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Me & Rin’s Agony A Feisty Fighter




A 3D side-scrolling fighter has arrived from Etching Edge, entitled “Me and Rin’s Agony / Ecstasy X“, boasting some typical brawler mechanics – with much perversion thrown in – and giving players an incentive to win for once, as doing so grants sex scenes.

The eroge focuses on Rin and her sentient robotic friend as they both violate and are violated by a number of foes, employing little in the realm of story and likely disappointing few on that front…






















Me and Rin’s Agony / Ecstasy X offers 5 stages jam-packed with filthy sexual acts and is available now.

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  • Hey, I’m just glad to see a game with more sexual content than “rape on loss”. Rape on loss is the DUMBEST way to add sex to a game because it means the only way to “win” (i.e get the sex scenes that are the ONLY REASON YOU’RE PLAYING THE GAME AT ALL) you have to LOSE. This slows progress down to a crawl and is frankly really bloody boring. I prefer games where sex is part of the content itself (i.e where you fuck enemies to damage them) or where it’s the reward for winning rather than the “punishment” for losing.

    • I have seen two games with a different mechanic; in one you played a succubus so you gained health whenever you got fucked, another was a brawler and your super-meter got maxed out whenever you got raped. They where both great because you did not lose health, but instead gained something from the sex.
      There are a bunch of ones with a prostitution mechanic, which are nice as well.

    • I actively search for games where sex is used creatively because it’s so rare. Rape on loss has a place, but yes, it’s done often and defeats a game’s purpose. On a long enough time line I want to see sex as more than just masturbation material and someone make it an actual integration rather than everything else being a means to it.

      One of the best ideas I’ve seen to this day is that game with the elf woman who has high fertility and as she fights to save the land, the side-element of the game is she gets pregnant and gives birth really quickly to save her race, and she’s so joyful and playful about it because it’s a natural part of her body. Even the enemies impregnating her and her body adapting it to birth an elf was clever. It made her such a likable character and a likable game while having that sensual element. I would love to see a series made of that one game by a hentai studio, it would be seriously entertaining if done even partially well.

  • This game is so bad. Played it several weeks ago, ran through almost everything, stuck the bosses in the corner spamming 1 attack, choppy animations, etc.

    The movement speed is horrible and extremely out of place.