Slayers Film & OVA BD-Box CM Nostalgic Indeed


Long-time anime fans have been hit with another blast from the past as a new CM has surfaced in promotion of the upcoming Slayers BD box set, allowing fans of the ancient series to re-watch its films and OVAs whilst potentially going on mindless rants about the current state of the anime industry.

The CM, as narrated by the one and only Lina Inverse (and Naga):


The box set contains the following films and OVAs from the interminable and overly complex release history of the classic show:

“Slayers Perfect” (1995 film)
“Slayers Return” (1996 film)
“Slayers Great” (1997 film)
“Slayers Gorgeous” (1998 film)
“Slayers Premium” (2001 film)
“Slayers Special” (1996 OVA: 3 episodes)
“Slayers Excellent (1998 OVA: 3 episode)

The BD box set will make its arrival on October 30th.

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