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Funimation GamerGate Quip “Inexcusable!”


An incendiary GamerGate reference inserted into the 7th episode of Funimation’s Prison School dub has prompted outrage online and a response from the company, though most have greeted it as little more than a cop-out and far from a sincere apology.

Criticism has stemmed both from the line’s irrelevance and deviation from the source material, and its obvious and rather ham-fisted attempt to shove the hugely persuasive “gamers are evil misogynists and the gaming media a paragon of integrity” narrative so beloved of feminists, knights of social justice and gaming industry media shills down the throats of disinterested viewers.

The line was concocted by Funimation write Tyson Rinehart, who has seemingly dug himself a deeper hole by taking a rather sarcastic stand in regards to the incident on his Twitter:

If you think rape threats against women in gaming are acceptable, I’m glad my script pissed you off. #PrisonSchool #itwasjustonelineyounerds

The “offensive” line:

Whatever the politics of the matter, neither the reputation of dubs in general or their respect for source material seems likely to be improved by the incident.

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  • Was neutral in reference to GG. But seriously them responding to this, what nonsense.

    They said they cared about corruption but none of them attacked publishers and the big companies instead just little companies and people. Right at the time when they focused on Quinn EA was getting caught bribing YTers, YTers corruption is a huge issue. Even Machinima got caught out and charged with corruption and fined for actual corruption. None of that was mentioned in their mantra, all of that entirely missed by Gamergate because they just got tunnel vision on feminists. Whole affair was embarrassing to observe of both sides. Obviously the dude adding it in was clearly promoting his agenda, considering Prison School isnt in America, which the term got more exposure.

    I just find this whole affair so embarrassing and wish everyone just move on.

    • maybe because publishers aren’t journalists? Journalists are the people you trust to maintain you informed not the publishers. Journalists are the ones that should be calling out the corruption of publishers too.

      The little companies and people is another fallacy. Kotaku, Polygon, Ben Kuchera aren’t small companies nor small people either.

      Your whole argument is just a mess of misinformation.

  • The script writer for that episode pissed me off. There is no excuse changing the script like that just to input is own political agenda. Real politics do not deserve to be put into anime. This guy needs to get fired. I hope Funimation makes the right move and fire this guy.

  • It doesn’t match his actions and even the Happy Days reference in obscure. I had to google to make sure Arthur Fonzarelli was actually referring to Fonzie. Surely teenagers these days aren’t familiar with Fonzie?

  • Didn’t expect such a well-worded article here.
    You accurately described why it’s rage-inducing.

    It’s not about getting offended by the bullshit narrative. It’s that they don’t respect the source material, and they don’t respect the viewers. As someone who puts effort into keeping translation and localization faithfully intact, it absolutely disgusts me.

    If the assholes responsible get away with this, I wouldn’t be surprised if it started a trend of assholes inserting personal political views into localizations. Then the people defending this shit can enjoy having irrelevant nonsense ruining their beloved whatever.

  • Seems Funimation response on this matter is rather half-assed as their company and their works:

    “In creating English dubs over the past 20+ years, FUNimation has always modified each Japanese script to appeal to Western audiences. This ensures that North American audiences can enjoy a high-quality viewing experience regardless of their familiarity with Japanese culture.

    Neither the dialogue in our shows nor the personal statements of our actors or writers reflects the views or opinions of FUNimation. Official statements from FUNimation are only released via company owned channels (i.e., website and social media profiles) or newswire.”

    Way to dodge the situation and explain nothing if you ask me.

  • Very odd to see Funi poke fun at this since if Feminists had their way 90% of funi’s backlog would be gone.
    I don’t think it anything too bad certainly doesn’t belong but it gives me an excuse to pirate their stuff without feeling guilty anymore.

  • As a supporter of GG and avid anime fan, it wasn’t the GG reference that bothered me because there’s also an awful out of nowhere reference to The Fonz in there. It’s the fact that this piece of shit willingly fucked up a translation to shove his politics in. That’s fucking inexcusable. I get translating to make sense, but the line in question made perfect sense in english.

    • There was also a higher up trolling people who didn’t like the line on Twitter. There are some awful people working at Funimation. They lost my subscription and their “apology” was half assed. I implore anyone who feels like it to email Funimation about these awful employees.

      This has email info and screenshots of the incidents and other information.

  • Seriously folks? We are getting upset over a throwaway line that turned out to be a bad joke? I can agree that the joke felt forced and all, but this is far from the worst edit in the history of dubbing. {4Kids anyone?}

    Get a hold of your life folks.

  • Weird that it’s there, weird anyone cares. Weird it’s in a show where it’s followed up with the cleavage thing, weird the guy defended himself with silly rambling.

    Didn’t the whole gamergate thing get old months ago? The whole thing just degenerated into two groups of monkeys flinging shit at each other.

    Good to hear that dubs are still as bad as they ever were though.

    • Last I heard, Gamergate was officially recognized as a group standing for ethics, by the Society of Professional Journalists.

      I assume the mainstream media completely ignored that, which is probably why most people assume nothing came of it.

        • Oh look Vegeta’s ignorance is showing again. Wow way to bolster peoples trust on your opinion on this.

          Actually they probably watched it. As it was a conference by the Society of Professional Journalists to discuss Gamergate and Ethics. Someone in this thread said they actually attended.

          Hilariously, someone Called in a bomb threat to it. Polygon even covered it in a fair, albeit matter-of-fact manner, which is odd.

        • I hope that people trust in the truth, not just whatever some internet comments say.

          You said it was a conference to “discuss Gamergate” That’s different than being “officially recognized as a group standing for ethics, by the Society of Professional Journalists.”

  • Remember folks, at Funimation poorly handled rape references are “OK” and so is hiring pedophiles. Exactly what you should expect, from a company that hires bottom of the barrel low pay non-union scabs.

  • I’m a neutral party (not part of GG, and sure as fucking shit not one of the SJW, third-waver fucktards) but from what I’ve seen, most Gamergate people are pretty decent, and a huge, huge portion of them are female.

    The PC bros from that South Park episode are an extremely prudent example of these twittershitter SJWs. If you don’t agree with their opinions and point of view then they’ll slander you, blackmail you, label you, ostracize you, and overall try to ruin your life. Y’know, whatever it takes to achieve their twisted view of justice.

    • The biggest problem GamerGate has is that as a whole it is about as coherent as an epileptic octopus. Even if you take GG at its word that it’s “all about ethics in gaming journalism”, and even if the majority of its members are well-reasoned with the finest of intentions, there’s plenty of ways the movement is blasting its own feet.

