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When My City Stops Moving Time Freeze Eroge




The “time freeze” fetish (for lack of a better term) has served as the (sole) focus of another kinky eroge from Miracle Heart entitled “When My City Stops Moving“, allowing players to let loose their rabid pent-up desires on the defenseless with no consequences – should they manage to make it to a nearby “receptacle” in time.

The game stars a pitifully unpopular and despised otaku who manages to find a way to stop time, albeit for only for the most fleeting of moments – fortunately all he will ever need.





















When My City Stops Moving features a number of stages, each with one delectable female as the prize who comes with an animated scene and voice-work – the game is available for time freeze fetishists to download post haste now.

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  • The game is pretty weak. Maybe the demo is just bad, but it’s not a great representation of the game. Maybe I need to download a Japanese language pack to read the files in the demo folder, but the game should have on-screen prompts, or have controls in a menu.

  • tons of complaints about the material…very few comments about how shitty the game looks which is what I noticed right away, not the gyaru girl or loli being raped because I know that shit isn’t real.

    • Well yeah, of course they are! After all, there are people who want to give fictional kids more legal rights than actual people!

      These fake kids should be able to live free of the predations of that fictional assailant, and you should be censored for thinking about playing it!

      “Justice” for the lulz.

    • If you’re looking for class you are definitely in the wrong place. The only purpose of being here is to troll all the delusional neckbeards here who don’t think they’re ass-backward, degenerate pedophiles for playing games like this one.

      • No, they don’t. You try showing some grown man having sex(even consensual one) with a kid on some non-doujin medias, see what happens.

        I really don’t understand this shitty legal system, so as long as you have mosaic sensors, you’re allowed to show pedophile rape, that’s fucking messed up, this sort of doujins shouldn’t be considered legal as much as people raping someone and uploading the video on Youtube.

      • No, they don’t. You try showing some grown man having sex(even consensual one) with a kid on some non-doujin medias, see what happens.

        I really don’t understand this shitty legal system, so as long as you have mosaic sensors, you’re allowed to show pedophile rape, that’s fucking messed up, doujins shouldn’t be considered legal as much as people raping someone and uploading the video on Youtube.

  • wtf……..i know i haven’t been on in a long time but when did this site review or cover games where the main character rapes childern……not cool……its shit like this that gives anime and manga and otaku the bad reps outside of the anime scene.

  • I’m kinda curious how they justify the villain being able to pose the victims, or even rape them. If they actually were frozen in time, no part of them would be able to move! That’d really chafe!

      • It’s different in that rape shown in other medias are shown to be negative, evil acts, while rape in these kind of doujins are glorified as good and even a form of trivial entertainment, there’s a huge fucking difference.

        Tell me the shit you’re saying is acceptable when someone draw a doujin of your family being raped and killed and you think it’s okay.

        • Games like Grand Theft Auto turn murder into a trivial entertaining act, and aside from a few puritans nobody seriously thinks its making murder more likely. The only difference with lolicon is that some people are too uptight about the whole concept to believe that it can be a fantasy and nothing else for lots of people. They just assume it’s going to make people commit rape for real, and they are willing to ignore all evidence, reason and logic to hang on to that idea.

          Case in point: “Draw a doujin of your family”? See, that’s just making something up that never happened, just to try and score some kind of sympathy points. “If it was YOUR family, you’d care!” Well, a drawing can NEVER be someone’s family, it’s a drawing.

          You can usually tell when someone has no actual logical reason to be against something when they have to resort to blithering hysteria.

        • which are?…..FICTIONAL!
          Stop trying to save the lives of fucking drawn/computer generated images and pixels, get off yer goddamn soap box and go to one of those various sex tourism areas and force your morals to help REAL PEOPLE!

  • Dear classy people, here are my arguments why shitty doujins like this is unacceptable.

    1) I don’t give a shit if it encourages certain behaviors, I know for fact that FPSs and shits doesn’t make people go shoot other people, it doesn’t change the fact that rape, especially of a child, should never by any chance be classified as “entertainment”, go show a sex scene of a grown man with a child, even consensual one, on TV, see what happen.
    Rape is, under any circumstances an unforgivable act, while killing is forgivable because that’s why executions fucking exists, rape never does anyone any good apart from a short term pleasure from the shithead that commits it.

