Kantai Collection’s Fall Commences


Kanmusu-recruiting browser game Kantai Collection has deftly introduced more festive content for the imminent fall season after the success of its summer line up, dressing up the fleet in beautifully designed yukata that may at least cause their foes to hesitate in destroying such elegance.

Some of the game’s numerous kanmusu, clad in their seasonal yukata finery:



















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    • It’s a management sim where you equip and train your girls and set up the correct composition to clear tasks.

      As the battles are completely automated the game is heavily RNG influenced, but nowhere near what people claim. For example gaining air superiority allows your ships to take advantage of recon planes for artillery spotting which massively increases your fleets damage. And bringing searchlights and flares increase your chance of devastating torpedo strikes in night battles.

      Basically the game is about utilising the games mechanics to give yourself the largest chance at victory to get new shipgrils.

    • There are lots of gameplay, though different from what you would expect.

      The gameplay is much like playing a turn-base strategy game. You send a unit into combat, you watch the animation and a result ensues.. there is no direct player interaction in between. In Kancolle, you pick your fleet combination of 6 ships and a formation, which will (largely) affect the outcome of the fight.

      And then there is a big xp-grind factor to the game, much like Disgaea. You grind ships to increase their level, which will increase their stats. If you enjoy xp grind, then you’ll love this game lol.

    • Basically you get ships (you build them and the RNG affects what you get based on the amount of materials you use) and you send them on sorties to fight enemy fleets. You can get more ships via sorties as well.

      You’re sent on a map that has several nodes and once you reach one you’ll usually fight enemies. The fight will introduce you to the “fun” concept of seeing your ships firing at a random ship. There’s more to it than that but the game is mostly RNG-based except for some requirements that helps map progression.

      Progress is at first restrictive due to the low amount of resources and all that but later it’s possible to play at one’s desired pace for the most part. The game is mostly a way to kill time really.

    • Well, think of it as something of a management sim. At most, your involvement is limited to construction, task allocation, resource gathering, resource allocation, resource management, upgrading and fleet formation.

      Everything else is RNG. Will your fleet get past this node? RNG! Will your fleet get to boss node? Ask the RNG! What did you get from construction? RNG! Most you can do about that is modifying the RNG to be slightly in your favour with equipment and stuff.