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Creamy Pie Ero-Anime Unsurprisingly Rich




The suitably titled ero-anime “Creamy Pie” has offered viewers a myriad of romantically sexual escapades, with its namesake “cream” also being jettisoned in huge quantities to no real surprise – the naughty anime being bound to make a grand addition into the collections of the vanilla-loving crowd.




















































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  • Just i see this,and really cant understand why this studio is totally lazy to make a animation, i remenbed Gimmix who make Flash player games, but be games, and this studio say to this is a animation?…pls

  • This “studio” still exist? how can people call this crap a “animation”, pls the fans of touhou (yes only fans not a studio) make this animation:

    Thats a real animation, not the stupids easy gif works who make queen bleehh all the time, and they sold this shitt at the same price to the others hentais who really are animated??? damm japan dissapointed me alot so they buy this crap.

  • This is a joke. That wasn’t low quality animation, it was no animation at all.

    Stretching, skewing, and panning still images to create an illusion of animation, cheap tricks that are used to not have to draw more than one frame per shot.

    I’m amazed anyone can get away with releasing this kind of stuff.

  • This studio is the cancer of hentai animation because only make gif animations + sound. White beard make 4 caps of Futabu having a decent to good animation compare to the shitty gif who make queen bleeeee

    Pd: sancom this thread sucks more to the tops fails.

    • Because I’m sure you buy every hentai you watch, right? Unless you’re legit you are part of the reason why Hentai animation cuts so many corners for budget like the ones you’re complaining about.

    • i would value your criticisms more highly if you could even bother to make a cohesive sentence.

      To my knowledge, Queen Bee has actually been consistent. Cant say the same for Mary Jane’s latest [Ano ko ii koto] or ZIZ’s Boku no Yayoi.
      Pashmina is basicly another Vanilla or milky of the 2000s era.

      • Sure kid, pls so you be a tard of queen is one thing, but try to compare other studios who really try to turn a doujin or eroge into a animation, to queen bee who only use turn into a gif animated the work of a mangaka, is obvius to you dont know ABSOLUTLY ANY of animation. so Pls go back to you cave.

  • Queen Bee is able to make all these hentai because they spend so little on doing so to begin with, with their cheap ass slideshow animation. Such a disappointment, they haven’t released anything good since Pisu Hame, which was only good because it actually did something. Even ruined Futabu.

    • Futabu isent even made by Queen Bee, although they do share a parent company.

      And why so much hate? Its based on the manga, its drawn like the manga, and the chapters only last like…6mins each. If anything, what queen bee is trying to do is perfectly suitable. its literally a visual slide show with colours and voice acting. All their episodes are based on manga chapters, where as other studios base theirs mostly on eroges.

      • I never thought I’d see the day someone tried to defend Queen Bee’s LAZY AS FUCK animation… :/ it’s a shame this is what ‘Animation’ is coming to… regardless of it being Ero…

      • So in this case queen bee only copypaste and use flash player to animated not? compare to other studios who really make a very big job to turn a doujin into a animated hentai, pls for people like you the future of the hentai animation is “MEET AND FUCK”.

        Pd: And pls dont use multi acc to put + to your comments thats only give more reasons to people understand the lvl of the fans of queen bee.

    • @06:31
      By “boring hentai” literally mean boring perverted, what were you trying to imply, I wonder.

      Ero-anime is the worst hit by sale volumes since they obviously isn’t mainstream which makes it difficult to promote them openly when the intended target audience is adults only. As Tasche had pointed out, they were just doing things accordingly to their source materials, and then there is the issue with budget as well.

      • Thanks for the support. The Ero-anime economy is no different than the Anime economy. Both rely on sales of product to keep the industry afloat. ANN wrote a terrific article about why DVDs/BRs cost a shit tone in Japan, and why it costs so little elsewhere like NA.

        But i would reckon that ero-anime is the opposite in some respects, it serves as a promotion tool for the print version. that can be said for the anime-LN industry aswell but the Ero-manga business is atleast 3x larger than the regular manga business in terms of variety and volume of content per month. To sift through all that ero-manga, requires some major promotion. Im sure queen bee is paid a set cost for production of a certain title by whomever, in which it gains revenue by selling its own animation and shares from printed volumes after release.

        I picked up all my ero-manga after the fact, because the anime adaptations influenced me to do so. Lots of good stories in each book that wernt animated.

  • i personally like Queen Bee’s animation. You cant really blame them for being boring if theyre only adapting what is drawn/written in the mangas. Not to mention, theyre quite faithful to the original designs. I like Emily’s style.

    • Are you fucking serious? They literally TRACE manga pages, add some color, do some CRAP flash-style animation and try to get people to pay for it as ‘Animation’… Queen must be one-of (if not THE) WORST animation studios in history… period… Actually Fucking ZONE Archives/zone-sama/etc. Has better Animation than a lot of the SHIT Queen Bee puts out!

