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Ai Takabe Busted On Cocaine Charges

ai takabe (1)

Gravure idol, actress and occasional seiyuu Ai Takabe has been arrested for cocaine possession, shocking the more naive of her otaku followers.

The 27-year-old Ai Takabe was initially arrested for cocaine possession after police found it at her home during a search (prompted by what exactly is not clear), charges she denies claiming “a friend just left it there.”

Police claim her urine also tested positive for traces of the drug, and apparently intend to charge with using it as well.

Takabe’s seiyuu work only encompassed a few roles, though her most recognizable would likely be Kill Me Baby’s Agiri.

The model had also participated in numerous TV dramas, but her most notable achievements are from her modeling work, earning the Gravure-sho (Pin-up award) at the All-Japan National Beautiful Girl Contest back in 2004.

Her 2013 appearance on an adult variety TV show where she helped frigid girls to orgasm with the aid of a personal massage device signaled her career to be in the doldrums.

The agency associated with Takabe supportively cancelled her contract and deleted her from its site, presumably spelling the end of her career should she not turn to AV…


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  • 1. Started gravure modeling in her teens.
    2. Moved on to T.V. dramas & anime.
    3. By around 25 her career starts to wind down.
    4. Does a show about gettin’ girls off with vibrators.
    5. Gets busted for drug possession & use @ 27 due to a “mysterious” police search.
    6. Talent agency drops her & erases her internet presence.

    The signs are clear. This is a set-up for her porn career — possibly under an assumed name. This actually seems to follow the “plot” — sort of — of more than a few hentai manga.

  • “she helped frigid girls to orgasm with the aid of a personal massage device”

    What is the name of that show? Video or it didn’t happen!

    Japanese TV has gotten even better since I left. Didn’t know that Japaneses girls were now having orgasms.

  • It’s really a shame since she was a great voice actor, but when you’ve been caught doing drugs, it’s hard to sympathize. It doesn’t matter who you are, if you mess up, you’re going to have to pay the price.

  • “Cocaine is a helluva drug” and I dod not place it in the “harmless” catagory as pot.
    That being said, this Ministry fo Truth style purge of anime is fucking overkill. Japan just passed America in absurdity levels in the war on drugs.
    I also call shenanigans as to how the cops were even tipped off to search Takabe’s home for such a tiny amount. Was it a director mad that she wouldn’t ride his dick?

  • With the way Japan is and how much they shun anyone that does anything, with her career literally being dead, I wouldn’t be surprised if she killed herself, especially considering how much more suicide prone the Japanese are compared to almost all other countries

  • Fucking fascists! So she took some drugs. Is that really any reason to destroy her career?

    What’s with the obsession with drugs anyway? They’re largely harmless, and by far the biggest cause of drugs related death is people taking contaminated drugs that have been spliced with other substances. If drugs were legalised it would lead to much fewer deaths, considerably less crime and would save the tax payer a fortune. Governments do far more harm than good with their moral crusade against drugs.

    Anyway, somebody should give her a job because most people don’t care if she’s taken a few drugs. All people care about is that she does her job well, and she did a great job as Agiri.

      • With regulation the whole scenery around drugs would change drastically.

        You would be able to get clean drugs, supporting economy, without having to risk dealing with criminals and for affordable prices because of capitalism.

        It would completely wipe away the single biggest source of income from criminal organizations and the amount of lives that would be saved because of that is far beyond your imagination.

        Those who become addicted would be able to get better quality help and full recovery from an overwhelming addiction would be much easier as well because it wouldn’t be such a huge social stigma anymore.

        It wouldn’t be a permanent solution to solve the “problems” around drugs but, as long as people need to become intoxicated in one way or another the best outcome can only be reached by legalization followed by regulation.

        Btw, during your granparents’ youth there was plenty of drug usage. Only a tiny minority saw the bad sides of drugs and they didn’t have even 100th of the support as our current civilization will be able to offer.

        There really is absolutely no downsides for law-abiding citizens and officials when it comes to legalizing drugs.

        Only the corrupt will suffer from it.

        • Wow! Bringing in “economy” to explain why a drug should be legalized when you obviously know nothing about economy. That’s so… wow!

          Here’s the deal: cocaine is addictive, and excess consumption of cocaine is deadly.
          In case you’re not aware of it: It’s much easier to consume something in excess when it’s addictive.

          So where’s the problem if you die from an overdose? It doesn’t affect anybody else, right?

          You see, you live in what we call “society”, and as such you are a part of it.
          So what happens with “society” when YOU die?
          Simple: Someone has to clean up after your mess.

          – Your colleagues will need to take over your work, wasting a lot of time and money trying to make sense of all the stuff you were responsible for.
          – People who relied on you (mostly your kids) will lose their source of financial support.
          – People who were close to you will be scarred for life.
          – The police needs to waste taxpayers’ money to determine why you died. Was it murder? Was it suicide?
          – The hospital might try and save your life one way or another, and in return someone else might die because the doctors were too busy dealing with you to care for someone else.

          And even if you *don’t* overdose, there are consequences for others.

          – What if you “lose” your dope in some river, and kill a couple dozen fish that way? We’ve already got more than enough problems with regular littering as it is. We don’t need to add drugs to that list.
          – What if your kids find your stash and decide to share it at school?
          – What if you “accidentally” killed someone who wasn’t a three-headed homicidal dwarf-hamster after all?
          – How much do you think a company can support a nation’s economy, if most if not all its employees spend their days sniffing coke, run away from rainbow demons, calling in sick due to fever, or coughing up blood?

          Sorry, you were saying something about economy?

      • “by spending their savings just to snort shit up
        his nose.”

