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Gundam Tekketsu no Orphans Classic Mecha Mayhem




The debut of Gundam Tekketsu no Orphans has met viewer expectations by providing a vast abundance of the franchise’s renowned mecha combat, while also introducing its multitude of mistreated characters, the latest entry into the Gundam series bound to push the limits of the mecha genre once again (or at the very least the limits of what fans will put up with…).

















































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  • this is light years better than gundam g reconguista were the characters were so winy, no idea what the plot was and in a life or death situation refuse to kill. i refuse to acknowledge it as a gundam series along with turn A gundam, g fighter, and gundam v the last good one was gundam x and gundam wing in my opinion …..and the rant is over

    • But, like them or not, they are Gundam series. Turn A is actually one of the better stories, actually considered one of the best series by many. The only reason people seem to hate it is solely because of the unusual (for Gundam) mecha designs by American artist Syd Mead (whom is also well known for working on popular sci-fi films like Blade Runner and Aliens). I actually think most of the haters have never even seen the series.

      V was easily the darkest Gundam series ever produced, and was made when Tomino was at the peak of his depression, which influenced the cruelty and high death rate among the characters. I just love how gloriously misleading the overly happy sounding OPs to this series are.

      G was very good. It may have been a fairly ridiculous super robot series, but it was a much needed breath of fresh air in an otherwise stagnated franchise. Just a reminder: ALL Gundam series, and indeed, every show that has ever, and will ever exist that features mechs are essentially toy commercials to attract kids to the associated toy lines. If a franchise runs for as long as Gundam has for that reason, keeping everything exactly the same deadly serious tone is not a good thing. We actually need lighthearted stuff like SD Gundam, G Gundam and Build Fighters to keep audiences (most importantly, child audiences) interested enough to continue going out and buying the merchandise.

      I do agree that X was very underrated. It may have been the only Gundam series to have been cancelled other than the original 1979 series, but the plot, characters, and setting actually weren’t that bad (actually, its cancellation goes back to the toy commercial bit. The show was not cancelled due to the quality of the series, but because the model kit line wasn’t selling as much as expected, and the sponsors would not fund a show that couldn’t earn them profit), though I think it should have been set more than 15 years after an apocalyptic event. A lot of content looking populations, and not a lot of the “every man for himself” mentality you would expect for such a world, outside of a select few Vultures. It’s been a couple years, but if memory serves me well, I could swear that the city Enil lived in midway through the series had a fairly normal looking beachside community with no noticeable damage whatsoever, which seemed very out of place for its setting.

      • i respect the v series (and all the other gundam series) because i liked the mech designs and the basic story but it was the characters that mostly aggravated me as i mentioned before with the characters from turn A , v and g recon the lead players were always complaining over pretty much everything.

        Turn A was good i did like the story very much and like you said the mech deign was abit of a factor but i belive it to be the last gundam series that used cell animation designs. i did watch the series but i just found the story a lil too confusing i found it very hard to follow more so with G recon Il admit out of all the gundam series G recon is my least favorite however i thought the animation and effects were brilliant but again to me the story started off ok but it just got blurrier and made less sense the more i watched it and after i watched it all i couldnt like it at all i i could go on but like i say its only my opinion.
        gundam seed series along with destiny were ok with good visuals and story but i found it like a retelling out of the seed series stargazer ova was my favorite

        gundam x i thought was alot like Turn A gundam set post apocalyptic mobile suite dug up etc it had humor and drama with a spinn that it was like an alternate timeline from the original gundam series.

        G i watched and enjoyed for what it was and i think if i didnt watch that i may not have enjoyed gundam build fighters and build fighters try as much as i did

        as i said everything i mentioned above is only my opinion and im happy that there are people who shares my opinion and gives me theirs as well as openly talks what they think, im open minded about the series and can give benefit of the doubt its a series i like and care about

      • G was pure unadulterated crap. Its like they tossed a bunch of plot ideas in a hat and picked what they were going to do in the episode. There were several episodes where I swore I missed a previous episode because of the total lack of continuity. What a mess.

        • it’s meant to be a popcorn type of a series; you munch mindlessly through it instead of worrying over it. that’s why they dared to go with a completely over-the-top tenkaichi budokai style story, with gundam

      • gundam unicorn was visually astounding and story really great but towards the final battle with the sinanju and stopping the colony laser was a lilbit a let down but i do like the unicorn series.

        as for the gundam 00 it reminded me of gundam wing and i also liked the idea of alternate power uses but i did especially enjoy the movie were the aliens were involved. the idea of adding the aliens was something i wanted to see at leat once in gundam