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  • Jesus fucking Christ i would rather have them show Doll Anatomy all the fucking time, until the Uncut BDs get ripped and put on the Internet.
    We all know from Kill la Kill that using Doll Anatomy is the best way to censor it.. spares us the fucking Ray Beams.

      • @10:06
        I SAID nipples and panty-shots isn’t a big deal as long as they don’t cross the line, when did I specifically mention that they don’t care? And Of course America TV won’t allow nudity but violence or killing is acceptable, double standards much? Note that the west (not just the U.S but also EU) has their own guidelines on sensitive materials shown on all forms of media, Japan is just following this regulation, what do you think think would happen if they don’t comply with regulation, risk having their products recalled?

        And not every company uses “light beams” as innovative censoring, but guess you’d prefer they butcher inappropriate scenes (on the U.S side) like they did back in the days, huh? Oh wait, this practice is STILL prevalent to this day.

        You talk about American TV as a whole but is fast to exclude 4kids’ shows as if they aren’t part of “American TV”, what you’re saying doesn’t seem logical as well. Your statement about Yu-Gi-Oh tells me that you don’t care about it but true fans of this show and it’s franchise certainly does not think of the case as small potatoes, because I can use the same phrase on To-love-ru Darkness since I deemed this as trivia ranting from people on this site demanding everything to be uncensored.

        You obviously have never released anything of your own for sales, having your products pirated and distributed at very low prices or provided as free download is never a good thing, thus they announce about when the next version is coming out. Skip TV and put it right on disc, tell that to film-maker as well, they should not show their works on movie theaters but directly put it right on disc, yeah right. As I’ve said before, the Anime industry is a form of business. You don’t like censored stuffs, then buy the BD version since you should be able to afford them if you are an adult, nobody is forcing you to purchase the censored version. Period.

      • I won’t bash you for your ignorant and instead will tell you nicely that not everyone is comfortable with seeing nudity whether in real life or in their Anime. This is when choices come in handy, settle for “censored” version or spend more on the other version. Note that this is also to ensure that young kids doesn’t get their hands on BDs easily since they are more expensive. Your comment holds true for audiences who are either working or old enough to take responsibilities for their own actions.

        Don’t get me wrong, I’m just sick of people who b*tch about nudity like a kid when they were the one watching the said content themselves in the first place. Anime companies is offering alternatives to fans who likes to see nipples and such but people is fast to think negatively about this tactic. I remember back when before BD were introduced, people also b*tch about why certain series didn’t have nudity but will readily lumps all Anime as “hentai” based on a couple of ecchi series.

        While it is true profits is the priority but isn’t this the case as with all businesses? I’d bet many people here think of Anime or even Manga as “freeware” when in fact it is not, they are making a living out of it. But ignorance is bliss it seems…

        • I said people OUGHT TO boycott the censored version, dingbat. Obviously they’re not, because this is still on the air. Please think about what you’re saying before you post it, your sentences do not connect logically to each other. You’re undercutting your own point by saying Japan doesn’t care about nipples when they’re censoring the living hell out of this. Obviously you’re not going to see something like this on American TV, but an American company also wouldn’t be stupid enough to try to do it anyway and just cover everything up with light beams. They’d PUT IT RIGHT ON DISC and let people buy it that way.

          Comparing this to Yu-Gi-Oh is a false comparison. Don’t take this as an endorsement of 4Kids, but what they’ve done to Yu-Gi-Oh is small potatoes compared to this. The manga of To-Love-Ru is borderline hentai. The mangaka has even slipped uncensored pussy shots into it. If you are watching the anime adaptation of To-Love-Ru expecting anything other than T&A, you are out of your mind. Ergo, it is a waste of time to watch it censored. Which is why people ought to not waste their time watching it censored; if the goal is to sell discs then skip TV and put it right on disc so we don’t have to sit around another three months waiting for the uncensored version.

        • I never implied the kids is from Japan, I’m talking about America’s side with the double standards. They allow sick stuffs like violence and killing to bypass censorship but hits the roof over some mild nudity like showing of nipples. Panty-shots and nipples isn’t a big deal in Japan if you don’t cross the line, just never ever show genitals uncensored on TV or other medias. And no one is pointing a gun to your head forcing you to watch those ecchi shows like Girls Bravo but nevertheless, you still get complains about nudity on Anime by people who deemed them as cartoons and calling them Hentai even though it is just ecchi.