      For one thing, anything it actually does in support of journalistic ethics is virtually unknown outside its own circle – partly because few people outside the gaming community really give a shit about whether some game reviewer is getting favors from game companies (I mean, welcome to the review industry for music, movies, and just about every other media), and partly because GG is useless about actually spreading the word about its accomplishments. Look at the one post in this whole section that tries to list GG’s achievements, and it’s fucking unreadable to anyone who isn’t already familiar with the things mentioned – and GG seems to assume that everybody IS familiar with all these things (hint: they’re not).

      Then you have this ongoing obsession with feminism and SJWs, and yes, there are many things to take issue with, there, but for a movement that is supposedly about journalistic ethics, it sure spends a shitload of time bitching about things that are NOT REALLY journalistic ethics. This article, or Funimation, for instance.

      Then of course there’s the constant denial about any GG folks being involved with harassment, and let’s be honest here: while I am willing to give the benefit of the doubt that the majority of GG isn’t harassing people, it seems apparent that there IS harassment going on, and it seems apparent that the list of people being targeted is pretty similar to the list of people that GG hates. But what GG offers in defense is some flimsy stuff: either it’s all faked, a conspiracy to frame GG, or it’s a big coincidence and not actually GG, or “they’re doing it too!”, or some other excuse.

      For this to be a complete conspiracy would require a level of planning and coordination that I doubt exists in the ranks of SJWs, and the level of denial – along with some overblown indignation whenever the subject comes up – makes GG look more evasive than righteous, like any other movement that is either unwilling or incapable of cleaning its own fucking house. Some of the sub-literate spouting and resorting to smug insults in place of rational discussion doesn’t help.

      So sure, GG may be 85% great people, but that other 15% really tanks the movement.

  • gamergate has nothing to do with that situation or that scene that is playing. femenist hijack gamergate and made into a misogynistic excuse against men, while in actually Gamergate was about integrity off game journalism and bias opinions off blogs and game news website.

    femenist just hijiacked it cause off Zoe quinn got a lot off hate for possibly banging a kotaku reporter to get her own game good ratings.

  • In the comments to Funi’s blog, why does this jeffcoatstephen asshole keep bringing up Ghost Stories? Aside from the fact that Funimation didn’t dub it, I’m pretty sure ADV Films got express permission from the Japanese company itself to make a parody dub since the show didn’t do too well in its native country. Not only that, but while Republicans tend to deserve the shit that they get (something I’m sure a good majority of anime viewers could sympathize with such views), I don’t think a cheap jab at GamerGate will resonate well with practically anyone watching this. Not only because a lot of anime fans are in agreeance with GamerGate (or at least the anti-PC crowd in general), but also because Prison School has gotta be one of the least SJW-friendly anime out there.

    • But but but Felicia Day says we ntr faggots outnumber Gamblegoobers 50,000 to 1! You are obviously lying about your imagined majority, especially on this site. All those pro-gg upvotes and anti-gg downvotes are just sockpuppets from filthy white males.

      Now that that’s settled I can sleep well on the couch tonight as my wife’s boyfriend is coming over tonight. Maybe this time he’ll let me suck his dick.

  • This would make me want to stop supporting them if they weren’t a shitty comp-any that made me pirate their shit already for other reasons. Gamersgate is bullshit anyways because the root of it was some whore who fucked guys reviewing her game to get a better score for it but she turned it around to make everyone else look like they were in the wrong.

    • That incident wasn’t the root of it. There’s a ton of worldwide bullying and corruption surrounding gaming journalism and the game development industry, from way back in the early 2000s. Seen some of it firsthand. It’s a very real problem.

      GamerGate is the result of people finally saying “No more! Stop this bullshit!”

    • Yes, translators injecting their own politics into places where it has no place being nor makes sense storywise is a pretty big deal.

      Imagine if someone translating a fictional novel to English for a US release started adding lines praising Hillary Clinton or shitting on Trump, where there in the original book was no such references, neither to internal nor US politics.

      Such a translator would find him/herself without a job seconds after it was discovered. Imagine how fucking pissed off you’d be as an author, if a translator started rewriting your book, including political messages you never put there?

  • To be honest they often lie on translation and rewrite all the time.

    But when you’re caught trying to put controversial statements in your script and foolishly taunt people on twitter, you’re pretty much damned.

    A search on his name by any future employer will easily show him as someone incapable of following orders.

      • SJWism is pretty much a religious cult in all senses, save for the fact that they (yet) don’t really have a supernatural deity they pray to. (Though give them ~10 years and I’m sure at least half of them will have started worshiping the holy yoni…)

        It’s not exactly unheard of that Scientologists or Jehovah’s Witnesses give people sharing their faith preferential treatments when hiring etc.

        SJWs doing the same thing is to be expected. The big problem though is that the sectors which SJWs have managed to infiltrate the most are media and journalism, and the universities that is supposed to teach the new generation of journalists how to do their jobs…

        If it was some other profession that had gotten overrun by SJWs, like sewage workers or electricians, no one would really care, but media being controlled by a bunch of zealous moralists, true SJW believers, who gladly lie and distort reality for the sake of spreading the SJW faith…

        Long term, that shit is dangerous for all of society, democracy needs media and journalists to do their fucking jobs, else it will function worse and worse until it breaks down.

  • I know I’ve been out of the loop for awhile, but I thought Gamergate was supposed to be gamer demand for truthfulness & integrity between gaming media/journalism and the game makers? Like, full disclosure about incentives when it comes to reviews (since there’s been more than a few magazine journalists who’ve claimed to receiving gifts and the like from companies for better reviews which “they” ignored), etc.?

    What makes them “creepy” all of a sudden?

    • Sometimes they use techniques like harassing or insulting those who disagree with them. They always say “The ones who do that are small portion of Gamergate” and “They don’t represent us” but they make little to no effort in changing that.
      They are basically extreme SJWs but in the other side of the coin.

    • The corrupt cabal of special friends shielded themselves by parroting the ridiculous lie that anyone who complains about their cronyism and nepotism “hates women”.

      That narrative magically transformed all diversity of gamers around the world into loser white male “misogynists” in basements who are “creeps”.

      The sad part is, lots of people believe that bullshit, because they rely entirely on Western “news” media to maintain their miniscule perspective of the world. They have been brainwashed into believing that women are poor, helpless princesses who need rescuing.

