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5 Busted For Uniqlo China Sex Tape “Marketing Stunt”




A seemingly harmless amateur sex video filmed within the confines of a dressing room of sacred Japanese retailer Uniqlo has spawned quite a bit of attention online – for more than just its pornographic value, as Chinese authorities have arrested five people for this atrocious act of indecency, and Uniqlo is being accused of staging the video in an entirely unnecessary attempt to boost its notoriety.

It has been stated that the couple was arrested only a few hours after the short 1 minute video was uploaded, though not before the video went viral amongst Chinese social media site Weibo and mobile messaging service WeChat.

The raunchy if brief and rather tame sex tape was soon all over the wider net for all to see:










Chinese police investigators will apparently be wasting their time ascertaining whether or not the incident was intended as a publicity stunt to try and promote the already well established clothing retailer (a crime capable of attracting fines and possibly prison time, as well as being a sure way of disposing of a pesky Japanese competitor); Uniqlo has as yet made no comment regarding the event.




The event has already prompted an increase in visits to Uniqlo stores due to people taking photos of themselves in commemoration (and probably also in the dressing rooms, privately at any rate), ironically leading to elevated attention for the retailer whether the sex tape was an intentional marketing ploy or not.

Whether the harsh official reaction to the sex tape was due to the puritanical attitudes of the Chinese authorities to sex, their almost US-level paranoia regarding the possibility of illicit information freely circulating online, or because of the juicy chance to blame it all on the wicked Japanese is of course almost as intriguing a question as that of how long it will take someone to dig out the starring lady’s likely other works…

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