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  • geez, not again, this 2 are awful, that color scheme is a total failure, i don’t care if it’s military correct, it’ simply awful, and those shoes look hideous!
    With still quite a few interesting character in the series untouched why waste efforts in this 2?
    Simakaze, Amatsukaze, Nagato, Mutsu, were all excellent renderings, even the other 2 previous girls in the figma
    series were worth while, and to make things worse, some of the most interesting characters get done terribly in the armored girls series.
    They really make very bad decisions when it comes to products.

  • I’m sure i’ll get a lot of hate for this but..

    1. The paintjob is terrible. Look at her face.
    2. The model quality is also terrible. Look at her hands/ammo/face/body

    and as a bonus

    3. The entire idea of “cute girls” as weapons is dumb. I’ll never understand where’s the appeal.

    I would actually prefer a “kantai collection” were battleships are real battleships. And if having a girl as main character is a must then make that girl comparable with Revy (black lagoon) Integra Fairbrook (hellsing) Re-l Mayer (Ergo proxy) and so on.

    It’s a real shame that most animes go for the cutesy girl in a schoolgirl outfit

    • The ship girls thing is all about how the artist drew the cards because yes this all comes from a virtual card game. Real battleships is a good idea but the game isn’t about game play it has very little of that it’s pretty much a wiafu ship girl simulator. With fully voiced cute cards to collect it got successful. Its hard for me to imagine it appealing to the market you just presented, look up those 3 girls you just listed in sankakucomplex and you will be lucky to get a total of 2000 images and not very good ones. While most of the kantai shipgirls exceed that an average of 3000 each and given a lot shorter time for artist to do their magic. All I’m saying is they know their audience and they cater to them well.