    2) “Kids in these games aren’t real, they’re just pixels”, and YOU are just a clump of cells, your point? The problem of this sort of game is that it portrays rape as being good, as a form of “shitz and gigglez” for shithead losers.
    Go ask anyone else who has ever written rape on officially published stories, even shitty writers like the HOTD guys never portrayed rape positively, tell me if it’s okay if someone make a fucking doujin game of your friends and family being raped.
    I also am a virgin, I’m not going to claim that people who like this sort of thing will never get laid, but there is never a good reason to act like a fucking shithead.

    3)It gives anime medias a bad name, yes I know you may not give a shit what other people think, but I sure for one doesn’t want anime to be seen as a retarded media only known for its shallow rapes, I know you probably won’t care, but if you do believe that this sort of media is acceptable, then I would ask for you to quit being a fan of this animes, you’re not doing anyone any good.

    4) “It provides relief for their urges” so you think it’s okay to be a complete garbage of a human being inside? Don’t you think the issue should be that this sort of thought should never be tolerated at all, as much as the thought of going on a shooting spree should never occur in any respectable human being’s mind?
    I don’t give a shit if you’re going to claim this is the era for freedom of thoughts, there is a fucking reason the word “inhumane” exists, and this game is exactly one of it.

    5) “lol this time freeze shit is impossible it ain’t gonna promote shit”, to that I say you’re fucking stupid, it doesn’t matter if you kill someone with a laser gun or a pistol, killing is killing, and said act, in and of itself, regardless of method, is unacceptable.

    6)I am not trying to be a white knight, or SJW or anything, I’m being a person with a fucking sense of decency.

    PS. If you think downvoting makes you look better, you’re clearly being a butthurt retard, please reply like someone with a fucking brain before downvoting.

    • 1) When you break it down, this argument is just “I say it’s wrong, so it is!” You “know” video game murder does not promote real murder, but you can’t bring yourself to say the same thing about video game rape, and you don’t have an actual reason except some kind of weak, “well, it’s just worse!”

      “It just is!” is not a rational argument. A lot of the later arguments are “It just is”, too, when you get right down to it…

      2) Like this one, that just ignores the “not real kids” point by brushing it aside with the stupidest analogy ever, then goes back to saying “it’s just bad!” Look, dipshit, a clump of cells can sometimes become sentient. Pixels don’t. The things depicted by pixels are imaginary. Cells are real. Learn the difference.

      And again with this family thing! That didn’t work the last time, Bullwinkle!

      What’s more, there ARE stories, officially published and everything, where rape is portrayed as a good thing. As an example, there’s the Gor books, a series that’s been published since 1969, where the main idea is that on this fantasy world of Gor, men can own women as slaves, and not only can they just have sex with the slaves whenever they feel like it, the slaves actually enjoy being raped. Remember, the fact that you never heard of something before never means it doesn’t exist.

      3) Oh no, the reputation of teh animes! If this game is going to make someone think that anime is all like this game, then they are idiots, and their opinion is worthless.

      4) People who know the difference between fantasy and reality know that having a thought is not the same as doing the thing that thought imagines. Lots of people fantasize about killing their annoying boss. Smart people do not kill their boss. Only dumbasses seriously try to do it. Same with any other fantasy.

      In fact, trying to keep one’s mind pure and clean of all weird, violent, or otherwise nasty thoughts is the kind of thing that a repressed, poorly-adjusted person does, trying to bottle up all the bad thoughts until they boil over and the person snaps and does something 10 times worse than any video game.

      5) You’re mixing up reality and fiction again. Killing is unacceptable? But you said it was sometimes acceptable before, and that video game killing wouldn’t make you kill in reality. Now it’s just bad all the way through?

      6) You’re not trying, but you’re sure doing it. I mean that’s what white knights and SJWs do, that’s all they do, is try to tell others how to behave, “out of decency”. Don’t kid yourself that you’re somehow any different.

    • Actually there is a fallacy built into your primary argument. Rape is only detrimental to 50% of the actors involved, while murder and/or killing detrimentally affects 100% of the actors involved. Yes, even the killers are negatively affected by their actions.

      Furthermore, even the earliest recorded laws recognized murder as a crime while rape was not. Therefore, since you’re talking about a ‘forgivable offense’, rape clearly was not considered unforgivable.

  • So it’s a pedophile/rape simulator.

    The developers should be executed. Same with every person that buys/plays/downloads this game.

    He bloody rapes a child at the playground. This is NOT fine…then a child with her mom…

    Seriously. You have to be a pretty sick mind to find this “game” appealing.