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Slave Girl Breeding “As Depressing as it Sounds”




Esteemed eroge developer Soft Circle Courreges has delivered a melancholic tale entitled “Slave Girl Breeding“, a perverse visual novel that subjects a poor girl to enough of a variety of indecent acts to rouse the ire of any feminist or social justice lover who might somehow stumble upon it.

Slave Girl Breeding concerns the fate of the vulnerable Shiori and her poor, poor family who toiled endlessly to survive after her mother passed on and her father abandoned them, in the end managing to achieve a happy lifestyle only for it to be devastated as debt-collectors come to claim the subprime Shiori as collateral…






















Slave Girl Breeding has entirely animated sex scenes and professional voice-work to hopefully make for a highly sensuous experience – the game is available now.

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  • Thank god playing games is optional in our lives, we don’t have to actually play them and if we are not comfortable with it we can just ignore its existance.

    If you are someone that knows will not be into this shit, still play it and complain, I recommend you go suck a mountain of dicks, because you asked for it and you are retarded.

    It is fiction, go fuck yourself.

  • Am I the only one that thinks she’d be cute to have as a non-sexual friend or sister/daughter figure? I don’t think she’s sexy, but rather cutesy.

    Anyhow, I don’t like this style of h-game, so I think I’ll pass, and her nipple area looks odd to me and my tastes.

  • I won’t tire to repeat this – if you sissies think this is creepy, go ahead and read “Mai-chan’s Daily Life”. Be sure to finish it. I guarantee you won’t find anything more perverse or creepy in your life.

      • No one is born with a fetish. In fact, almost nothing is “innately” sexually relevant – at birth, the only thing that sexually arouses us is the sensations of our genitals.

        So what happens is that from birth, our brains begin linking that sensation with external stimuli – the sensation of our genitals against our hands, the sights and smells around us, people, etc. Remember “classical conditioning” from your college psych class? Pavlov’s dogs learning to salivate when a bell rang, because the bell was associated with food? It’s like that. This process has actually been modeled in rats.

        It often begins with “accidental pairings,” but repetition appears to be a key factor in the development of a fetish.

        People with sexual fetishes often remember the fetish as beginning very early in their lives. The most common fetishes, predictably, revolve around body parts (feet, specific bodily fluids, or particular body shapes being the most common), body modifications (tattoos, piercings), and objects related to parts (panties, stockings, shoes, etc), but may also involve your own behavior or others’ behavior.

        In some cases, it’s also linking up sexual stimulation with activation elsewhere in the brain, including spreading activation, which is kind of a its own thing.

        The process is different for male-bodied versus female-bodied people, since a male-bodied baby has this very obvious visual and tactile cue of their penis getting erect inside their clothes. Their brains link that erection to their internal state and to the external circumstances, creating this reliable feedback loop between body, brain, and environment. Without such a salient cue for arousal, the links created in a female-bodied brain are less strongly reinforced, and therefore more flexible.

        tl;dr it has nothing to do with it being wrong.

        • Don’t know? It’s naivety. There’s 7 billion people in this world and the human psyche is diverse.

          There’s countless artists plying their trade in the ero-manga industry, and some of them regularly do the guro department. But that’s just one part of it.

          Everyday there’s real people in real danger suffering war crimes, and kidnapped, trafficked people who may never see freedom ever again.

          If you have time to be disturbed about something that is fiction, you should use that time to be disturbed about something that is affecting real people and putting them at risk.

        • How about it’s because we don’t know? It’s not like every perverted fathers locking their daughters in their basement go around announcing it for everyone and their dog to hear.

          If it did happen, and it is something within your ability to do(ie. not in some isolated place in the middle of Africa), then people would have actually do anything about it.

          It’s one thing to point out that people are hypocrites, but it’s another to be an idiot while doing it.

        • Most of us knows the difference between 2d and 3d and wouldn’t do anything similar even if it was perfectly legal. Just because some people find excitement in stuff like this doesn’t make them a criminal nor “sick”

          just like people who enjoys watching horror movies of people dying horribly doesn’t make them a psychopath.

          for the few who can’t see the line between fantasy and real life, yes they are the ones you got to watch out for.

        • I don’t care if this even goes anywhere in the top 100 creepiest fetishes people have, it’s still decrepit as hell.

          Not all fantasies have to follow morals, yeah, but some people’s brains are too far twisted to be for the good of the society or even themselves, that’s the reason mental asylums exists.