      • @11:02
        All anime projects literally “trace” the images from the frameworks done by artist for character design. If those tasks is easy to pull off, then just about any style of animations can copy it. But we don’t see a lot of this in western cartoons or the likes of RWBY using this techniques, do we?

        Is anyone forcing you to purchase works done by Queen Bee, do you need to swear just to get your point across? The worst-whatever is subjective, if they were as bad as you claimed, the studio should have gone bankrupt long ago.

    • And while on the other hand, the every other hentai manga is several times better, even those using different character deeigns or alteree stories. It’s not like most people care about the manga counterparts in the first place, they just want fap material which the stuff from Queen Bee barely does any better than googling random hentai gifs.

      • @16:53
        I’m afraid googling images and using them without permission for business uses is against the law. What they do instead is hire artists whom already has some random art works in hand, and then choose whatever happens to suit that particular project they are undertaking. At least this is how Eroge is made in general, but due to the limited budget for ero-anime, I don’t think they have the luxury to pick only talented artists.

        As with all anime projects, character design takes priority, so there is no way they googled those images.

    • Thing is, all they do is copy, paste, add color/sound and call it an h-movie. If that isn’t lazy then I don’t know what is. I truly believe they just scan the pages and use photoshop + Adobe flash to make these atrocities. What irks me even more is that the Japanese community apparantly loves this shit. If not they would have been out of business ages ago.

      • scroll down and read what i wrote about imako system. and then go read imako system. Thats what queen bee is about, bringing a manga to life. I dont feel its quality is poor, its being faithful to the original medium. Sure it can look smoother and less stopmotion, but thats the whole point. their modus operandi.

        • I beliieve youre the one making an awful lot of shitty excuses, for a person who has such biases for a product you didnt even bother to buy. It must be great, living off chips and mtn dew in your parent’s house, not paying rent, internet, etc. Why dont you come back when you graduate from high school and offer a real argument.

    • It’s not that the content is boring, but rather, their animation is such low-quality garbage that you can’t even enjoy the content. It has absolutely nothing to do with the things they’re adapting.

      It’s the studio’s job to do a good job animating the source material, and Queen Bee fails at it in nearly every perceivable fashion.

      Literally the only good thing they have going for them is that they generally do an okay job adapting the art style of the source material — no doubt made much easier by the fact that their actual animation budget is near-zero — but it doesn’t help them at all when the shitty animation makes most viewers drop it within the first minute.

      • I fail to see your point about it being low-quality garbage. If you’re referring to the screens and released downloads of the episode then yes, its downscaled and full of encoding issues.

        The DVD is perfectly fine for me.

        “most viewers drop it within the first minute.” Where is your source for that?

        You have your opinion, and I have mine, but it seem like you’re just bias towards Queen Bee because it doesn’t live upto “your” expectations.

        • Your comments about their shitty animation being somehow ‘natural’ don’t hold up in the face of standard anime that were adapted from manga yet aren’t animated like shit, and other ero-anime that were also adapted from manga and aren’t animated like shit.

          Queen Bee made Imako System completely unenjoyable with their shitty slideshow animation, and your statements that they’re just being ‘faithful’ to the source material are bullshit. If they can’t be arsed to animate something properly, they need to step aside and let someone who doesn’t suck handle it.

          It’s infuriating when I see that an ero-manga I love got animated and then find out it was Queen Bee that did it. Partially because it means that no studio that actually gives half a shit about animation will bother to adapt it since it’s already been done.

        • I’m pretty sure this is just Queen Bee’s style of animation. They put focus more on art rather than animation. Stop crying about Queen Bee for fuck sakes. No one gives a shit. They have their own group of consumers in Japan so, they don’t give a shit about what you think. If they’re soo shit then they would’ve went bankrupt a long time ago.

        • It has nothing to do with the encoding, but the actual animation. Compare this to something else released recently like Daemon Busters, which is actually full animated. This one looks like someone spent a few hours in after effects to move some body parts around.

          Sometimes it’s personal taste but in this case pretty much every other studio’s stuff looks better than this.

        • but thats “Queen Bee’s” modus operandi most likely… I mean look at their titles, its all adaptations of “short” 1 story manga chapters.

          I would be inclined to agree if it were longer chapters like my personal fav, Koiito Kinenbi.

          The animation is in part to a somewhat faithfulness to the drawing style. therefore it looks all halfassed and repeated.

          Imako System [queen bee], whether you thought it was bad or not, had a similar problem in that the sex scenes were very…south parky? very cut and paste, stop motion. But thats because in the manga, all of the sex scenes were just scribbles of lines to emphasize movement. and the scenes weren’t really varried, it was mostly of Imako’s ahegao and her svelte body.