Dragon Ball Super Overdramatic Indeed




Dragon Ball Z continuation Dragon Ball Super has resumed its retelling of the “Battle of the Gods” movie, proving immensely boring for those already familiar with what is to come, whilst critics have labeled the anime’s tendency to hyperdrama as another nagging aspect to a disappointing revival.


















































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  • I think you all are being too critical. Back in the day with the old Dragonball Z series it would take months for the plot to develop. And we would all wait patiently for the few episodes of badass fight scenes. Remember the Dragonball series all the way through Dragonball Z from beginning to end is about waiting patiently for the few awesome episodes that make the whole series. This is probably going to be the same with dragon ball super. I’m glad that my children and I will get to sit and watch a new series unfold. And teach them something about patients. In a world where instant gratification is the norm. I’m glad the series so far has kept true to its roots and allowed us diehards to watch while weeding out the posters.

  • The problem if 90% of all modern anime/movies/games/manga/books stories, is that there are talented fans who would gladly write a better story for FREE, but aren’t given a chance because of… I dunno… publisher’s stupidity?

  • Sankaku is like only full of so many perverted pigs asking for boobs and sex that they can’t appreciate anything else anmyore. Goddammit shut up and watch the show or leave it alone! I’m hella glad to just see Son Goku and all the others back in action again so whether they fool around or get into some serious fights, I’m fine with anything. Also what hasn’t happened yet can still happen. Now for all you idiots just go watch some hentai and get your frustration out of the system that way.

    • Sure lol is rare because in many tops in japan never figure in the top ten DB super or Soul of gold, who rare not? in any sites in japan thats 2 shows figure in a decent top, but other animes like Gansta or Overlord have good ratings? sure ovelord and gansta have lost of echii scenes to be in a top kakakak

      Really mister toeifag, so you like the shitt made using a poor animation is because you never see the classic animation of Saint Seiya and Db Z or have the taste of a jackass, in lots of sites the comparison is abismal, the 1995 version of DB have tons not lots of better animation, but know who we have a better technology is only a piece of shitt made for Rukia.

      • Bruh, go back to school and learn some proper spelling. I barely get what you’re trying to say but just to throw my opinion in there too I’m gonna say that anime back then were epic the way they were, I agree with that. But they are not better or worse than the anime nowadays. Different buddy, the right word is different.

      • @mister anon 12:04 I have no clue what you were trying to convey but still respect your rights of expression and lack of written English skill.

        With people that likes to criticize mindlessly while online, how do you expect Anime companies to generate enough profits? If you find the visual quality bad then kindly avoid it by all means, nobody is forcing haters to watch the show anyway.

        I’m just saying that Anime has always been better in terms of sound and visual when compared to cartoons, whether in the past or in modern day. But people chose to bash this particular series as if all Anime made in Japan is in the same category while overlooking the good ones. No offense.

    • I know, right? America cartoons has been doing retro all this time but people still suck them up. While I admit some people likes to reminiscence about their childhood memories but at least Anime was way better looking than cartoons even back in the 90s. Think about the younger generations, would they want to watch remastered version of all those Anime titles from the 90s? And then grumble about bad sound or visual…

      Those who were always nitpicking are probably the black sheeps giving the Anime and Manga communities a bad name anyway. I agreed they should just stick to their “hang tie” (hentai) since they can’t pronounce it correctly. And the disturbingly misconception that a girl in the nude, undressing or not properly covered up = hang tie. If one were to strip for a bath, does that make him/her a pervert? lmao

      Apparently they can’t differentiate between Ecchi and Hentai but still wants to criticize. :/

  • Super needs more comedy and a rather more decent writer.
    Man… Toei used to be more fun.
    Atleast the Toriko anime was golden, despite of some alterations.
    If one can make DB Super good is either Mitsutoshi Shimabukuro or EiichirĊ Oda.

  • I don’t see how anyone enjoy Dragonball Super. Akira Toriyama never should ave continued the series. So far, it’s just the same old shit literally. A super strong figure shows up and they all try to punch him and he dodges them. He’s reusing the same old tropes over and over again. He had 20 years to come up with new shit and this is the best he could muster? I love DBZ but the series ended at Buu for me and refuse any of this new shit happens. What a hot load of garbage.

    • Yep, been saying the same shit verbatim since episode 2. Toriyama hasn’t grown creatively even an inch in all these years. My buddy and I sat and discussed a handful of much more interesting premises that could have been used instead of this boring crap. If all you ever wanted was more of exactly the same shit then this is a gold mine, if you wanted to see ANYTHING new or interesting you might as well quit now.

      Sad to see Toriyama has no creative vision for this show, hell you can tell by the naming scheme he uses that he has NO CREATIVE TALENTS at all anymore (seriously, Super Saiyan God Super Saiyan? WTF…).

      • @03:22 surely you know that things are very difficult to change once you had already written and published them. Your buddy and you had interesting ideas, why not write a story then? There are many platform to publish a work nowadays, there is even OEL (Original English-Language) manga. But the problem is all of your so-called interesting premises is nothing more than cheap talks if you can’t convey them in Japanese because the majorities of them can’t speak English, I assume Toriyama is no exception.

        Supposedly you had already published a work and garnered some longtime fans, do you dare to make changes to the point that it may upset your loyal fans? You sounds young, so you may not be aware that writing and drawing manga has never been easy work, especially Shounen titles. And Toriyama is no longer a young man. And lastly, this new series didn’t force itself on anyone, just stay away from it if you find it isn’t your cup of tea but don’t presume that everyone has the same taste as you.

      • are you that surprised? i mean… if you compare older animes with the newer ones, you notice that the newer ones were just created to make as much money as possible. the producers aren’t putting any effort in it anymore, because they’re gonna get enough money out of it anyways. and that is something you notice when you rewatch the original dragon ball series or just read mangas and watch the anime adaption after it…

  • This is so boring, we already know that none of these people can take Beerus. We’ve already seen the damn movie. And Beerus barely has any motivations to begin with. What the hell is the point?