Pokemassacre Averted


An armed assault allegedly targeting the Boston Pokemon World Championships has been averted, the assailants having threatened to take competition at Pokemon event to a whole new level.

The two suspects in question were found out by way of their numerous threats toward event attendees through social media (being perhaps not the brightest criminal planners), who were subsequently arrested as they attempted to enter the Hynes Convention Center for the event last Thursday.

Police confiscated a 12-gauge shotgun, an AR-15 rifle, a hunting knife and several rounds of ammunition from their vehicle.

The Hynes Convention Center security were tipped off to the threats via some understandably concerned attendees, in no small part due to the suspects’ near admittance of their intentions to wreak havoc at the event via a Facebook post:


The Pokemon World Championship is not exactly a stranger to bizarre occurrences, but regardless, the ordeal will likely serve as more tasty fodder for the anti-game, anti-gun and pro-security theater crowds.

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