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Netflix “May Make Anime”


A recent interview with Netflix CEO Reed Hastings at the DealBook conference has revealed that the company has become interested in producing anime to expand their ever growing media service, doubtless leading fans to hope efforts to account for the tastes of gun and cyborg loving western audiences will give rise to some hits.

Hastings states that he wishes to pursue an even wider range of unique programming, with “anime” and “Bollywood-style shows” apparently catching his interest most for their dominance in foreign markets.

The online streaming media service already possesses a host of anime for viewing and even launched Netflix Japan on September 2nd, so expanding on the concept was not a surprising course of action.

The entire interview:

The CEO goes on to mention that such programming would aid in acquiring more users in foreign regions, although whether an American company attempting to cater to Japanese audiences would have any more success than Japanese companies did with their occasional made-for-export titles remains to be seen.

It has not been specifically stated whether Netflix intend to actually create their own original anime and shows, or if they instead intend to adapt existing works into brand new shows – either way, more shows from a company with both ratings and advertiser independence hardly sound like a bad thing…

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