        Thank you for proving my point. Cocaine costs very little to produce and should be no more expensive than other crops. If it were legal it could be sold for a low price, and therefore people wouldn’t have to spend their savings to buy it. The reason cocaine is expensive is because it’s illegal, and therefore hard to obtain.

        Making drugs illegal forces people to commit crime so they can afford to buy it, and also makes some rather unscrupulous people very rich. As I say, banning drugs does a lot more harm than good.

        • “Yeah, let’s have a well known dangerous drug be legal in countries were drug addicts tend to do all sorts of crazy shit while coked up or high as fuck. That’s totally a sane idea.”

          No no, you have got it kinda wrong. Of course something like that is not healthy.

          But how is it reasonable to get your shit from the criminal mafia, probably laced with who knows what and support this crap?
          When people want those substances, they will get them.

          Better regulate this stuff and push people into even worse situations.

        • Cocaine is addictive.
          Being addictive greatly increases the probability of excessive consumption.
          Being cheap also greatly increases the probability of excessive consumption.

          Excessive consumption of cocaine can be deadly.

          If cocaine is legal AND dirt cheap, we’ve got a problem on our hands.

    • Japan actually believes there should be consequences for actions and that’s why their country isn’t a crime-ridden shithole like yours and mine is.

      This girl knew the rules and deserves what’s happening to her. And this gives a new face the chance to shine.

      Unlike the American system where the same stupid celebs act like morons over and over, set terrible examples for the youth, and never move aside for fresh talent.

      • Japan, a nation of servile ass kissers and compulsive human bobble head dolls (hai…hai…hai…hai…) believes in consequences and personal responsibility for anyone who is not rich or powerful or well connected.

        Vice, criminal activity, and misbehavior of all kinds is tolerated and often tacitly encouraged as long as it does not stand out and is invisible.

        There. Fixed that for you.

        • Hear this guy.
          As long as you consume whatever for yourself there should be no problem. Even in many states something like marijuhana has been legalised, and no one cares? Alcohol is legal as well and is a toxic and dangerous drug. The thing is, if you have some kind of predisposition there is a chance that you can develop, for example, a psychosis.

          Judging to an extent healthy people doing whatever drugs is just not right.

        • @06:31 30/10/2015

          Do you have any idea how dangerous drug addicts can be?

          In the past I worked night shifts at a fast food restaurant on the most notorious street in the city. A street notorious to be full of drug dealers, drug addicts, and prostitutes (and with the highest concentration of cops in the whole country).

          Indeed, drug addicts weren’t uncommon there. Some were mostly harmless. They could hardly stay on their own feet.
          Others were just dangerous. Say the wrong words and they’d beat you up if you were lucky. The not so lucky ones would end up with a few new knife wounds instead.

          I was more than lucky when it happened to me:
          – “I want a sunday.”
          – “I’m sorry sir. Past 4 AM the sunday machine starts boiling. There won’t be any more sundays until 10 AM.”
          – “Why’s it boiling? It’s supposed to make ice!”
          – “It’s for pasteurization. You know, it’s for killing germs.”
          – “What’d you say? Germs? You trying to feed me germs?!”
          – “Of course not, sir! That’s why we aren’t selling any more sundays until 10 in the morning!”
          – “Well, good for you! I don’t eat germs! But wait, it’s not 4 yet!”
          – “Actually, it’s already past 5.”

          He already had his knife ready, but perhaps the presence of the police at that time is what stayed his hand.

          The police would always get special discounts at our place as thanks for keeping trouble away.

        • @06:31 30/10/2015

          You’re being way too naive, if you think “If I consume cocaine, it won’t hurt anybody but me”.

          The less consequences there are for taking illegal drugs, the more people are willing to consume those drugs, the more people are willing to sell those drugs, the more people are willing to buy those drugs, the more people end up under the influence of those drugs, the more people are willing to sell those drugs, the more people are…

          Or why do YOU think illegal drugs are a much bigger problem in consequence-less America than in we-don’t-fuck-around Japan?

        • Boy you guys are REALLY missing the point lol

          Why should there be “consequences” for something like taking drugs. As long as you’re not doing them in public or high while driving, it does nothing to harm anyone else.

        • Who cares if it’s water or bananas you’re ingesting too much of?
          Excessive consumption is dangerous, no matter what it is.

          The thing is, people are much less likely to consume water or bananas in dangerous quantities, because they’re probably going to complain from a tummy-ache long before they’ll suffer any *real* consequences.

          Not so with cocaine, which is highly addictive.
          By the time your body begs you to stop sniffing so much, you’ve probably already wasted taxpayers’ money on a coroner’s salary who needs to determine why on Earth such a healthy young person died so suddenly.

        • You can also die from cutting your wrists.

          Only difference here is:
          Cocaine is highly addictive. By the time you realize you’ve taken too much and you really should stop, it’s usually way too late.

      • Just because something is illegal doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

        A lot of countries have outlawed 2D lolis and people have been sent to prison for possessing 2D loli porn. A lot of people as 2D loli porn is not harmless because it causes people to go out and rape real lolis. Do you agree with that? Do you think people should go to prison for looking at Sankaku Complex?

        As I say, just because something is illegal doesn’t mean it’s wrong.

      • I wish an american would take over a studio just so they can say “Let’s give a job to the people who everyone turned away because Japan is ridiculously unforgiving of mistakes… get Aya Hirano in here for some lead roles and let’s get this girl in here to voice some people. We’ll form a whole new fandom of Fallen Seiyuu and the fans who are already shallow and stupid in Japan will suddenly 180 on them like the followers they are. We’ll make it a card game and anime-ify the women with black wings to signify their fallen status and then they’ll be popular again inexplicably.”