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Clannad (Temporarily) Outsells GTA V & Call of Duty


The arrival of Clannad‘s English release onto Steam has seemingly racked up enough popularity and sales to see it achieve a higher “top sellers” ranking than that of Call of Duty and GTA V, an unforeseen event considering the western market’s love for violence and mindless shooters.

The legendary visual novel had managed to achieve this English release thanks to the donations of numerous thoughtful backers on its Kickstarter (accumulating a massive total of $541,161), the notoriety from the campaign likely being one reason why the game is selling so well.


The wealth of steam reviews available for the game seem to have taken a clear stance in regards to its quality:

“Warning: Disliking this game is punishable by death.”

“I said the 50 tissues in front of my computer was from masturbation, but it was in fact tears from playing this VN.”

“i cri evrytiem ;_;”

“It will make you cry, it will make you laugh and it is very much worth the price being asked for it. ”

Would Cry Again.”

“Seeing Clannad on Steam is like a dream coming true. This is a masterpiece by every meaning of the word. I’ll be playing it for as long as I can.”

The legendary visual novel has seen to a decline in the ranking hours after its release, but has yet to dissipate completely – Clannad can be purchased now.

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