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Sankaku Complex App Available Now


Sankaku Complex’s official app is now freely available to all, enabling access to the nearly 5 million posts on Sankaku Channel from any Android smartphone or tablet anywhere, in both English and Japanese.

To address user desires for a non-adult version and the censorship demands of app stores, the app is available in two versions – a “White” edition safe for all ages, and a “Black” edition with access to all content on the site, adult or otherwise.

The ‘White’ app store edition, distributed via Amazon.

The ‘Black’ edition, available from Sankaku Complex only at present.

Some screens of the app in action:







All versions of the app share the same functionality (the only difference being R18 content is not visible in the White edition; even the default black and white themes are freely switchable), and the account system is the same as that used on Sankaku Channel’s site itself – though please note that the Channel account system is separate from the account system used on the news portion of the site.

Unfortunately, Google Play availability of even the “white” edition of the app is currently on hiatus after that company’s incomprehensible decision to ban it for including a “link to pornography” in the app store listing – in the form of a support email address, “”, which Google declined to explain until after they had demanded and refused multiple revised versions and then terminated Sankaku Complex’s developer account for their unexplained rejections.

In the unlikely event of Google’s support staff becoming responsive to common sense and reason, Play availability may be restored, but for the moment only the Amazon Appstore distribution officially distributing the all ages version.

Many users of Apple devices (and even a few benighted Windows Phone users) have already expressed interest in a version supporting their platform; whilst complicated by Apple store policies and the inability to run unapproved apps on an iOS device without jailbreaking, versions for Apple and other platforms are under development – please stay tuned for further news on this front.

A version supporting the content on Idol Complex is also under consideration for those who prefer the 3D realm.

Finally, users who wish to enjoy an ad-free browsing experience will also be able to do so in the near future, as a premium account option will be added soon.

Active development of the app is expected to continue indefinitely, as plenty of existing and new features remain to be added.

Comments, suggestions, feedback and otherwise are all welcomed, and can be submitted via email. Enjoy the app!

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