Top 20 Fighting Game Franchises


Japanese gamers, both the originators and long the primary consumers of the fighting game, have held forth on which of these massive mega-franchises they love the most, with even relatively obscure titles managing to do surprisingly well in the face of the giants…

The ranking:

1. The Street Fighter series

2. The Tekken series

3. The Virtua Fighter series

4. The King of Fighters series

5. The Jojo series

6. The Dark Stalkers series

7. The Fatal Fury series

8. The Dead or Alive series

9. The World Heroes series

10. The Psychic Force series

11. the Guilty Gear series

12. The Arcana Heart series

13. The Capcom vs. SNK series

14. The Rival Schools series

15. The Marvel vs. Capcom series

16. The Blazblue series

17. The Soul Calibur series

18. The Last Blade series

19. The Power Instinct series

20. The Melty Blood series

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