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Atelier Sophie Trailer Boasts Plenty of Cute Girls




The next adorable and light-hearted entry into the Atelier franchise – “Atelier Sophie” – has unleashed a trailer focusing more on its book-turned-girl character Plachta, bound to persuade those on the fence about purchasing the game with the almighty force that is cute anime girls.

The cute trailer:

Atelier Sophie and the lovely Plachta will make their debut on November 19th for the PS3, PS4 and Vita.

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  • Gust should do an Atelier Maker game(Like how there’s a Mario Maker). There’s so much copy paste locations/items/generic moeblobs etc in these games, you could probably make your own JRPG adventure.

    I would buy it.

  • I greatly prefer these lighthearted RPGs with simple goals and mechanics. They have a lot of charm and stay true to Japanese aesthetics. Meanwhile, mainstays such as Final Fantasy have gone off the rails and are pursuing western ideals and are ruining what made them great in the first place.

    I’d rather give my money to Gust than Square Enix ANYDAY.

    • …Western Ideals. Square Enix, “western ideals”?

      So, all the pretty-boys, all the constant fetishism, the lolis, the literal bread-and-butter of any JAPANESE-THEMED game… Are Western Ideals when Square does it, but noone else?

      I didn’t know opinions could be so wrong…

      • Did the person above you mention anything about the so-called bread-and-butter themes, no? Sure, there were pretty-boy characters but how many of them to date is Asian? And don’t lump dwarf or moe characters with lolis for goodness sake, and is fetishist limited to the east?

        There is also the general idea that better graphics = better games which is what western gamers cared about the most, and this stigma has been carved into the gaming industries to this day.

        Look, when Street Fighter V was announced, the producer even stressed that graphic is important. This is something we don’t see from the early release of classic games back in the days.

        • >Talking about JRPGs
          >Brings in fighting game as counter-example

          Obligatory, I assure you–and while Westerners may be leading the trend on graphical emphasis, the remainder of the world chose to follow suit, something I am glad many recent games are not following.

    • That’s what Gust seems to do when they start a new Atelier series or game. Coming from the Arland games, Dusk had a different art style.

      It comes down to the artist(s) hired actually. Even Totori and Meruru had differing styles to Rorona. You can go search for Atelier Marie and see how different it was back then as well.

      I can’t wait for Sophie!

      • Not on board here, personally. What got me into the trend was the Atelier Iris series. While I will admit, the intended genres have changed, the games now are nothing but fan service on every account, to the point where beating the games simply earns you more costumes to parade your little girls around in. The story is universally weak since Rorona, even compared to the first Atelier Iris, and serves to do little more than give the eyes a break from roving over loli-skin in a 3D environment.

        Sure, this makes money, but it’s hardly worth calling a game–they might as well simply skip to the R-Rating and bank on the people already fapping to their softcore “RPG”s.

        • @12:53 If you’d paused to consider that you don’t need to carry adult themes to be highly sexualized, you’d see the direction Gust is going in a new light.

          I have been a fan, a paying customer for many years, and of all of the games I have been patron to, none have followed the trend the Atelier series has been seemingly pioneering; ‘softcore’ is well fine and dandy in the understanding that you do not have the mind or the exposure of a well-versed gamer, or any knowledge of what actually goes on behind the game-developing scenes, but when a company known for compelling and intuitive-but-simple RPGs devotes their time to what the current Atelier is… Questions should quite obviously be asked as to who is acting production management lead.
          Few companies who do so well catering to a genre they already lead would take as far a left turn as Gust did when the first Atelier Rorona was released–the game-play was not the problem, if that ever was an issue to begin with, because they have a rather obvious formula and they stuck with it.
          No, the real issue is once you pay attention to the game, how it all works, the pacing, the characters… You put all your ducks in a row proper when you literally have that one question: “Was her skirt intended to be this small?” Now, I am no stranger to the perverse, knock-on-wood, but I separate my gaming from my private time and I do my research on both enough to catch when a producer slides content under the quality fence.
          Low and behold, more than a few days, if not a week or so later, the same game I had been questioning as I ran through it’s new-game-plus has been banned from Australia, for the exact same reasoning I myself had come to now–it is pandering, from the smallest details to the most inexcusable areas where such things do not belong in a game seemingly E-10+. Several big names within the team for Atelier were replaced within the year, and before I knew it I’d be suffering through more “games” for what’s about five years now.

          I’m not saying “ugh it’s just porn it needs to burn” because you’d need to be pretty idiotic to believe any visitor of this site would be repulsed by such content, but I am saying “this is not worthy of it’s namesake.” I’ve bought EVERY game, I’ve beaten EVERY game, and I can honestly say that it was money quite unfortunately wasted because there was hardly any “game” to beat in the first place.

        • @03:52 you do know that people normally don’t fap to softcore “RPGs”, sancom doesn’t only features news with mature contents, they reports normal news as well.

          And just because things isn’t in agreement with you doesn’t make them less of a game, I can say – sure, you makes sense but it’s hardly worth calling an opinion–you might as well skip this article and focus on others that interest you.