      Fact is, cronyism and nepotism is a big problem in a lot of places. Assholes cover for their friends while intentionally suppressing other people. Seen it myself, seen it happen to others. Seen it first-hand in the game dev industry too. It’s there, and it needs to go away. Just because it’s everywhere doesn’t make it okay.

    • Well, when the media says something long enough, stupid sheeple just fall in line. I mean whats easier, actually talking to people to see what they’re about or reading about how they’re all a bunch of cis white male oppressors?

    • That was what it started out as, but soon some shady types started to specifically target women who spoke out against them. Soon the controversy became synonymous with the death and rape threats that the original movement was overshadowed.

      • No, that’s far from being true. For one thing, women specifically were never the target (there are several male SJWs who don’t exactly garner favor from GamerGate either; John McIntosh, Ben Kuchera, and Bob Chipman come to mind). Second, GamerGate never advocated death threats and doxing towards their opponents and the community as a whole is quick to condemn anyone who does it (in contrast, people of GamerGate have gotten death threats and doxes from high-standing figures of the other side; in spite of this, the people responsible never get called out by their own). GamerGate’s intentions have always been well-meaning from the start, but mainstream media has constantly been trying to skew it by focusing on the few bad apples, if not lie outright and blame us for things we were never even responsible for to begin with (some people tried to tie GamerGate to the shooting of Cecil the lion…. fucking seriously).

        Incidentally, while GamerGate’s goals have mainly been about ethics in journalism, topics of feminism and political correctness just happen to tie into it because those are exactly the type of people that journalists have been shilling out to these past couple of years. Of course, as typical of social justice warriors, anyone who has any sort of criticism against such topics, no matter how fair, are to automatically be branded a sexist, a racist, or some other type of horrible term and dismissed immediately. GamerGate’s fighting against this type of bullshit one-sided discussion so that maybe the voices saying something other than “Anita Sarkeesian is always right” can actually be heard worth a damn.

        • This is literally proving the point. The only people who give a shit about “ethics in game journalism” are basement-dwelling autistic reptoids who don’t know a fucking thing about the game industry. And then the hashtag also encompasses a bunch of especially autistic reptoidozones who publicly look like assholes on Twitter, making everyone who’s associated with games at all look bad.

          Basically if you associate with, associated with or did anything with any “side” of GamerGate you’re fucking idiot.

        • She also had Zoe Quinnspiracy with her and some other of the professional victim con-women that GamerGate wanted to root out but the media obviously went with their “These poor POOR opressed women”. The UN has lost all credibility if they don’t know about, or worse SUPPORT, these liars.

        • Oh, you so got that wrong.

          Hating people with “va jay jays” are totes ok… if they are “wrongthink” people, like Sarah Palin – completely ok to call her a crazy bitch, you wont see a single fuck given about that by the SJW loons – but dare just call one of their feminist leaders a liar, and you’re not only harassing them, you’re even committing “cyber violence against women”…

          And no, I’m not making this shit up, I wish I was, but just recently one of the anti-GG, SJW posterchilds – Anita Sarkeesian – went in front of the UN and tried to redefine harassment into meaning “people making videos calling me a liar”. At the same UN conference, they got the bright idea to rename online harassment of women “cyber violence”, and saw it as an extension of “violence against women”.

          Sarkeesian btw, is a public figure – she’s a feminist activist – by the SJW batshit cracy definition of “harassment”, Donald Trump is the most harassed man on the planet at this very moment…

  • I couldn’t care less about GG, but seriously, the references just seem dated (I didn’t know GG was still a thing in 2015, but there you go). If the intent was to make it easier on us Western viewers by changing the references (or in this case, the line(s) altogether), then this failed miserably.

    • It didn’t localize a reference or something like that, the original line was just her being angry because he didn’t show her the proper respect he should’ve as someone younger than her.

      This was just the translator inserting something completely different into the script – it simply wasn’t even a translation, it’s a straight up rewrite.

      That alone makes it an very unprofessional thing to do, but to make things worse, the rewrite itself is incredibly shitty – GamerGate is a fringe thing that a fair deal of the viewers will have no clue about, not even today, when it’s still (kinda) going. In a few years, this completely unnecessary rewrite will have aged the whole script very badly.

      To make thing even worse, GG is a political thing, in other words, the moron in charge didn’t just do a very shitty rewrite that makes no sense when reading the original line – the moron also injected his/her own politics into someone else’s work. You don’t do that as a professional translator, you just don’t.

      It’s so fucking unprofessional that it would be grounds for firing if it was done at a place where translation is taken remotely seriously – which I guess would be pretty much all other translation works other than anime…

      • Way way back in the day, the popular Asterix comics had this same kind of issue when translated to German – the translator/editor was a politics-biased jerkass who ruined the entire script by changing basicly everything to Cold War and East/West Germany nonsense. The writers got so pissed it resulted in an official scandal. Imagine something like that happening nowadays, the internet would go ballistic, as is already shown in small here on Sankaku.

        • This is a popular anime around Internet, word will spread, and people will be offended. They just opened Pandora’s box, that is fact. Neither you nor I have the foresight to see where it will end up going. As of right now though, things aren’t looking so bright.

  • Looks like someone will lose his job lol especially with that tweet.

    Pop culture references is one thing I don’t mind it but is PC police stuff going on here where is Randy Marsh?

    You know what they say any press is good press I am sure more than a few who weren’t even interested in the show will think the whole thing is about GamerGate and check it out some may like it. To the dismay of a lot here dubs are a gateway the average person gets in that way not like we super fans who visit blog sites full of naked women this coming from someone who likes Funimation and subs equally

  • not surprised this fuck adds shit like that, gamergate wanted responsible media, media said fuck you, blamed it on silly sexism in making shield, now this asshole sides with corrupt media, he should be fired

    • Gamergate is a /pol hate movement that got sexists to spin a web about responsible media that caught up a bunch of bandwagonners who really have no clue what corruption even entails.

      But no, do go on and tout that shit, supporting a hate movement is totally fine as long as your reasons aren’t hateful, right? I mean, that’s what ISIS supporters tell me all the time!

      That said, I don’t disagree that he should be reprimanded for the line. It’s incredibly poor form.

      • Anon you’re a faggot. If this is accepted what’s stopping Funimation or a game publisher to force feminist propaganda on us through anime and games?

        Imagine having to sit through a dialogue in Fallout 4 or Jojo were the protagonists talk about rape culture and the wage gap.

        This shit is already happening in DC & Marvel comics. We need to make it clear we don’t want social justice in our entertainment or we are all going to suffer in the end.

