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    • It reminds of the time when I was a little kid.

      I had a friend who came over and woke me up one day. He asked me something while I was still tired and groggy. Then I immediately fell asleep right after.

      The next day I found out that he sold away my Pokemon Red game for $20, and that I apparently gave him permission to take my game and sell it. He wouldn’t give me money as an apology or anything.

      He was an asshole.

  • While this episode was filled with romantic notions I honestly have a hard time seeing the big breasted girl go nuts over Umaru’s brother. On one hand I want to see it happen because even in the game of Life he had her as his wife and they had kids. So there is a sort of hint that he likes the young fresh girls. On the other hand, if anyone saw last episode about him at Christmas. His boss & friend was such a qt and I feel it would be great for them to be together but I don’t deny how beautiful and down to Earth the big breasted girl is. She is sure to provide more than a handful hehe. Also, unsure if it is just me but the blue haired girl is really giving off incestual vibes whenever she thinks of her brother Alex. I feel they are probably not related by blood or something and she wants to fuck him but I’ve only seen anime. I don’t read the manga so not entirely sure