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Nobuo Uematsu Not Composing For Final Fantasy VII Remake


Legendary composer Nobuo Uematsu has shockingly revealed that he will not be composing the music for the highly anticipated Final Fantasy VII remake, bewildering many as to why and how Square Enix will be able to manage without Uematsu’s harmonious charms.

Nobuo Uematsu delivered the depressing news by way of an interview, causing many theorists to speculate that Square Enix will have the existing soundtrack be rearranged by other capable composers, an event that could very well lead to mixed results (or is at least unlikely to improve on the original as far as fans are concerned).

Aside from the original composer being excluded, it was previously reported that the remake will also have its combat system overhauled, also bound to get under the skin of the more hardcore Final Fantasy VII fans, but Square Enix has promised that they have no intentions of drastically altering the game’s genre (considering they have done that already).

The consistent bombardment of such vital changes has caused much concern amongst the game’s dedicated followers, leaving many to hope that the game will still be recognizable after it all, as well as be at least half-way playable…

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  • The most surprising thing is that nowadays he composes for basically anything… mobile games, kickstarter games, collaborations, etc. There was a time when hearing that Nobuo Uematsu was composing for anything was huge. Nowadays, it’s news when he does not, like in this case.

    • Actually, the only two good outcomes are a great remake and a shitty remake.

      A shitty remake means another may be done in the future, but an “OK” remake may mean we’ll have to settle for it forever.

  • This remake isn’t gonna be shit like the real FFVII. I called it from the beginning. It’s basically gonna be a FFXV expansion pack with FFVII themed skins. Oh, and SE will make TIFA fat and reduce her breast size to b cup to get SJW approval.

  • Just get Yasunori Mitsuda in the mix, he was one of the reasons Xenogears was amazing, so let him take the reigns. Plus he and a couple others took Legaia Duel Saga and made the music somehow unimaginably great and brought a mediocre game into excellent status.

  • What the flying fuck. WHY DOES THE MUSIC NEED TO BE REDONE. It’s on my list of shit I listen to for gods sake. Incidentally, while FF7’s system was pretty good, 5’s was better and SO much deeper. Especially when you started figuring out what all skills can be used on a freelancer without equipping them. Like dual wield. Counter. Stuff like that. Good times.

    • Because the game, graphics AND music aged very poorly. One Winged Angel is being praised as one of the best soundtracks ever, but when you listen to it’s Original version it really sucks. It’s the remixes that came after the release of the game that are good.

      You can expect a few new soundtracks or even some soundtracks from Advent Children being reused for the game but most of them will just be remixes of the originals which I see as a huge improvement.

        • To be clear, it didn’t suck at all. It is dated, and the sound sampling at the time was not the best, but Nobuo Uematsu is a true composer, he used his knowledge and made strong melodies which is the key to any game song. They can also be updated as they already have been and still retain their strength. All the most memorable songs in gaming were great regardless of the instruments (Megaman 3 Opening Theme) and his instruments fit well for the dichotomous fantasy/steampunk atmosphere.

          It’s kind of like Fallout 1 and 2 with Mark Morgan’s music vs Fallout 3 with the composer who did ‘Oblivion again’ for its soundtrack. It added no noteworthy atmosphere, while Fallout 1 and 2 are legendary in large part due to Mark Morgan’s music being the atmosphere driver that made the graphics become something more while his music played.

          Try listening to Vault City theme in your car at sunset and you’ll start to see things you never noticed in the world around you.

  • Uematsu: “It’s time for me to move on. I mean, I can only rearrange ‘One Winged Angel’ so many times. Now, if they wanted me to give the far superior score from Final Fantasy VI the higher quality reorchestration that game deserves, then…”

    • It’s funny how hard Sankaku is trying to act like a hatemongering cesspool of/for trolls these days. I honestly side with Uematsu on the issue and understand his desire to move on from FFVII’s OST just as well as I understand Kojima’s desire to move on from MGS: What was produced wasn’t bad at all, but you get tired of walking down the same lane for 20 frickin’ years.