      • People supporting the independence of Ireland did not have to support IRA’s terrorism. Similiar objectives do not equal similar mindsets neither similar actions.
        We all want better games, but what we consider better and how we ask for them is completely different.

        • GG is not a hate movement, and let me ask you, how the fuck do you think a few thousand gamers will be able to stand up to publishers? Publishers might make the deal, but the corrupt journos still accept it. How do you expect publishers to ever get challenged if they got the media in their pocket? It is by the way also the job of JOURNALISTS to expose such corruption, which they are not doing, why should people spend their free time on doing what someone gets paid to do?

        • What a narrow and anglo-centric view on the Black Panthers. I’m glad you can tell me about my culture and my history.

          The Black Panthers goals weren’t unpalatable, read up on the Ten-Point Program. Are any of those demands unreasonable?

          The Systemic Oppression of the United States used it’s media machine to drive their name into the ground. I guess you’re just one of those racist pretend “progressives”. I DO NOT BELONG TO YOU.

        • The difference is that those people weren’t aligning with the IRA, gamer gaters are. I fully agree we should be targetting gaming corruption (and honestly the publishers are more a problem than the journalists), but I sure as hell won’t allign myself with a hate movement to do it.

          The Civil Rights movement didn’t latch onto the Black Panthers because they had similar goals, they openly opposed them, much like many opposed the IRA (thus the troubles), and like I myself oppose gamergate.

      • Anti-Gamergate is a coalition of child molesters and rape apologists. They also went to the UN to ban porn, and delicious/hilarious ecchi anime like you see here.

        If you agree with any of these things you should take up the white cis male cum soaked flag that is AGAINST GAMERGATE

  • “This ensures that North American audiences can enjoy a high-quality viewing experience regardless of their familiarity with Japanese culture.”

    This is what Funimation thinks of their dubs.

    I’m laughing, so fucking hard. High quality? Funimation? Lmfao

  • I dont know what gamergate is, nor care, but what he did was unproffessional and distasteful, he should be fired. Changing dialogue like that and defending it on twitter in shuch a retarded way.

  • Gamergat is for ethics in gaming. I will not buy stuff that a journalist says it is awesome when it is sh*t in reality. Where journalists let themselves get invited to parties, and pre paid wacations by game developers, there something smells.

      • Wish that were true, honestly. They honestly can’t in many ways, since the scenes weren’t often built for their cadence. Some obviously were really, really well put together. Edward Elric and Winry, however I can’t think of anything else Vic Mignona is in that is anywhere close to Ed’s level. Makoto Kusanagi with Mary Elizabeth McGlynn, Spike from Cowboy Bebop whose actor is escaping me now since he’s so ubiquitous I somehow always forget his name. What confuses me is since the guy who played Shinji is also named Spike, so that dichotomy always triggered me to forget the name of the real ‘Spike’ voice actor. Spike did excellent with Shinji, and by complete perfect contrast, Akito in Nadesico.

        There are excellent ones, but by and large, there just aren’t many scenarios where they own the character to the point I’d prefer them over Japanese. But those moments definitely exist.

        • @yamato0

          “Notable”? The most notable person she had a relationship is some dude on Kotaku. Someone no one really cares about, and the other people she allegedly slept with are no one we would know, either.

          Gamergate gave her more infamy and notoriety than this whole “sleeping her way to the top” alleged scheme did. Way to go, Gamergate!

          Also, let’s not talk about incestuous groups when Gamergate has gone as far as to give a proper name to their circlejerk.

        • Anon 11:01- I looked up GG yesterday, on Twitter, and they LOVE talking about Quinn, even to this day. I don’t even know what she’s up to for them to keep talking about her. I can understand Sarkeesian, who has a regular YT series, but I can’t imagine Quinn has any pull whatsoever. She might be working retail at this point, because I don’t read about her coming out with any new games.

        • Anon 02:18, please provide a link to this positive coverage. Did Grayson write a preview or review? Did he mention it an unusual number of times?

          I never heard of her sleeping with someone to win an indie game contest. I’ll just say you’re making that up.

          You all talk about SJWs and the mainstream media. Why would Quinn have to sleep with people to get media attention when these groups would easily support Quinn anyway?

          No, Quinn didn’t deserve most of what was said and done on the internet towards her, but it was done anyway. GG doesn’t have leadership, and doesn’t have any membership guidelines, so anyone who is pro-GG can be a misogynist, and can be horrific towards any target. While some in GG say that they’re about purer purists, other people have drug it through the dirt.

        • @YotaruVegeta

          “That’s between her and the person she cheated on.”

          Except when the people she slept around with are notable figures related to her career, then it becomes more than just a private matter. Keep in mind, the main reason for this upset is not the fact that she cheated on her boyfriend. Hell, if it was just that, nobody would give a shit, but such isn’t the case. She cheated on him with journalists who’d speak of her “game” (if you wish to call it that) favorably. Obviously, if they’re in a relationship (and donating to her Patreon, no less), there’s gonna be some heavy, heavy bias. She also slept with her fucking boss, which says a lot about how she most likely got her position in the first place.

          Add this to the fact that her “game” gets praised in the mainstream gaming media when any sane person outside of their incestuous in-group absolutely abhors it, and you’ve clearly got a scandal that’s very much worth a discussion in the public sphere. Hell, with the social justice stance gaming sites have taken over the last couple of years, it was already long-suspected that journalists, indie devs, and other figures such as Anita Sarkeesian were just currying favors with one-another, and the Zoe Post was a major breakthrough finally exposing such corruption for what it is. Of course, the gaming sites only made matters worse by trying to censor any and all discussion about it.

        • The ethics in journalism is not so much from Quinn “sleeping around” as it was from Games Journalist and Gawker/ Kotaku employee Nathan Greyson carrying on an affair with her while writing about her product thus providing positive coverage and marketing. This sort of thing is a huge ethical Nono for real journalists… Except when you are part of the in crowd.

          Further raising ethical questions was one of the others Quinn was sleeping with was the chief judge of the Indie Game contest that her horrid little Twine text game (seriously it was like a crude info com game from the 80’s. ) took top awards at. Show of hands, does anybody see an issue here?

          Did Zoe Quinn deserve rape threats? By no means. But she, those she slept with, and the industry as a whole that create and supported their behavior did deserve to have some pointed questions asked regarding their behaviors and the lack of ethics they showed. And asking those questions is not misogyny. It is not rape. And it certainly is not appropriate to castigate your own consumer base for raising the issue.

        • She wasn’t accused of sleeping around, she was exposed for sleeping around 🙂 the zoe post which was written by her ex, details it with logs (which he video taped to verify it was not photoshopped) that showed she admitted to having cheated on him.

