Charlotte “Not As Good As Angel Beats!”




The rather rushed ending of superpower anime Charlotte has delivered a non-stop thrill ride of action and drama as the misfortune protagonist goes through with his torturous plan, all somehow managing to fit within a single episode, though it already seems the show will be held lacking in comparison to other legendary Key titles however…





































































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  • The concept for this anime wasn’t bad but realization is lacking something. I enjoyed the first two episodes but then it started to get boring and i had that feeling to the final episode. I don’t feel much passion for female characters either, especially Tonari, her attitude toward the main character just makes me sick. She doesn’t show any kind of positive emotion to him until the very end. The only decent female character is probably the sister of MC. I don’t know what’s the problem with this anime and i honestly don’t care. I was excited at first but after watching final episode i would give it 6\10. Even some kind of Marvel anime adaptation could be better than this.

  • Before show starts:

    This is gonna be the best show, Angel Beat is shit! Look at the ending and all that.

    During the show airing:
    Wtf is this? It’s like Angel Beat all over again!

    After show finishes:
    Angel Beat is GOD. This show is garbage.

  • People are mistaking RUSHED with PACKED WITH LOTS OF INFORMATION….

    I didn’t view MOST of this episode as rushed, the very very very ending of it was ‘rushed’ a bit, but overall was a nice episode. Loved it.

  • Far better then Angel Beats is a stretch. Saving Ayumi and the end of Episode 13 we’re the flaws with this Anime. They wasted 8 episodes around Ayumi and practically erased her from it, she was meaningless after she was revived. They should have just kept her dead, or even save her during the last episode, that would have been better.

    Then the ending scene with Nao.

    “Who are you?” Jeeze are you kidding me? You’re giving me that typical cliched shit? The note cards were a huge part of keeping Yuu stable, at least he could have had the last card say something like “Don’t forget me” which could have jogged his memory a little bit and actually remember Tomori, but no, we get shit.

    • You’re on the money, her indifference to him right until the very end was disgusting. She didn’t seem surprised or affected at all by him forgetting, and nonchalantly acts like giving him some ass now will make up for her not being there or doing anything. Having his memories jog back, at least of her would have given it … something.

      The other thing is that most of the series circles around his sisters death and her brothers insanity, both of whom disappear from the series the moment that they are saved/rescued. There didn’t seem to be a point to any of it other than the main character got shit on over and over right until the end. Then he finally finds her when his mission is over and she takes a nice steamer right in front of him. Hows that for a fuck you.

  • Yes, we all get it. Charlotte wasn’t as good as Clannad and its afterstory

    Angel Beats wasn’t as good as Clannad and its afterstory (Glad I wasn’t the only one who didn’t find Angel Beats to be all that)

    Nothing Jun makes will be a classic like Clannad and its afterstory, now shut up. If it was good, just leave it at that. No point in complaining about how its not as good as the other works.

    I ain’t going to compare it to other works either, whether it was better or not.

    If there’s something scientific you don’t understand, that’s because this is not a science show, this is an anime. And anime is about telling stories, not trying to understand every single thing about science.

  • Angel Beats was fairly good its last plot twist saved it at the last minute, but Charlotte was a good show from the beginning.

    And Charlotte didn’t rush anything, eps. 11 and 12 were the end of the story itself, because the Yuu resolved the main plot with his friends, siblings and allies, this is an afterstory.

  • the neo scene was lame

    the ending, was meh considering its a key anime

    anime was good but slacked off a couple of times…

    intro was great..

    would say it was a good anime until right before he met his brother

    • This show had so much potential to explore some deeper more complex themes. It really went downhill after the whole time leap thing. Saving Ayu was great, but the follow up was pretty bad.

      Lack of additional episodes, maybe PA Works/Key/Maeda ran out of budget, I don’t know but, but the writing was pretty lack luster and obviously rushed.

      They introduced too many characters and gave no motive or background, and it seemed like things happened and characters acted a certain way just for plot progression because they were running out of time.

      A more complex developed story involving additional time leaps, alternate timelines, the butterfly effect, additional occurrences with the comet Charlotte, more growth and character development between Tomori and Yuu, giving the brown terrorist loli some background, china loli and her power of courage? Any one of these things expanded upon would’ve made for a better show as a whole.

      I understand that Yuu pretty much lost his mind collecting powers, but a more thought out process and the degeneration of the human mind should not have been compressed in a single episode.

