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Sword Art Online Movie Unveiled


An original movie has been revealed for noteworthy VRMMORPGFPS anime Sword Art Online by way of the Dengeki Bunko Autumn Festival event, a highly predictable outcome considering the overwhelming popularity of the franchise.

The announcement PV, unfortunately providing few details:

The next issue of Dengeki Bunko Magazine will unveil more information when it arrives on October 10th.

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  • Gosh! My cousin has HUGE t!ts… I’m going to sleep with her… she’s been begging me to for a while now.

    Then I have this other chick I met in SAO who is a good for nothing, damsel in distress with blond hair. She talks tough, but that’s as far as she knows how to go.

    Then there’s this lolita girl and her dragon. Wait till I show here what a real dragon looks like. She’ll realize hers stands no chance against mine. Mine’s huge. Lolitas.. LOL.

    Then there’s this girl with her gun…. well, sure I have to watch my back. But she might be bisexual since she took quite the liking to me BEFORE she found out I was a dude underneath my feminine charm.

    I thought long and hard about this girl who was dying… sure, I passed her up since I knew that rushed sex isn’t really any fun. Plus, I would like to remain STD free. Sorry, AIDS aren’t my thing, bitch!

    I think I like my artificial intelligence the best. She comes small, but can make herself even smaller. Somehow that really turns me on. I know that I’ll be investing a lot of time into her soft luscious body. Never-mind she looks like a 10 year old. She’s an artificial intelligence, which means if I say she’s 18, then she’s legal.

    I don’t know who the next candidate for me would be, but rest assured that if she’s a sexy lolita, and doesn’t have AIDS, she’s in my harem.

    Oh. Rito (ToLove Ru), the game is on, man. My Harem will soon top yours.


    • I’m not sure whether it is just ignorant or sarcastic on your part, but it is legally acceptable to marry your cousin on various eastern countries.

      There are real cases of couples getting married after they acquainted in online games.

      Everyone has their own hobbies, if liking dragons offense you then don’t offer to show your supposed “dragon” to any females out there, this isn’t funny.

      Being bisexual isn’t a crime and the majorities of them can’t control it but is pretty harmless once they find a partner.

      You gave the impression that you are fine with one-night stand but then started to accuse people of having AIDS, can I call you a bitch for that?

      Now look, who is the one with dirty mind. It is alright to fantasize about it or drawing fan arts but you had to announce your lewd hobby to satisfy your lust?

      Now we know you had a fetish for sexy lolita but don’t keep harping on AIDS when you are obviously envious of fictitious virgins having their harems.


    • Kirito’s Underworld character has short hair, as does his ALO, and SAO character. He won’t have long hair again, as Kirito hasn’t returned to GGO in the Light Novels, there’s only a short story about Sinon in the next BOB tournament in a later novel(Which will probably take a few episodes..).

    • Hmm, no one is forcing you to watch “this shit” if you get what I mean, don’t just randomly click on news and leave negative remark with a one-liner. I’m pretty sure you don’t want people to post things like this on your social media page (assuming you even had one)