      Besides, didn’t Nomura express an interest in remaking FFVI? Maybe Uematsu would like to be included in that project?

    • and there we have a game that is far more worthy of an remake… VI!

      think of traveling over the both world of order and destruction in both glorious HD and 3D…

      but mostly we will just get an another moe’ificated iOS version instead as an “remake”

      • I think Final Fantasy 6, along with 5, WAS scheduled for a 3D remake on the DS, following the DS version of 4. However, those remakes ended up getting canned, likely because this was around the time Squenix REALLY started to lose it.

  • Hope it’s not Masashi Hamauzu team. I didn’t want trace dance music while Cloud wielding his bad-ass sword. Instead hope there’s Soken’s rock, BOW DOWN OVERDWELLR TITAN IS LITERALLY FKN ROCKS, AND CLOUD WILL DO SWORD DANCE WITH ROCK!!!!

  • It’s off my list now. Not because of the music–I hate that Uematsu won’t be involved but I could bear with it–but because they’re going to dick around with the battle system. The original’s battle system was the best FF has ever had, it was simple and easy to use but incredibly deep if you took the time to learn how it worked. Now it’s going to be some stupid AI-driven you-only-get-to-control-one-character post-FF12 bullshit, I just know it. My hype gauge is dead in the water.

    • I can’t imagine FFXV level characters models and world with a 1990’s battle system. Sorry, I just just can’t. If you want to replay the game again as it was back then, Steam is there for you.

        • They’re not changin the Genre. Just fine tuning the game not to play it self after a little while. The Materia system was so broken OP that it reduced fights to a pattern. I eventually settled in a setup that involved unplugging my controller and letting a slew of counter Materia kill Sephiroth and Jenova for me. It needs to be balanced, not ported.

  • Wait, why would he need to? There are several versions of his work already that would fit right into the game.

    I see no reason for him to compose an entirely new soundtrack for a remake. Fans would probably just want the original soundtrack anyway.

    • As always, we should just cut the bullshit and accept now that nobody will be happy. The intelligent people who want a remake will trust that they understand that a remake is a remake of the core aspects people loved while recognizing it can’t be the same game, otherwise it’s pointless to make.

      The stupid (aka – majority) will find every reason and method to whine and call it inferior just so they can be right no matter what happens.

      So just do the intelligent thing: wait for the new FFVII and play it as the new FFVII, not as FFVII “The version I want, and nobody else can take it away from me”

  • Lol, it’s like they want to snatch defeat from the jaws of victory. SE has gone off the deep end. All they had to do was re-make the game with updated graphics and it would have sold millions.

  • Uematsu’s output has been pretty lackluster for years now, so this isn’t a huge disappointment. Besides, Square has a pretty big stable of fantastic composers at its disposal that don’t get the recognition they deserve, so this may be their chance to shine (even if all the music is bound to be slight rearrangements of the original game’s tracks).

    • True, he was great when things were 8-bit/chiptunes. Things were simple a you could only do so much. But now that we can have full orchestras it really shows that Nobuo isn’t that great with working with that stuff. All of those great Orchestration pieces attributed to him were arranged by other people. Arnie Roth and Masashi Hamauzu.

    • As long as it keeps the feel of the original game, i don’t have problems with changes. With that said, the odds aren’t in favor of square, the hype and the nostalgia glasses are making the task of succeed the original next to impossible.

    • Tons of fan boy ask for it. They troll them once. The media love the news about this troll and be loud about it. Shareholder love the respond and want to see it. Marketing green-lit it. So they actually do it.

      Nothing mysterious happen here.

      • That’s an if as large as the asian continent. There’s been a shit ton of games that came out. FF7 came out when the world barely had an call of remake: dead horse shooter, legend of error 404 and a bunch of other multi manhood online reality payment games that’s put innovation in battle systems etc. Nostalgia alone isn’t going to cut it these days.