NTRed Cuckold Severs & Flushes Adulterer’s Penis


A cuckolded man who chopped off the very penis which “wronged” him when his wife decided to have sex with its owner and then flushed it down the toilet has been arrested.

The penis mutilator, a 24-year-old Nakano man, apparently forced his way into the Tokyo office (where his wife happened to work) of a 42-year-old lawyer and proceeded to brutally beat him into unconsciousness, after which pulled down his trousers and castrated him with a pair of garden shears he had apparently brought along for the purpose.

In a police interview, the assailant admitted flushing the severed phallus down the toilet, all apparently out of anger at his wife’s affair – though as to why he did not opt instead to merely sue the wealthy man for damages as allowed under Japanese law, or even blame his erstwhile wife for her part in all this, he seems to be silent.

As his victim was only a man, his crime also amounts to no more than common assault – likely carrying a 3-5 year sentence and the possibility of 10 million yen in damages, probably not proving much comfort to his irreversibly emasculated victim.

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