        • Why do some people even like Zoe Quinn anyway? I don’t care about what she does online, but she isn’t what you’d call attractive. When any of you who comment here or read articles here on a regular basis walk outside, I can guarantee you will see at least a dozen people if not more that are far more attractive than this woman on a daily basis.

        • If given the chance to speak to the general audience of white knights, I’d prefer to ask them WHY they’d wanna get laid by Zoe Quinn. If you’re gonna put your career and all of your credibility on the line for a member of the opposite sex, are you fucking serious about having it be some leftwing extremist with a pisspoor dye job, facial piercings, and a severe hatred of men? Seriously, THIS is the type of person you’d wanna shill out her non-game for, THIS is the type of person you’d cheat on your wife with? I’d honestly like to know just what the fuck is going through those people’s minds.

        • Yamato:

          So Zoe Quinn slept with some Kotaku dude. That’s undisputable, admitted fact. He didn’t promote her game. That’s also fact. It’s a free game. I know that doesn’t matter, but what fame has she gotten off of this? I have heard Quinn’s name WAY more in connection to Gamergate than actual games production.

          So whatever fuck-and-promote scheme people believe that Quinn had didn’t work. Her name got put up in bright lights, but is she making money off of any of this?

          You talk about her getting praise in the mainstream media. She got more praise from people she didn’t sleep with than the guy she did sleep with. So I wonder what the hell the big fuss was about. From my viewpoint, Quinn and her ex were both nutsos who put their dirty laundry in public.

          Yes, GG can lay claim to one thing: sites like Kotaku had to rethink their transparency concerning their writers’ relations to developers. Good on GG, but I read so much dirty shit before that, so I couldn’t stand by GG.

  • Lucas Rosseto Giglioti says:

    Tyson defaces the author’s original work just to insert his irrelevant politics, further ruining the reputation of FUNimation and dubs, disrespecting Hiramoto Akira and the fans in the process.

    He also goes later on on twitter to say how people who like Prison School & similar anime are losers, which certainly isn’t a sound business strategy.

      • BUSINESS ethics has nothing to do with it. Businesses are there to make money, first and foremost. Does Funimation represent their products as being 100% faithful translations? If not, then what business ethics do they violate? They’re not violating any contracts, I would guess, they likely have permission to make these changes if they see fit.

        You can ask the question whether it’s ARTISTICALLY ethical to make these changes, but that’s different than any concern over business ethics.

  • These people always do shit like this in dubs but this was plainly obvious.

    And being so obvious brought more attention about dubbing being horrible cause some changes are done for no reason at all.

    • I never watch dub anyway. The fact that translation changes the amount of syllables in a sentence and forces the VA to enunciate at an unnatural speed sounds so bad. I think jap VAs acting is better in general thanks to the much harsher competition.

    • Not always. Samurai Pizza Cats and Yu Yu Hakusho are two great examples where they added and changed the original but in a way that enhanced the show in most people’s eyes. There are countless examples of much more direct translations with pretty equal (or close enough) quality to the original (Panty and Stocking shows even Funimation can pull it off when they try). I’ve even seen dubs that fix plot holes. Some English versions are great… But putting in the effort to do a good localisation and dub often isn’t worth the cost because people just watch with subs regardless of the dubs quality. By dismissing dubs you are causing the problem, we should be up in arms about this and demanding better.

      • Personally, if you’re going to jam a gamergate reference, then go full Ghost stories and make it so that the original context of the line is completely irrelevant.

        Even if they did that however, they really should use something less topical. But at least it wouldn’t have been as pointlessly jarring.

  • Just unprofessional. I expected a bit more from Funimation, since you know, they’re a major company and they’re SELLING these DVD’s. And the writer who did this admitted he did it to get people mad. What a fucking manchild. I never gave a damn about GamerGate, and it should not be shoehorned into an anime dub. They should fire whoever was in charge of the script.

      • Isn’t it because it had current political events in there that was a message and a joke? I don’t care about gamergate either way, but I watch my anime to escape listening to real political squabbles and seeing political stuff seep into dubs of anime is not pleasant. If this was as reference that was like 10 years old or if the current event fit the theme, then it wouldn’t urk people. I think people just not like seeing real politics pop up in anime when it wasn’t part of the original script. I for one and on the side of, if it isn’t originally there, don’t make a joke about current politics.

    • Considering the parent organization behind FUNImation is a hardcore christian organization whose goal is to produce indie christian films to further promote their own views, I highly doubt they’d give a fuck about this guy pushing his views.

      • Funimation doesn’t have a parent company. They used to be owned by a company called Navarre, but they bought themselves out and became independent again.

        What you’re referring to is, I believe, a side project Funimation’s president, Gen Fukunaga. To the best of my knowledge, EchoLight (the Christian production studio) and Funimation have no business connection aside from Fukunaga.

      • If I was the one running the company there’s no doubt I’d fire him… And whoever was in charge of checking the scripts, because they clearly did not do their job.
        Right to publish anime are not cheap enough to let inmature idiots pull stupid pranks with your money.

        • I like how my comment was downvoted for giving him a second chance. Why does everyone thing everyone needs to be fired immediately for one thing gone wrong? The same goes for that cop who posted the picture of Fuuka going “Aw shit, nigga!” and that was hilarious, but there was major backlash. Everyone who downvoted my evenhanded approach also wants that man fired and his record fucked over as a police officer because of that mistake too.

          You people need some perspective. Firing people for things is not something that should be the immediate first response.

        • The problem is that he is supporting the official narrative about GamerGaters being cis, male, white assholes harassing women when it’s a) about corruption in the media, especially video games and b) GamerGate have been fighting this false image ever since the official media created this official narrative because “Fuck you, WE are the media and WE decide what the masses have to think!” If he doesn’t know any better, he should leave shit like that out and if it was deliberate because he *knows* the truth and still pushes the wrong narrative then he’s an asshole and a liar.

        • Profit and loss in finding an editor and training them up is actually a worthwhile consideration if they’re not new on projects. Granted editors are a dime a dozen these days. But realistically they can get the voice actress to retake the line for the DVDs when she comes in for the next episode dub as well since it’s simulcast, so it’s not really as bad as it could be, thankfully. THey just need to recognize the backlash, have her re-record the lines for the previous episode on another session and they’ll be all set, then just make the announcement that it was unacceptable and will not happen again.

