average than men, men work more hours on average than women, the wage gap does not exist when accounting for working hours and different jobs, despite men earning more on average than women women spend more money than men, men make up the majority of the homeless and unemployed and yet women make up the majority of welfare recipients, teachers favor teaching girls over boys causing a drop in general grades and happiness in school for boys, Despite this boys score roughly the same but within the standard of error above girls in the SAT see “The War On Boys”, more women than men are college attendants, colleges have to keep at the very least a 60/40 ratio on genders so many men are accepted late as to compensate for having too many women, despite there being more women in college there are vastly more female only scholarships that provide vastly more money, more men choose to major in the math and sciences despite colleges trying to push more women into these fields and less men, women are never expected to make the first move in either sex or starting a relationship or in advancing one, women are never expected to pay for anything in a relationship as dates, driving, rings, gifts, and etc. are paid by the man, women cheat more than men and yet men are depicted in media as the ones who cheat more, men are the victims of domestic abuse more than women and yet they are depicted by media as the abuses more often, women get special treatment socially, culturally, and legally for violence against them, men are expected to be the bread winner, women are often not expected to contribute or sacrifice anything to a relationship other than sex, women have a large number of help centers while men have practically none, female only gyms are abundant while male only are almost non existent and can be sued for discrimination, men are often viewed as the bad guys in nearly all media, women are often depicted as empowered even to unrealistic degrees in media, women are rewarded and remembered for even minor contributions while men must make major ones for the same recognition, women have a high life expectancy, women are the majority of voters, Fathers day is celebrated less and has less money spent on it than Mothers day, despite breast cancer and prostate cancer roughly killing the same number of people per year breast cancer research receives around 90% more funding at an almost 2 to 1 ratio, men can be forced to pay women money that they may or may not used on a child that may or may not be theirs, women initiate the majority of divorces and receive the majority of their ex’s money, roughly 5% of “fathers” are raising children who they are not aware aren’t their own, men are the majority of rape victims, men can’t be legally raped by a woman without them using a penetration device, men are not given the right of consent, men are guilty until proven innocent in cases of rape accusation, accused men are socially considered rapists even if proven innocent, men have their identities exposed in cases of rape accusation while accusers do not, women face no punishment for falsely accusing a men of rape, women aren’t arrested and jailed for selling sex to men but men are arrested and jailed for buying sex from women, male models and sex workers actually get paid less than females for the same work, male genital mutilation is common and treated as a joke while female genital mutilation is rare and seen as a serious matter, women have thousands of government funded organizations defending them from sexism and men have none.

  • Well since women are no longer allowed to be seen in a sexual manner by the opposite sex I guess the human race will finally close the curtain on itself. I thought for sure it would be nuclear war, climate change or the like that would do it. Who knew it would be feminism.

  • The savage and primitive lands of the west.
    Filled with mobs and hordes of rabid, unreasonable and ideologically motivated brutes that with no conscience or morals but who will go on a rampage if they get “Triggered” by any seemingly random thing, and like a bunch of stupid but dangerous animals will direct their rage at anyone.

    This is how Japan is starting to see the west.


  • I don’t particularly care for Dead or Alive, but blocking a Western release is stupid. It’s a video game, pure and simple. Misogyny has existed long before all forms of media. You can’t pick and choose what you think people can or cannot handle. We let all kinds of violent media through the gates, what makes Dead or Alive that much worse?

  • There’s two kinds of feminists out there. One kind is the real kind. The one that just wants equality in all areas. Then there’s the feminazis, who want not equality, but dominance. This is one of the latter’s attempts to try and gain more dominance over the gaming industry – You can’t bring it out if you fear the backlash. Wouldn’t surprise me in the least that they’ll keep going until the only games ever made is CoD and Pokemon. And even those’ll be under fire.

  • “misogyny simulator”

    It kinda invalidates a person’s whole argument for me when they don’t even know the meaning of the word they’re using to describe their outrage.

    Misogyny = Hatred of women, as far as I can remember there is literally no misogyny in any of the Dead or Alive games.

    The word they’re looking for is sexism, sexism and misogyny aren’t the same thing AT ALL.

    A “misogyny simulator” would be like a game where you beat the shit out of women while talking about how much their gender sucks or something.

  • I don’t see how anyone can bitch about the game. Its volley ball and assorted beach games.

