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Kawaii Monster Cafe “An Absolute Freakshow!”


The imminent emergence of a brand new cafe called “Kawaii Monster Cafe” has seen to some skewed opinions online due to its “creepily bizarre” theme and art design, though it comes as no surprise that the eccentric Masuda Sebastian (the art director for Kyary Pamyu Pamyu’s J-pop sensation that was Pon Pon Pon) is the one behind its inception.

Masuda Sebastian is known for his tendency to utilize a multitude of flashy colors, which has clearly also been gaudily replicated in this new project – though with many finding the art design as more creepy than the intended “cuteness” that Masuda was aiming for.

A short PV of what the cafe may be like:





Kawaii Monster Cafe’s debut will be on August 1st in Shinjuku.

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