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Toonami Akame ga Kill Marathon Promo Truly Engaging




Toonami has revealed a promo for their Halloween Akame ga Kill marathon, naturally getting fans pumped as the legendary TV block has been know to do, despite the fact that many may be put off by the anime’s English dub…

The exciting promo:

The marathon will air episodes 3 to 11 on Saturday October 21st, starting at midnight.

In addition, a new PV was also released for the 2nd upcoming Toonami movie “Intruder 2”:

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  • Assuming this is anything like the past couple of marathons they’ve done, I wonder if they’ll play the opening in full the first time it plays again. The people who are limited to watching TV broadcasts getting another chance to view that is especially nice considering Sentai didn’t even bother to shorten the theme song, they just slapped some stock music over bits of the opening footage (thankfully, this seems to have changed as of Parasyte).

    Sadly, TV-viewers will never get a chance to see the full ending and have to always settle on Sentai’s Toonami-edited version, which I’ve gotta say is absolute garbage. To think, there were people previously bitching about Crazy Rainbow Star’s Toonami edit. That’s nothing compared to Sentai outright replacing a song with music that doesn’t even try to fit the imagery.

      • It has nothing to do with being a purist. Hell, I’d have been perfectly willing to accept a shortened song as has become standard with Toonami broadcast, and I’d even say that the opening theme isn’t as bad since the music at least fits. But for the ending, are you seriously trying to tell me that the intense beating of a drum is supposed to fit with somber imagery of the female cast doing little more than gazing into the distance? Jesus, even without the original ending song, I think Sentai could’ve picked a far more appropriate BGM than that.

    • The only reason they pull this crap is because they expect low view ratings on holidays, so they play a movie we’ve seen so many times already or a bunch of re-runs and call it a marathon. It’s Halloween, they expected people who have lives to be out in parties, or watching they’re kids.

      I’m kinda grateful they’re doing this because I have a party to go on Halloween, and I’m prpbably not gonna get back in time to watch Toonami if it was a normal schedule, but since it’s just a re-run marathon, I feel better I’m not missing anything.