          I find it amusing that the Japanese counterparts is always blamed for censoring things when the really skeptical ones is America’s censorship board. They dumb down many shows meant for teenagers into kiddy shows. If you are a Yu-Gi-Oh trading cards fan, you’d know what I’m talking about.

          As I’ve stated before, not everyone is comfortable with seeing nudity, does this means they ought to give up on the shows they like? Can you support your claim that “people just refuse to watch the censored version” with some proof? If you are only referring to people on this site, naturally they will rage over it, I mean come on, you know why you’re here in the first place.

          While the Anime and Manga industries is affiliated with each other, however, only top-notch Mangaka earns big money from the royalty of books or it’s merchandises. Many lesser known Mangaka barely earn enough for their living expenses. If you think anyone can make it big by writing novel or Manga then please try to write a book of your own. How many times have I seen people b*tch about Anime advertising for the Manga or Manga doing it for the novels, you want Anime to be faithful to the sources but does everyone read Manga, no?

          You’d become bankrupt easily with that mindset of yours since you want to cater to old-time or loyal fans only, as if you are the only generation that watch or read Anime/Manga.

        • What planet are you on, social justice warrior? This show airs at 2 in the morning Japan time. Not a lot of kids up then. Furthermore, To Love Ru has been a T&A show from the beginning. Anyone who claims to watch it for any other reason is lying.

          Also, 20 or 30 years ago there was nudity and pantyshots on ALL KINDS of anime, on broadcast TV. Even in more kiddy shows like Doraemon. This type of censorship did not start until around 10 years ago; Girls Bravo is the one I remember starting it. There is no motive, none, other than to increase DVD/BD sales.

          What ought to happen is people just refuse to watch the censored version. Show it like the manga or don’t put the show on, if you want to sell discs so bad just release it on disc and don’t waste our time and insult our intelligence with censorship that covers 3/4 of the screen at times. This is FAR beyond what Japanese law requires.

    • If you wish for a series to end, it means you no longer cares about it. In this case you either stick it out or move on to another series. But let me tell you that there are true fans that wishes this series drag on as long as possible, to each their own as they say.

    • If America were to make changes to the gun laws to set a good example, I think many countries would do the same to their own defunct laws as well. Why I brought up America, which country do you think self-proclaimed to be the world’s police? Bad or silly laws is scattered throughout the world, I’m surprised you chose to bash Japan of all countries, I mean, even America has stupid laws (in various states) to this day but yeah, since it’s America, there is no problem (continue to live in a bubble).

      Nobody cares that this (old) censorship law of Japan is introduced by the world’s police. :/

      • That isn’t what he meant at all. Censoring anime for public TV is one thing, and is totally understandable since young people are able to have free and easy access to it, but full on censorship is another beast entirely. It is illegal to show genitalia in Japan, they have to be censored. Pubic hair is also illegal to show, that is why you will see a lot of anime that show the bare naked mounds of women, but never pubic hair despite the prevalence of it in real-world Japanese culture.

        The only way you will ever find legal pornography, be it 3D or 2D that is both uncensored and came from Japan is if it is not actually SOLD in Japan. Legally, they can produce uncensored content and sell it in foreign markets, it just cannot be sold in their own country. Since the hentai market isn’t anywhere near as popular anywhere else in the world as it is in Japan, that isn’t a very good money-making strategy for them, so it is rarely done.

        • Yeah, i do know about the law to censor genitals. When i said uncensored, i meant the “optional censoring”, those unholy rays of light and flipping steam that makes you go limp. I’m not really sure but i think most of those animes that “sell nipples” start airing on a time slot that you could show stuff like that, after midnight and before dawn. And most animes are on paid channels, so, it’s only a guess, but i do believe that they could air those bouncy bewbs.

      • I seriously don’t know what’s worse: That the production company shamelessly resorts to this ham-handed cockblocking with beams of light that defy any logical explanation, or that the ratings are obviously still high enough that they can keep getting away with it.