    Its not like women normally wear business suits to play beach volley ball. Is there really anything out of the ordinary?

  • Or could be that the localization and distribution costs would be too high for the amount of sales a game like this. Factor in the head ache that is the SJWs of the world and its not really surprising that they just felt it wasn’t worth it.

    But you know, in the end it doesn’t matter because you can still buy it from Japan. The game will still be subbed in English you’ll just hafta import it.

  • You know a male version of this game would sell to women and gay men and nobody would protest against it. The worst you’d would be straight guys saying “dat’s gay” and then continue playing WWE 2k16.

    • No. Feminists don’t actually care about games, they just want something to use as an excuse to play victim. An all-male version, would only result in complaints that the lack of females proves misogyny.

  • Lol this situation is exactly what happens in the MMO western release, censoring this and that to suit the western community, especially those feminazis. Sometimes you wonder why does it takes so long to have a western release of a MMO.

  • So games with instances of full frontal like God of War, Dante’s Inferno, GTA V, Saints Row, Duke Nukem Forever etc. make the cut, but a Japanese cocktease simulator where pretty much nothing happens doesn’t?

    What a time to be alive.

    • I strongly suspect KT’s reaction is largely in part to how GamerGate was reported in the media, even in some Japanese media sites.

      They basically made it sound like GamerGate seeks to destroy women in gaming, which is utter horse shit.

      But clearly KT believed the lies. You can thank sites like Kotaku for pushing their BS narrative and agenda. They wanted this to happen.

    • Most of those came out before the recent trend (because, let’s be honest, that’s what it is) of “feminist” bullshit. Rockstar does not give a fuck about censorship and people bitching about their games. They’ve dealt with this kind of shit before.

    • Rockstar doesn’t care if people are offended, they will still release their games, but:

      “Australian chains Kmart and Target have pulled Grand Theft Auto V from their shelves, after an online petition criticizing the graphic violence against women depicted in the game generated over 46,000 signatures”

      • To be fair, Australia has one of the most heavily restricted game markets in the western world. They ban games heavily and even block their import sales. Fortunately the market is nice, but not large enough to impact against the US and Europe.

    • Why do people always try to make this point? Violence and sex are treated differently in society. They don’t parallel at all. It’s like questioning why sex isn’t allowed if there are swear words, or why dogs aren’t allowed if there are chairs.

    • As an American, I completely agree.

      This kind of censorship based on ignorance of the terms they use and the lack of willingness to educate themselves beyond their blind belief in this garbage is pathetic.

      I see it every day and it drives me mad how stupid people can be. When it was said human stupidity is infinite, they weren’t joking.

    • we here at the states would play anything; as long as it doesn’t suck or have pointless fanservice. we also have a strong distaste for the fuckin feminists ruining everything.

      the motto: FUCK DA FEMINISTS

      • Which is funny, because among her supposedly games collection where she proudly present as proof she is a gamer, includes Mortal Combat.

        What actually happen I assume, Anita is leaching from gullible gamers pretending she is a gamer who want a change in gaming industry.

        Her fake status however is exposed in E3 2015, when she expressed how shocked she is towards violent in gaming (specifically she mentioning about Mortal Combat X Brutality and Doom 3), which is weird because violence is always present in game.

      • But isn’t verbally attacking both male gamers and those in gaming industry with misandric insults and man-hating comments, just because there are less female main characters or female oriented genres (without considering worldwide demographic of video gamers) a form of non physical violence towards male video gamers and also those in the industry? Damn feminazis please be tolerant and acceptable towards other people’s belief and values, or else all of you are not even better than those isis goons.

        • No, because sexism = sexist bias + privilege. Didn’t u take Professor Scholomo’s kosher Sociology 101 class? Just as Blacks can’t be racist, neither can womyn be sexist. When a womyn is sexist, it’s just an act of a rebellion against the tyrannical system of oppression established by the privileged patriarch. If u don’t believe me about that, I can link u a page out of a fucking college sociology textbook. It’s a certain people who run the banks and the media that are corrupting college kids, pushing for political correctness, and causing the roots of all these problems. SJWs are only a symptom of a deeper problem.

