ME!ME!ME! Director’s “Girl” Quite Provocative




The Japan Animator Expo’s latest animated short “Girl” has been garnering much attention online, partly for its plethora of sensuous visuals but also for the wealth of intrigue and hidden meanings present – an unsurprising combination due to being produced by none other than ME!ME!ME! director Hibiki Yoshizaki.

The rather sexy animation, featuring the equally sexy voice of Daoko:



































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  • what if the blue haired girl was the boy from mememe”s original girlfriend or secret admirer. in mememe he is tortured by the girl hes with at the end of this video and he is also attacked by an army of blue haired girls that look like the girl from this video. from his point of view he had two women fighting for his brain and he gets torn apart by both, from her point of view she gets her heart broken because shes in her own little world and the guy she likes falls for someone else (who also breaks his heart in turn)

    • Obviously no. There’s ecstasy when your imagination runs wild and you think of it as you’d imagine it.

      Well, that isn’t clear even for me. Point is, lingerie. It looks good when worn, a piece of cloth when isn’t.

  • This is about a boy who wishes to become a dictator. He wished to destroy serial killers, but his mother, who is shown throughout the video, wouldn’t allow him. He dreamed of madness and cream because his mother wouldn’t allow him. Society begot him, but he continues to breathe. He is shackled in chains and reaches for his heart. He found his true meaning and feels as though the world around him is nothing but a playground. However, reality sets in and it turns out he was just a guy who wanted to smash random works together for a music video. Oh, and there’s a hot girl here too, so he decided implicate implied symbolisms in a convoluted video akin to LSD to show off a girl in love getting heart broken. Oh, and at the end the viewer, you, a guy, you, comes in to whiteknight her. She’s also fat irl.

  • Samishii Kamisama (さみしいかみさま)

    触れたら崩壊 仮想の世界
    ずっと待ってた 身体甘くして


    ねえ きみの生まれた世界は
    甘い 辛い しょっぱい 苦い
    それとも 酸っぱいの?
    影 嘘くさいな

    ぐるぐるぐるぐる まわる
    甘い 淡い 痛い 溢れる

    触れたら崩壊 仮想の世界
    ずっと待ってた 身体甘くして

    触れたら崩壊 妄想の果て
    何か感じて 本当のアタシを

    触れたら崩壊 妄想の果て

    I 愛 I 愛 I 愛 しりたい
    I 愛 I 愛 I 愛 あいして
    I 愛 I 愛 I 愛 アイがなくちゃ

    • English translation
      Lonely God

      When you touch it, it crumbles. Imaginary world.
      No matter how many times I remake it
      I’ve been waiting so long, body alluring
      From the dark side of the moon

      Lonely God
      Are you talking to me?
      I’m not lonely
      I don’t think I’m lonely

      Hey, the world you were born into,
      Your flavor that you overdo,
      Sweet, spicy, salty, bitter
      Or maybe, sour?
      How much affection
      Are you turning toward the world?
      Silhouettes, seeming false
      Like at a Masquerade Ball

      Turning round and round and round and round
      Opening up soon, soon, soon, soon
      From the slightly gaping hole
      Sweet, faint, painful, overflows

      When you touch it, it crumbles. Imaginary world.
      No matter how many times I remake it
      I’ve been waiting so long, body alluring
      From the dark side of the moon

      When you touch it, it crumbles. Imaginary world.
      No matter how many times I remake it
      Here, look, touch it
      I can feel something, like the real me

      When you touch it, it crumbles. Imaginary world.
      No matter how many times I remake it
      The instant it’s touched it collapses to nothing
      The me within myself

      I (Love) I (Love) I (Love) want to know
      I (Love) I (Love) I (Love) love
      I (Love) I (Love) I (Love) Without love,
      This world will fall to ruin

      Taken from

  • This time the imaginary girl of mememe is protagonist, and the bg setting is opposite of reality. In the end the imaginary girl unaccept the fact of the male has a GF, but finally she still meet the imaginary side prince, maybe a happy end?

    • Well, the Me!Me!Me! Was about the guy and his troubles as an otaku. This one is a girl’s point of view; their troubles. The kind of girls that loved watching magical girls but seems to see the world in a cynical way. Seeing the other girl with the MC of MMM, she felt great jealousy. It doesn’t matter what kind of jealousy, because the other girl’s entire being is worth being jealous over. The other girl has everything she doesn’t. Knowing her from Me!Me!Me!, she’s a normal person who isn’t into that sort of thing. Though it seems in the end the girl finds happiness with whoever is the viewer in the end. You, me, whoever watched it to the end. Because most likely, you fell for her.

      Now, this is just my interpretation. I’m still not sure what turning girls into flower apples meant, but I do know she breaks guys’ hearts from what she does to the guys.

      • Unless you never looked at the lyrics, it is NOT at all about Shuu being an otaku, it is about his ex-girlfriend Hana leaving him to become the idol Meme-chan, in his memories she is Hana-chan as it is stated in the lyrics that his memories are lies caused by nostalgia, they are better than reality was while she actually was a bitch to begin with (that’s why there is a switch in the lyrics from nice to insulting). If you look at the concept art of “Girl”, you will notice that it originally should feature both Hana and Meme-chan as one person but was changed later as it would make her split personality more confusing, hence why Meme-chan is named Kami (god/spirit) this time and the whole lyrics are about the fantasy world in Hana’s brain, that she is not as loved by everyone as she wanted and that she is jealous of/wants to kill everyone more loved than her which is why she wanted to become the most loved person in the world as idol.

        • Holy shit you blew my previous thoughts on these two anime’s away. I waas close, but I didn’t realize the part about her wanting to become and idol. I caught on to her being shitty to him when I noticed she kept changing into that evil looking version of her. It totally makes sense now!

  • dem… if mememe is about “the strugel of a boy real life vs otaku life” , now this new vid is bout the girl point of view about the shojo manga love world vs the real life. Then when she fell that there are no more true love…………until there are still true love……….and we have to wait part 3 of the conclusion of both vid….

    • You’re somewhat on track, what I took from the video (though moreso from the lyrics) was about a girl who just wants to feel and experience real love, and struggles with her loneliness because of how unfulfilled she feels being unable to experience that feeling for herself.

      Having said that, I absolutely love the two songs featured in this video, Daoko is an amazing artist, and listening to her non-Studio Khara stuff you can tell that the lyrics are beautifully written. I think I’ve found a new artist to throw into my phone’s music shuffle.

  • So, do I understand the story of this video correctly:

    A girl wants love and a big dick up her ass, but can’t find any. Then, in the end, some random dude just stumbles upon her while she lies naked, and she’s like “OMG, yes, I’m gonna have sex now”.

    Is it not?