StarGuardian Lux-Cosplay-by-LisaLisa-1

Competitive online game League of Legends has received another entry into its already gargantuan cosplay world, as the lusty LisaLisa unleashes her magical nature by dressing up as the “Star Guardian” skin for the bubbly blonde Lux – bound to cause confusion amongst onlookers who may mistake the girl for a different mahou shoujo…

StarGuardian Lux-Cosplay-by-LisaLisa-1

StarGuardian Lux-Cosplay-by-LisaLisa-2

StarGuardian Lux-Cosplay-by-LisaLisa-3

StarGuardian Lux-Cosplay-by-LisaLisa-4

StarGuardian Lux-Cosplay-by-LisaLisa-5

StarGuardian Lux-Cosplay-by-LisaLisa-6

StarGuardian Lux-Cosplay-by-LisaLisa-7

StarGuardian Lux-Cosplay-by-LisaLisa-8

StarGuardian Lux-Cosplay-by-LisaLisa-9

StarGuardian Lux-Cosplay-by-LisaLisa-10

StarGuardian Lux-Cosplay-by-LisaLisa-11


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