    • Just wait until hillary clinton takes over the usa presidency from obama, and i’ll say all of you poor murica gamers can kiss japanese “boobs and butt” games in the future goodbye. Heil feminazis, long live murica.Yeahhhhh

      • Yeah, she was right along with Lieberman, we’re screw for sure if she wins, as much as i hate to admit it, we need someone racist and non PC as Trump to even balance the SJW and patent groups out

      • But if Trump wins he’s going to say how it’s japanese propaganda that will corrupt the young so they could come in and take their jobs. Insert weird analogy to Pearl Harbor, and then he wants to build a wall to the pacific…

        • If any meaningful regulation of the VG industry gets passed under a far-from-progressive President Hillary Clinton, some of the blame will have to fall on the invincible conservative majority in the House of Representatives.

        • I have to say, if Trump calls for censorship, the entire industry will fight back with a vengeance. If Hillary calls for censorship, the industry will happily cave to her to be “progressive.” If I had to choose a candidate, I’d put Trump in since people are more willing to fight against conservatives.

        • Nah that Trump hates muslims more that other human beings, and unless he doesn’t mind to be labelled as a gay or he wants to score lots of votes from people like anita and other feminazis i guess he won’t even bother about japanese games with bouncy boobs and nice, curvy butts coming to the shores of the great you.s.a. But politician will always be a politician; who knows if feminazists were succeeded in lobbying for trump as next usa president in exchange for complete annihilation of good ol boobs and butt japanese games, as i said before all of you murica gamers can kiss to next version of DOA or its equivalent goodbye.

    • Boobs and asses are fine, heck, any sexually explicit content is fine but sexism isn’t. Heck, MGS4 was bashed for that stupid Quiet’s default outfit…
      Anyway, had they included a handfull of their male characters in various swinsuits and they wouldn’t had anything to fear. Heck, it would had been even better, imagine the possible situations and events.
      But nope, and in this respect, it’s no better than an Illusion game. And that saddens me…

  • Feminists and SJW’s were like, “we’re not gonna take your games away or anything. We’re not gonna interfere at all.” Now look what happens. Fuck feminists, fuck SJW’s and fuck anyone who supports them. They’re the cancer that’s killing all forms of entertainment in the West.

  • Another example of atrocities and insanity committed by man-hating, lesbo friendly egomaniac perverted feminazis FF(femme fatale) brigade, a today’s version of nazi ss brigade. Aneeta sarkasean must be really proud of herself, to see the rise of such an evil organization bent on denying us poor ronery males our granted, enshrined fapping and self-pleasuring rights.Please feminazis stop this kind of madness, leave us alone. Those games are not targeted towards female gamers after all, if I’m not mistaken.

  • Feminists don’t have any power. This is all KT being little pussy bitches who are scared of keyboard activists flooding their social media page.

    Those kind of people and normies weren’t going to buy this game in the first place. Do a off the radar digital release at least if they’re worried about low volume printing costs.

    • Just because feminists haven’t screwed you yet doesn’t mean they haven’t already screwed tons of people around the world. Pretending they have no power only lets their influence grow. By the time you’re personally affected, it’ll be way too late.

      • One of the favorite slogans being tossed about like monkey feces on the main -chan site is, “If you’d have ignored them they’d have gone away”.

        I can’t tell if they’re retards, or just SJW’s pretending to be /v/gins.

    • No, this is KT trying to create false controversy. Let’s be honest. The game’s going to be crap. It’s easier than ever to get actual freaking porn games in English (hell, I’m playing through Euphoria right now) so watching some 3D models with perpetual motion boobs doesn’t have teh appeal it did when DOAX2 came out.

      So to drum up interest, reduce initial localization costs,gauge interest, and get people to ignore how crappy of a company they’ve become, they decide to pull the old

      “this is the game THEY don’t won’t you to play.” A tactic that’s been used before in advertising for decades.

      Don’t get me wrong, if the game had/gets a normal release, there would have been some keyboard activists complaining about it but it wouldn’t have affected sales. The people who would have bought it still would have, it’s just that their estimated sales were far lower than they hoped, so they decided to pull this crap.

      This way, they can get people from the anti-SJW group going “THEY’RE NOT TAKING MY GAME, by gum!” and tossing their cash at something they wouldn’t have bought normally. The game’s quality gets ignored, the fact Tecmo has been floundering lately gets ignored, and they can make a bunch of sales without ever taking th risk of localizing it or doing a physical Western release.

