Gal Gun: Double Peace Costume DLC Sexy Indeed




On-rails romance shooter Gal Gun: Double Peace has received its first tantalizing DLC pack, covering some basic service staples as it dresses up the game’s enemies in maid costumes, yukata and even kigurumi – though the title still has a long way to go if it ever wants to be a match for the costume DLC king that is Dead or Alive.













Both Gal Gun: Double Peace and its sultry costume DLC are available for purchase now.

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    • Just… don’t… nobody gives a shit about ‘the console war that never was’ anymore. It’s all the same now, it’s been that way for about 5 years now, pretending otherwise is just clinging ironically to being a console war fanboy.

      • this. There are issues with all three companies, microsoft with their always online kinect tv watching nonsense. Yes they reversed all of that that but the always online can always be patched in later.

        sony is similar to MS and is making some of the mistakes MS made when they revealed the always online bs plus they’re trying to ease people into losing ownership of their games through the playstation plus games you need to maintain a sub to keep,

        few known of this but on the wii u if you’re hit with an update and don’t want to update because of mods/hacks/whatever you can’t use the system for at all excluding using the gamepad as a tv remote until you update. All the nintendo fanboys defended nintendo’s decision even through some people had legitimate reasons to not update such as removed features from the console without the user’s consent or informing them what’s being deleted.

        All three don’t deserve your money anymore, buy used for now on it you must have their games.

        • No, that’s not what I meant. I don’t condone hacking, and modding should only be done responsibly. And buying used just makes certain that a good developer and a good games never gets made ever again, and it’s feeding money to Gamestop or a company that deserves it even less.

          Buy your games new, wait for the price to go down if you want, but don’t fuck the developers just because of the publisher.

          What I meant is none of it matters. Buy the games you want for whatever the fuck you want, it doesn’t matter and never mattered.

  • Now, If PSN Japan would actually WORK so I can get a hold of this. I have the game and Yens in my Japan account. I’m almost done with it but I can’t get any DLC. Can’t log in, can’t access PSN Store, ZILCHO.

      • It works, yes… on a PS4 (albeit inconsistently)

        I’m playing the Vita version by the way, and my net connection is fine and dandy.

        It seems that Sony’s new framework favors PS4s for the most part, so PS3s and Vitas are out of luck no matter how many kinds of troubleshooting steps are done.

        I’m finished with the game and I haven’t even been able to redeem my reservation DLC code (Ripped Uniform) yet. Sad.