Playing History 2’s “Slave Tetris” Abolished




Serious Games Interactive has earned the scorn of soldiers of internet righteousness due to a mini-game present in their point and click adventure game “Playing History 2: The Slave Trade“, a title intended to inform younger individuals about slavery – decried as “offensive” for its not historically inaccurate take on slave ship cargo stacking.

The mini-game in question was an ode to Tetris that involved lining up mangled slaves into even lines to score points, proving to be so “inexcusable” that the resulting commotion had prompted the developers to abolish the mini-game in its entirety (from the game’s recent Steam release anyway).

A PV for the educational title, which quite briefly reveals the “offensive” mini-game:

The game was first released back in 2013, but its recent arrival on Steam after a successful Greenlighting looks to have exposed it to the idle scrutiny of more socio-justiciars than ever before.

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