      Please don’t fall for this, there’s plenty of legitimate things to get ticked off at SJWs about, this ain’t one of them.

      • That is stupid. SJW past record show vividly they are against game with sexual content.

        Dragon Crown was under heavy fire and criticized by SJW. GTA was banned in some Australian’s mart because of SJW. Xenoblade Chronicle X is modified for western release to avoid controversy and complain coming from SJW.

        It only make sense, a game like DOA with plenty of sexual content will be bashed again by SJW group. These people will publish bad articles, give bad rating to the games which will plummet the sales. No point for localizing the game, unless the gamers do something about this SJW.

        SJW is the most hypocritical group I’ve ever seen. Half naked women in Hollywood is called “self-expressing”, when in game they call it as objectifying.

      • Bullshit.

        Tecmo is doing this to avoid slandering their fighting games. It’s no secret the series is having issues in the WEst due to tittilation.

        If you believe that having to rely on customers that pay high import costs due to shipping and VAT is a viable business strategy, you’re seriously retarded and should never open up a business.

        NA has always outsold Japan when it comes to their volleyball games. Financially, it makes no sense to withhold this game, especially since it’s already in English.

    • Womyn are strong and independent and don’t need no man… is why they need men’s tax money for all them programs and shit to support their children when deyz strong n indepdent single mothas.

    • you actually got it! feminism is equality. This is includes NOT TREATING WOMEN LIKE TROPHIES and treating them like people. If men are allowed to be topless in trunks then so should women. If women want to wear skimpy clothes let them! If men want to wear skimpy clothes, let them! That is feminism! This post is just misinformed pro-censorship propaganda.

        • And that’s the whole problem with denying DOAX 3 a release.

          Men are allowed to be topless and women are fined for indecency if they go topless is reasonable. Then turning around and using this argument to say “DOAX 3 should not be released because they’re in skimpy outfits and showing off their bodies” boils down to “they’re too pretty! They’re just fetish material for ronery gamers! BURN IT!”

          Sex-positive feminism is where it’s at, but it’d be easier if those people were just woman enough to say “Dammit, why do people like Brad Pitt or Justin Bieber sleep with supermodels? They should be sleeping with ME!” as much as ronery men say “Friendzoned! This attractive woman wouldn’t sleep with me even if I was nice to them!”. The world would be a better place if everyone of both genders just realized “Maybe you just don’t GET to have the prom king or prom queen. Maybe that worthless loser who’s as big a loser as you are is the best you GET to have.”

        • 04:57

          “Showing Boobs should be allowed because they’re for feeding babies not for your groping pigsgusting paws!!” – 3rd Tier Feminists everywhere.

          Oh really? Then why do you only start growing boobs when you hit puberty. A.K.A. Sexual Development. If boobs weren’t part of the sexual development of the female human body, then you’d be born with them. Hence, boobs are part of a woman’s sexual identity, and objects of sexuality.

          “…But…but…BUT MEN CAN GROW BOOBS TOO!” – 3rd Tier Feminist “logic” everywhere.

          As a part of obesity and/or genetic disease, and/or due to chemical imbalances in the male body. In other words: Boobs for Men are unnatural and a symptom of illness, NOT sexual maturity.

          tl;dr: Go put a shirt on lady.

        • Woman can orgasm multiple times while man have to work his spirit to make it hard after he cum. Woman have frontal and temporal area of the cortex bigger and more precisely organized than man.

          Physical strength is not a right. 6 packs come from exercise. No one give you 6 packs right because you are living in the basement with your mother.

          Where is the right of passing out when someone kick you in the genital for men?

        • The right of being born with higher mental capacity (e.g., for STEM fields), the right of having more physical strenght, the right of having twice the sexual pleasure during intercourse, and the right of not bleeding the souls out every month (includes: the right of not having crippling mood swings monthly).

          If there’s a god, he loves men, and created them in his image.

      • “Women are not identical to men, therefore they need special laws to promote the lie of equality of outcomes, which was invented by the political elite to control the population” fixed it for ya mate.

        • Erosennin789 says:

          to the guy who wrote “Women today, while claiming that they are equal to men but at same time still expect princess-like treatment like ladies first policy, carrying shopping bags everywhere like slave dogs etc to be delivered without questions, excuses or compromise.please ladies, don’t carry your bitchy attitude into gaming world,we have had enough already. Damn feminazists lurking everywhere like isis terrorists, just get married and live happily ever after, in syria!”