        • @ Anon 00:59

          Granted, it’s not just the “one line” that he’s responsible for. He also went and further agitated the crowd with his Twitter comment, which perpetuates the gross misconception that everyone in GamerGate is a rape sympathizer (ironically, the games media making such horrible generalizations about their own audience was part of the reason GamerGate got started in the first place, and after a whole year, SJWs are consistently failing to learn this). Though I can agree with you that such actions probably aren’t enough to warrant an immediate firing. Nevertheless, he was mostly responsible for this utter PR nightmare, so he should at the very least be kept on a close watch.

        • Jacky la Mort, is GG about “corruption in the media” or are they about being the opposition to SJWs? Beyond the Quinn scandal, what else have they been up to? It seems like Quinn was their big hit, and they’ve had nothing but fighting with anyone who looks like they oppose their hashtag.

        • “When you have a business with such a niche fanbase, pissing them off is a bad idea. And its a completely normal thing to fire someone over a potential profit loss for something stupid.”

          Who says the majority of anime fans are GG? You assume that this will have any effect on this anime dub whatsoever.

        • I can see how it happened, I wouldn’t fire them over it. Everyone wants everyone fired over one thing. If everyone did that, nobody with any skill would be left in any industry.

          The guy just needs to be told why it’s not allowed and they have to find out why he felt it was appropriate. He just needs some oversight on him so he does his job more appropriately and be done with it.

          He is correct, it is just one line, but it’s also correct that it is completely irrelevant and topical to something that didn’t need it and it was done to make people angry.

          So he needs to be watched and if he tries something unprofessional again, he then goes to the chopping block. It could have just as easily gone another direction to that demographic.

      • If the original quote referenced some Japanese only internet event, then GG would make sense. It just doesn’t though. It would be better if they jammed a cat meme in there or something. At least that’s less topical.

      • In the original she just gives him shit for the way he talks to her because she’s an upper classman. Pretty sure that would translate just fine in the dub and the gg shit wasn’t needed at all.

        • See, about that upperclassman thing, it doesn’t mean that much in the West. Especially when they’re just a year apart. Westerners might wonder why she gives him flak for that. Sometimes Japanese stuff won’t translate well like with Chocolove’s jokes in Shaman King, and GinTama’s numerous references to Japanese pop culture. Sometimes Japanese way of thinking infuriates me because it makes it so that some plots are totally unbelievable. In Kangoku Gakuen, why didn’t the boys just appeal to Assman(:D) in the first place. The story goes that they’re afraid their parents would find out. That “saving face” shit is what kept them in freaking prison for more than a month. Surely human rights violations are a bigger deal than peeping. Seriously, if being lewd is such a big deal then Meiko should’ve been reprimanded long ago.

          -I still love the series though. I just can’t stand Meiko. 🙂

    • The majority of anime watchers are also gamers, sword art online has got most of it’s success because of it.

      And substantial number of those would be gamergate supporters.

      If you then scold that group calling them “creeps” and “weirdos” without even know who they are, you just end up shooting yourself in your foot, which is what Funimation managed to do.

      • Also, Funimation didn’t “shoot themselves in the foot” Nothing will come of this. People are all pissed, but the numbers of people who will boycott the dub of Prison School will not be dramatic.

        This is how most “controversies” work. A lot of social media anger, then fizzle.

        • Again Vegeta is wrong.

          “In my case, I’ve read and heard more than enough to know that I want no part in GG”
          — YotaruVegeta

          I like how you say you want nothing to do with GG, but have posted the most out of anyone in this thread. You imply you’re well informed, but you don’t know about the FTC filings and subsequent ruling, the SPJ, or even the litigation on the false restraining/gag order ZQ put on EJ.

          You also don’t seem to care to inform yourself to these things as people have already mentioned the former two. It’s just a google away! How can we trust someone who stays willfully ignorant?

          So if you don’t care? Why are you here? It’s because you have a bone to pick somewhere. Trying to feign apathy doesn’t match up with the amount of discourse you’ve had in this thread compared to your usual activity level.

          And the sad part? Everyone sees through you, which is reflected by people down voting and disagreeing with you.

        • Pretty sure you’re wrong about this. They loved the SVU episode, which actually painted them as rapists. It’s probably more about the people writing the dub that the dubs themselves.

        • There shouldn’t be ANY reference to Gamergate because that’s not what the line said, the problem most people have with this is that they inserted it in there for no reason but their own.

        • No, Anonymous has written more posts than anyone in this thread. 😉

          Hey, I’ll admit: I’m all about this particular conversation. I still don’t actively keep up with GG. I’m interested because I looked at these comments, and people are all butthurt that someone dare say something negative about GG. If this was a negative line about SJWs or ridiculous Tumblr feminists, people here would jump for joy. I’m interested and amused by the hypocrisy lying beneath some of these comments.

          I read up on GG in the past, because it was unavoidable news for gamers at one point. I have been informed of all the drama that started this movement. I didn’t stay with it, because there’s a cloud of anti-women shit and general nastiness that doesn’t sit well with me.

  • anyone taking videogames seriously is either an hyper-offended transsexual “FUCK YOU STEVE, YOURE NOT MY REAL DAD” retard idiot loser or a “videogame journalist” who complains about ethics in videogame journalism.

    fuck all of these people. i genuinly miss the 90s when all i had to worry about was how to get home from school fast enough to be able to play my megamens or marios. not whether my micro-aggressions triggered a pan-sexual herbivore’s sense of justice and moralities. while playing a videogame.

    • The game industry happens to be worth $91.5 billion dollars. That is some pretty serious money.

      It matters when the “in crowd pulls dirty shit for personal profit, whilst screwing over consumers and other developers. That’s why GG exists. To complain about that shit happening.

      But you’re right in that people in general are too sensitive now, and they should fk off. Personally, I miss when games weren’t mainstream.

      • “When games weren’t mainstream” The 80s, then?

        Just my opinion, but I think GG exists because the anti-feminist circle jerk saw the uber-feminist circle jerk getting focus on those dumb gawker/Polygon type sites, and wanted the old jerk back.

  • Rewriting a line for a dated reference is stupid an unnecessary, but watching all the gamer gate babies shit themselves over this is way more entertaining than the show itself, so it balances out.

  • I can’t be bothered to read all of the comments, but suffice it to say:

    Anyone who is now “boycotting” Funimation over this is a fucking idiot. Who gives a single shit about this line or “Gamergate” in general?

    Here’s an idea: Stop being oversensitive bandwagoning faggots. It’s fucking anime.

