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Japan Breaks World Record in Baby Racing




Japan has secured a new world record by way of its latest “baby crawling competition”, which had amassed 601 total infants to ever-so-sweetly crawl and squirm over a 3 meter track, perhaps causing some to wonderment at how so many children could be gathered in one place considering the country’s abysmal birth rates.

The competition took place at a Yokohama shopping mall and featured racers aging from 6 to 16 months old, with the parents of the fastest infant being awarded a headset digital camera along with bragging rights.

The baby crawling competition:

The rather specific record has no doubt proven to be quite bizarre, even more so with the fact that a previous record had existed (held by China with 451 total infants) – China having pre-emptively thrown down the gauntlet already by rescinding its one child policy so ever more neonate racers can be assembled.

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