“Highly Inappropriate” Prism Paradise Ending Massacred



Lesser idol anime PriPara has recently been targeted by numerous complaints submitted to the BPO (Broadcasting Ethics & Program Improvement Organization) due to the graphic imagery present in its ending animation, which has been removed for those who find a slipping shoulder strap to be damaging to the innocent minds of the show’s younger viewers.

The harmful image in question:


What this horrific travesty was replaced with:


A side-by-side comparison of the censored and uncensored endings:


The event has naturally earned the ire of faithful watchers who decry the change as ridiculous and unnecessary, especially when the rest of the bikini-toting girls in the ending wearing even less than the altered image have gone unchanged.

Further research by one particularly dedicated fan has also revealed that the harmful image in question was actually also a tribute to a famous photograph of scandalous US actress Marilyn Monroe:


Fans are likely hoping that the BD will at least offer the ending in its true unaltered form.

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