  • Are we going to discuss the total lack of professionalism in the ARTICLE above? The only thing ham-fisted here was Sankaku’s injection of its inexcusable GamerGate sympathies into the story.

  • Successful troll is successful.
    Everyone got insulted because they lack the ability to think for themselves properly.

    Most people who are gamers will be insulted, because they think people think of them as something bad.

    Problem is, Gamers put a bad name on themselves for their online behaviour. If you are an ass as a gamer, why do wonder and feel insulted when people say gamers are creepy ? Why are you insulted as a gamer, when you insult people online ?


    • Can that pretentious bullshit. Seriously. Society is full of bad actors and that has shit to do with gaming specifically. Social media exacerbates this problem, and has fuck all to do with any specific group of people.
      Gamers didn’t “give themselves a bad name”, society at large decided gamers were a problem before any single gamer could state otherwise.

      • Gamers, or really, most new youth culture, have always been hated or at least seen as suspect by the adult/mainstream society.

        Gamers are used to being hated, ridiculed, and seen as lesser human beings by the rest of the society. That’s how it always was – but at least the game journalists used to be on our side. When Thompson and conservatives where in the mainstream media accusing games of causing school shootings, gaming media were calling him a moron and were laughing at the death threats he got.

        Then 5 years ago, the Jack Thompson talking points started coming from the progressive left,delivered by feminists in hipster glasses, instead of from some old mom or pastor from the conservative right – and gaming media went full SJW retard…

        5 years later, GG was a inevitable fact – because ultimately, no group of hobbyist will accept a situation where the hobby magazines and their journalists all hate their readers (and make sure that their readers knew this), while being filled with more political preaching than content about the actual hobby…

    • Trolling I guess is a part of growing up in the internet environment.
      But this guy is an adult, working for a large corporate company.

      There is no place for his personal little quips in his work, which due to the nature of the business is viewed by such a large audience.
      It’s dumb and unprofessional.

      And above all else, if I’m watching animation, I’m watching it for the animation. Not to catch some little digs some cunt put in on a personal vendetta.

    • It’s one thing to troll, it’s another thing to do your job properly. His job is translating anime. He didn’t do it properly and instead used it to troll/political agenda. He should be fired.

    • Anyone who cares about accurate translations should feel insulted, regardless of how you feel about Gamergate. The translation was just making shit up by inserting that in there, since that’s not what the original line said. If I were the author I’d be pissed too, how would you like it if the translators/editors started inserting political BS into the story you wrote? The issue doesn’t really have to do with Gamergate, but with poor localization.

    • you don’t change something by keeping your mouth shut, you make change by proving your point and discredit the other person.

      if we don’t say something it would just mean and party could come in and foul mouth a community just cause they don’t share your believes and this kinda shows the scriptwriter throwing his own political view into the anime.

      • Exactly. It’s bullshit that people are saying “oh, you’re over-sensitive for complaining!” or some shit.

        No, they’re over-sensitive for getting upset that there are valid complaints that need to be addressed.

  • lmao, of course a bunch of basement dwelling weebs are angry about this remark. Probably why they support such a stupid movement to begin with. Meanwhile, they’ll continue to pretend they’re not part of a hate group masquerading as some sort of noble bullshit. “It’s about ethics!” they’ll cry out, not realizing the irony that they’re basically on par with the KKK, except for women instead of blacks. Then they’ll all wonder why they’re alone even though they’re a ‘nice guy’ while they go dox and threaten people who have different opinions than they do.

    • The internet has long shown impatience with charlatans or posers, and is quick to act against bad actors like that. Yet this time, when the bad actor happened to be a few women, suddenly it’s “misogyny” or a “hate group”. If Quinn or Sarkeesian were men, I honestly think their treatment would have been far worse; and not only that, their masculinity would have prevented them from pulling the “I’m a victim” nonsense that they use constantly to deflect criticism.
      On the subject at hand though, it takes real nerve to be writing for a show like Prison School and think one has high enough “moral” ground to be forcefully inserting jabs at groups one percieves to be “sexist” lol.

      • She’s accusing him of being part of something disgusting (aka Gamergate) hence why he must be locked away in prison. If you replaced Gamergate with something equally disgusting (being part of the KKK, a neo-nazi, etc) the joke would still be appropriate, yes. You can’t just say, “How would you feel if they slammed dentists or germans?!” because neither one of those are an inherently abhorrent organization built around the systematic hatred of a minority group.

        Slamming GG is 100% appropriate in the context of the scene and is not ‘unprofessional’ by any stretch of the imagination. The only reason people are claiming such nonsense is because delusional GG idiots don’t want to believe they’re actually part of a hate group. “Us?! No! It’s everyone else who is the problem!” Lol, okay red pill MRA sociopaths. Keep telling yourselves that. Meanwhile, the rest of the modern world will keep making jokes at your expense and pointing out what a bunch of douche canoes y’all really are.

        A+ job Funimation. Please promote whoever localized this script.

        • You can tell the anti-GG comments don’t look anything up, because they don’t even realize that the Prison School dub replaces the original dialogue with something completely irrelevant.

          That’s why they’re so easily manipulated by the mainstream media’s blatant lies. They don’t look anything up. Ever. Gullible as shit.

        • Your bible-sized bigoted tirade was so long I decided to write a new testament in your honor.

          Look at this anti-gamergate child abuse enabler as he tries to project his latent racism, sexism, and violence onto gamers, the most socially oppressed group of our time.

          The media at large has been shitting all over gamers since the 80’s and this person thinks that he can score cleverness brownie points by sticking to status quo stereotypes, but he doesn’t realize that parroting media talking points just makes him look like the small minded individual he is.

          Meanwhile in the real world, he sits in his mom’s basement, being angry that the misogynists that support GG having healthy relationships, asking himself Why can’t I find a girl? I’m saying all the right things? Mommy says if I play Le Chevalier Blanc girls will like me.

          My answer, it’s probably because you haven’t taken a bath in quite a while, and that you’re an insufferable cunt.

          and N

        • “gamers, the most socially oppressed group of our time.”

          WOW. You all are serious with this BS? I’m a fucking gamer. I couldn’t feel more awesome being a gamer. I buy my games, I go into online communities and talk with folk, I have fun, and I goof on the games that suck.

          “oppressed” You don’t know oppression if you think words on a computer screen are your chains.

    • The best part about this statement is that it’s probably made by a white neck-bearded basement dweller, who thinks his only chance of getting laid is to try to make other men less sexually attractive than his corpulent self. Here’s a tip. Take showers and try Deodorant.

      • Oooooh, are we making ad hominem attacks now?! I can do that too!