      Also, a more fitting end would’ve been if Yuu had ended up dying, but its Key and Maeda, so bittersweet end it is -_-

      • :They introduced too many characters and gave no motive or background, and it seemed like things happened and characters acted a certain way just for plot progression because they were running out of time.”

        That’s a Japanese thing. 90% of anime and games from Japan have this sort of thing. It’s a sine qua non of anime.

        • @06:51
          That’s generalization on your part, 90% of anime and games from Japan have this sort of thing?? Can you back this statistic up with some charts or maybe links? You think the theme songs and Original Soundtrack doesn’t require any budget as well? In case you think songs and music is negligible, let me tell you that there are many unkind remarks about using music instead of song for the opening and closing credits on various sites associated with Anime. I see, Seiyuu is free for hires huh?

          With people like you writing negative “reviews” before and after a series is released, how do you think potential sponsors would react if they happens to chance upon such comments, will you continue to sponsor future series if you were one of the sponsor yourself? (assuming you had the money) Must be easy leeching on free stuffs without forking out a single cent it seems.

  • you can say that again. this episode obviously rushed the plot progression and finishes it off with very lame ending. so many plot expansion potential with the student council/the organization but they threw them down the drain, kill kumagami for the sake of plot progression and feed us with this crap ending. tbh the story’s only good until the part where he travel back in time to save ayumi. afterwards the story is a rushed, jumbled clusterfuck with plot holes gaping wider than a hooker’s crotch

    the only saving grace is the plotholes arent as large as angel beats

    • Angel Beats wasn’t exactly very good though. Tons of characters that served no purpose because the anime didn’t have time for them. Some didn’t even have a voice actor (no lines…). Cheap drama plots that were introduced and resolved in the same episode in exactly the same way every time. Disregarding its own setting by just ignoring the rules in the last episode.
      Seriously, Angel Beats lived from its music and the first five episodes, which were good because the students actually had a goal (and an enemy) instead of just being emo. Story was terrible.

      • Wow, someone that doesn’t think Angel Beats was a consummate masterpiece. I found Angle Beats rather boring and could only give it 5 episodes. Charlotte I watched to the end and thought the story was rapped up rather nicely. It wasn’t drawn out and it finish concisely while still leaving an opening as to what life is like afterwards.

  • Angel Beats:
    – Villain out of nowhere with no context”, shitty conclusion with no message, felt very much “we’re giving out this guy because oh shit we’re already on ep11 and we wasted too much time on slapstick comedies that is only half funny”.
    – All supporting cast ascended without having any of their characters expanded, leaving most of them to simply as one dimensional carriers for slapstick comedy.
    – Very rushed romantic subplot for Hinata and Yui that also felt thrown out at your face from nowhere.

    – Saving Ayumi arc, scientist facility arcs, terrorist arcs and this ability stealing arc all are way too rushed with half assed or no conclusion at all.
    – Yuu and Tomori’s relationship largely skimmed over, not saying it’s out of nowhere being thrown in your face like Hinata and Yui, but still largely unsatisfactory.
    – Takajo and Yusa once again served as little more than comedy carriers for meh jokes.
    – Similarly, the rest of the recurring cast has very little to no impact and only served to jump start certain arcs before becoming irrelevant(yandere girl for saving Ayumi arc, Shunsuke for facility, terrorist and ability steal arc, which he ended up sitting out entirely on all of them).
    – Totally skimmed over Yuu’s identity crisis in this episode, felt like he’s just being stoned more than actually losing his mind.
    – Convenient crossboy guy who could injure Yuu when he had showned to be capable of taking on RPGs, this implies that any dimwit with a sniper rifle or simply enough common sense to ambush him with any gun could have taken him out ages ago.
    – Convenient as amnesia for the sake of the little “I forgot you” moment when it could actually been better if Tomori is the only thing he could remember.
    – Using A-lister seiyuus for one-off characters we were never meant to care for nor remember.

    Both sucked, not gonna say which is better, but both sucked, and not only because of their time constraints, Little Busters weren’t even all that well done and laid out either even with it’s 39 episodes.

  • huh? Angel Beat was okay but i think it was the shittiest one from Jun Maeda.
    Charlotte is up their with Air and Clannad for me. It’s 1st tier for me.
    2nd tier would be kanon, little buster and 3rd tier is angel beat.
    I guess to each their own.