          PREACH IT, BRO!!

        • equal salary is ok,
          special treatments is also fine,
          being lower rank than women is bearable too
          but removing a place for men to escape… that’s
          too much

          rank in most society :
          1st women
          2nd children
          3rd environment
          4th animals
          5th men…

        • Women today, while claiming that they are equal to men but at same time still expect princess-like treatment like ladies first policy, carrying shopping bags everywhere like slave dogs etc to be delivered without questions, excuses or compromise.please ladies, don’t carry your bitchy attitude into gaming world,we have had enough already. Damn feminazists lurking everywhere like isis terrorists, just get married and live happily ever after, in syria!

  • Yet the offenders like Kotaku deny, or too ignorant to believe, that their bashing of games such as this has an effect on imports. Patrick Klepek even made a post on it on, you guessed it, Kotaku, the worst gaming site in existence. Not that it’s parent site Gawker and sister sites like Jezebel are any better.

    The retard also thinks the pejorative SJW is a good thing when it simply means an asshole that thinks the ends justify the means for the wimmin.

  • Feminism isn’t the enemy. Feminism is equality. It’s sexist to censor titties, male or female. Both have breasts and the fact that men are allowed to go topless and women aren’t, or are put on a pedestal where they are treated less like people and more like trophies makes them even more separated from men which is the OPPOSITE of feminism! Let the female characters wear what they want even if they are fictional.

    Rift, learn what feminism is before you start damning it. It’s like you hate titties man! Which that’s cool but don’t force your hatred of nudity on others.

    sex positive feminist all the way!

  • Per CraveOnline, this reeks of a marketing ploy:

    “But there was no adversity. Few were talking about DOAX3 prior to this debate. No one had stated that the game shouldn’t be released in the West, nor was there any push for its content to be censored. People are now essentially willing Koei Tecmo to overcome a hurdle that they have placed in front of themselves, and are prepared to reward them for having done so by purchasing a game that the publisher never planned to release outside of Japan in the first place.”

  • Total rubbish. If they said the truth of “nobody bought the last one” nobody would give a shit. If they released it as a digital-only product people would complain that they wanted a physical edition because they make this complaint EVERY SINGLE TIME, boycotting the games they petitioned for because waaaaah. But by blaming it on SJWs now man-children are coming out of the woodwork and buying it to “stick it to the man”, totally being played like fools.

  • This is such a transparent attempt to cut costs on localizing a version that won’t meet projected sales figures while throwing the blame at some other party so they don’t have to take the heat for it.

    • this is what I suspect is really going on, koei tecmo doesn’t want to bring the game to the west because it would cost them too much money for what is likely not going to make enough profit in murica so they’re using the sjw/pc bullshit as an excuse. They already have DOA5 out here with a bunch of costume packs and marie rose so they clearly aren’t afraid of some stupid pussy crushers and pissed off jealous women saying shit about their practices.

      Still sjws/pc needs to stop, they’ve even caused comedians like chris rock/jerry seinfeld to refuse to perform at colleges these days. If they ever directly affect japan and my lolis there will be hell to pay.

    • I’m not defending feminazies btw, The whole article is just based on assumptions.

      Like I said earlier DOA Xtreme sales are bad compared to other DOA titles so no wonder they don’t wanna release it on NA.

      But yeah, Feminazies can go die in fire anyways.

  • SJWs are supposed to be the ones who are thin-skinned and whine and complain a lot right? Because nowhere on the internet have i seen a group of people who whine as much as dudes who feel like somebody is taking their anime/video game tiddies from them.

    • this is like taking away a tv from a tv watcher you nut!…and also the audience for these kind of games are for Mature people…I’ll say it agan, MATURE! the kind of people that knows it has some elements that MATURE people should understand, and most of all understand that this is a video game….basically a FANTASY! a free expression of one’s/group’s vision through VIDEO GAME!

      SJWs and 3rd wave Feminist should leave America and other free countries because what they want is authoritarian

    • Why wouldn’t they whine when somebody else is preventing them from getting their games out of pure malice? How is that hurting you? It’s the total opposite of feminazis and their white knight support battalion who are preventing others from getting what they want, for no personal gain. They just do it because it amuses them and give them their extra kicks.