        “The best part about this statement is that it was probably made by an overweight ‘nice guy’ virgin, who thinks the only reason he can’t get laid is because women are a bunch of bitches who don’t realize what a great catch he really is, so his only hope is to adhere to a bunch or ridiculous red pill logic because making women believe they’re lesser human beings is his key to success. Here’s a tip. Try not being a horrible human being to other people.”

        • Wow You are so smart! Did you look up ad hominem all by your widdle self on Wikipedia? If you had taken a critical thinking course you might be able to identify the OP’s argument as the “Poisoning the Well” fallacy which is a sub-form of argumentum ad hominem.

        • Grats on only being able to read the first line of the Wikipedia article. You have now received an F in critical thinking.

          “Poisoning the Well” is a sub-type of ad hominem where, rather than outright attacks on a person or group, the attack is subtle and tries to get the listeners to distrust the person or group being attacked. They have been, effectively, “poisoned.”

          An example of this that is often used by both creationists but much more so by the Intelligent Design proponents is calling pretty much anyone who disagrees with them a “Darwinist,” “Evolutionist,” or even “Evilutionist.” In other words, without addressing any of the claims themselves, they have already biased their audience against those people by giving them a seemingly unfavorable characteristic.”

          OP is using fundamentalist Christian tactics. OH THE IRONY

        • The irony is the third poster doesn’t understand the first poster was using Ad Hominem himself, and the second poster was merely doing what the third poster was doing without being super obvious.

          Pretty sure 1st and 3rd poster are retarded hypocrites. That is an insult, not an Ad Hominem.

        • Difference being, OP was making a statement about GG as a whole and what a disgusting shitfest of a movement it is. The person who replied to OP was simply attacking them, as an individual, irrespective of the discussion at hand. You’re delusional if you think they’re basically the same argument rephrased. So, congrats. You’re as stupid as the movement you support.

    • As someone who went to the SPJ AirPlay event that had gotten multiple bomb threats from people who believe the same thing like you, I find this paragraph to be cute. A year in, with multiple changes brought on by the FTC and the corrupt sites themselves, and you still drink the kool-aid.

      Can’t be bothered to look into things yourself, can you? Go back to Kotaku, you braindead consumer.

      • Because most people still rely on the mainstream media for their “news”, they’ve no idea that Gamergate has accomplished so much.

        One of the reasons the mainstream is trying to suppress that information is they don’t want more people realizing that if they complain enough about corruption, they can help prevent it.

        They want more stupid people doing nothing, so they can get away with it more easily. And it works, because there are a lot of stupid people out there.

    • Why are you protecting pedophiles and people that believe that we bombed the morality out of the japanese people?

      How do you avoid cognitive dissonance crying misogyny for poor helpless women whilst on a “dem animu tittays” site?

      Also, how can you be so bigoted? Did you go to a special school for that?

      • To explain the bombing Japan reference:
        If I recall correctly, mainstream media’s saint Anita Sarkeesian made such a comment a while back.

        So, according to the mainstream media, it’s okay to justify bombing innocent civilian populations if you’re an American female citizen jumping to conclusions over “tropes”. Because morals.

  • If Gamergate is being sensitive, after all the crap that was said and done in their name, I will laugh at them until I run out of breath.

    I think the only line I opposed is the “Arthur Fonzerelli” line. Nobody under the age of 30 gets that.

    • I’m not from around here, I do not like this site very much, but was linked to it. I see your name a lot in this threads comments with the same negative outlook on gamergate. It’s a little pathetic you’re trying so hard. It sounds like you’re the odd man out here.

      Good luck and take care, you definitely seem to be overly invested against something that doesn’t seem that important. Maybe step back and have a deep breath, go for a walk.

      • “Trying so hard” to do what, exactly?

        Because more people disagree with me than agree, I must lie down? Because you’re in the minority in one room of people doesn’t mean the majority in the room are right. It’s two opposing viewpoints, not one group saying 2+2=4 and the other one saying it equals 5.

    • I don’t see the problem. People are just hating to hate. If writers didn’t change some stuff, all we’d get is stuff like Resident Evil 1 dialogue. Japanese and English have different speech patterns.

    • ‘Said and done in their name’? LMFAO. Get the fuck out if you know shit and still say such things.

      Also, it’s more because the line ‘translated’ is a farcry from what it is ‘translated’ into.

      • All I know is that this guy is probably friends with or is in-fact a pedophile, because if GG is guilty of what the media says it is, then Anti-GG is a haven for child molesters, pedophiles and rape apologists, many of who have admitted their crimes ON THE RECORD. E.G Sarah Nyberg, Arthur Chu, Chris Kluwe

    • You’re mixing things up.

      It’s not “political correctness” to be upset at a translator intentionally overwriting dialogue with his own personal opinion.

      He’s not doing the damn job people are paying him for.
      That is something worthy of valid complaint.

      Imagine if a delivery service fails to deliver your package. You call and ask what’s up. They tell you, “stop being so PC”. Doesn’t work that way, does it?

    • it also distorts what gamergate was all about.

      cause gamergate has nothing to do with that situation or that scene that is playing. femenist hijack gamergate and made it into a misogynistic excuse against men, while in actually Gamergate was about integrity off game journalism and bias opinions off blogs and game news website.

      femenist just hijiacked it cause off Zoe quinn got a lot off hate for possibly banging a kotaku reporter to get her own game good ratings.

      • But it wasn’t for good ratings since Kotaku doesn’t rate anything. They just give positive or negative coverage based on their own opinions instead of actual facts. In this case it was good coverage and after those couple of articles were written they started a relationship while she still was with another guy.

        But seriously, Kotaku’s bad journalism it’s why Yu Suzuki is struggling for fan support and not receiving enough fund for Shenmue 3. They wrote a misinformed piece trying to expose the shady relation between this project and Sony and after that many removed their donations while others that were willing to to donate didn’t.

    • I saw only one as i am not surveiling them.. but omg he had such a creep face expression and kinda rushed away when i was looking at it too. He must have mistaken me as a same creepfacer because he said something to me 1 sec before fleeing.

      • I just clicked the link and it seems like he got a lot of the hate tweets on the 30th. Its definitely a right for us, Americans, to express our rights, but I imagine that must make life more difficult. Oh well, back to surfing the web to pass time in the waiting room.

        • Nah its not trying to inimidate with possibilities to gun your ass down or to force the very permanent existence of guns down someones throat . No its expressing rights. Just watch the next idealistic shotdown with red cars , hartz 4 and mexicans