Top 25 Most Traumatizing Manga


Avid readers have ranked the top 25 manga that traumatized them the most, the list unsurprisingly being populated with plenty of horror titles – though with the most haunting of all being based on historical fact.

The ranking:

1. Barefoot Gen (Keiji Nakazawa)


2. Drifting Classroom (Kazuo Umezu)


3. Hell Teacher Nube (Sho Makura/Takeshi Okano)


4. Phoenix (Osamu Tezuka)


5. Devilman (Go Nagai)


6. Ushijima the Loan Shark (Shohei Manabe)


7. Jinsei (Keiko Suenobu)


8. Uzumaki (Junji Ito)


9. Zashiki Onna (Mochizuki Minetaro)


10. Ichi the Killer (Hideo Yamamoto)


11. Dragon Head (Mochizuki Minetaro)

12. Gantz (Hiroya Oku)

13. Kyoufu Shinbun (Jiro Tsunoda)

14. Narutaru aka Shadow Star (Mohiro Kitoh)

15. Oyasumi Punpun (Inio Asano)

16. 7 Seeds (Yumi Tamura)

17. Fuan no Tane (Masaaki Nakayama)

18. Himizu (Minoru Furuya)

19. Arigato (Yamamoto)

20. Monster (Naoki Urusawa)

21. Cat Soup (Nekojiru)

22. Happy People (Eisho Shaku)

23. Sakura no Uta (Tetsu Adachi)

24. Eko Eko Azarak (Shinichi Koga)

25. Kanbyusesu no Kuji (Fujiko F Fujio)


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