Nitroplus Blasters PV Rocks Out




Anticipation has mounted even further for imminent Nitroplus fighter Nitroplus Blasters: Heroines Infinite Duel, as a new PV showcases its myriad of girls not only dueling but rocking out, unveiling some praise-worthy animated cutscenes in addition to help seal the deal.

The musically inclined PV:

Nitroplus Blasters: Heroines Infinite Duel will be ready to brawl on December 10th for PS4 and PS3, with a North American release to follow sometime this winter.

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    Comment by Anonymous
    07:32 11/10/2015 # ! Neutral (0)

    Nah iam waiting a fighting game or side scrolling game of all precure sagas.

    Comment by Anonymous
    05:22 11/10/2015 # ! Neutral (0)

    Looks like licensing hell? Anyways i only opened this article for dragon and angela. :P

    Comment by Anonymous
    07:25 13/10/2015 # ! Neutral (0)

    Why licensing hell? This is no different than something like Marvel or Capcom or Namco taking their characters from different franchises they own and putting them in a fighting game package.

    Comment by Anonymous
    17:30 12/10/2015 # ! Neutral (0)

    Makes me wish that Nitro+ and Type Moon joined Project X Zone.

    I mean they even let some Nintendo characters to join that game.

    Comment by Anonymous
    22:18 14/10/2015 # ! Neutral (0)

    Just having Saya in it is enough for me to warrant a purchase.

    Comment by Anonymous
    00:14 11/10/2015 # ! Neutral (0)

    all is fun but only until elder god demonbane appear as Extra Boss.

    Comment by Anonymous
    18:27 10/10/2015 # ! Neutral (0)

    Even though I know I wont play it for too long, im actually excited for this, purely based on its line up. lol

    Avatar of SugoiMan
    Comment by SugoiMan
    16:38 10/10/2015 # ! Neutral (0)

    wow, the char from arc system is so unlikely

    Comment by Anonymous
    21:20 10/10/2015 # ! Neutral (0)

    Covers pretty much all Nitro+ associated characters...... except Madoka Magica, which is a massive pity.

    Comment by Anonymous
    06:31 12/10/2015 # ! Neutral (0)

    I would feel how the guy feels whose existence is not covered by copyright laws

    Comment by Anonymous
    05:18 11/10/2015 # ! Neutral (0)

    Not to be rude, but how would you feel if people or some corporations decided to use your characters which you hold the rights to without permission? Of course it isn't that the artists is stingy or anything, sometimes they just happens to be asked by other company first and had reserved their characters for said company. It can be games, art books, anime or anything related but using copyrighted characters for business uses without permission is a crime.

    I'm aware of how fans feel about wanting certain chars to be added (I'm a fan as well :p) but things isn't all rainbow and sunshine in the business world.

    Comment by Anonymous
    23:20 10/10/2015 # ! Neutral (0)

    Characters from Samurai Girls and Queen's Gate are missing too, only to name a few.

    Comment by Anonymous
    23:52 10/10/2015 # ! Neutral (0)

    gagantia include as support? why don't bring robot to fight

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