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  • Anonymous says:

    …. good?

    They left out anything that would be good.
    No rape scene.
    No scene of rory makeing that one guy dig graves for the mother and daugther.
    Dragon fight scene totaly scrubbed.

    Moefied shit …. i will cry if the catgirls are too moe …

    I’m sticking with the Manga and the bits of Novel …

    At least Overlord is good …hopefully.

      • Anonymous says:

        There is one panel in chapter 4. In number of other chapters bandits drag around naked women. At end of chapter 28 certain prince is raping bunny girl. In all, page count of those isn’t that great, but those few are so violent and so disturbing that some weak-minded readers remember only those and forget most of the rest.

    • Anonymous says:

      yeah this looks way too fanservice-ish and moe, and i feel like they are probably gonna skip that dark elf massacre from ch44 and the scene where shino beats the shit out of the prince in front of his father.

      • Anonymous says:

        If they even get that far, they’ll probably also scrap the whole onsen scene where the troops from the different nations get picked off one by one and then Rory massacres them.

        • Anonymous says:

          me again as my earlier comment was this 10:49 19/07/2015.

          as i was doing the dishes i suddenly remembered that the scenes where they were rape victims i noticed the reader could see a hint of nipple and all of the cerves of those victims, yet after reading up to ch 25, i noticed the hot spring scenes all the female characters were censored with steam clouds. Maybe with Rory being a 900 year old loli and the other girl being 14,…15? i can understand, but then what about the elf girl, the princess and her friend and the female jsdf characters are clearly of age yet also censored, yet victims are not…i wonder why?

        • Anonymous says:

          never mind, i found it. I also noticed that the art style is more like berserk while the anime is more on the moe side of things and lacking blood. More so, i see they styled up some of the characters like adding a hat to the wizard, more of a frilly dress on the Gothic Lolita girl to the point to have her Babette to look like cat ears and, i think she might be even smaller in the anime then the manga, and the princess in the anime was in armor while in the manga she had a dress.

          this is the first time watch the anime and reading the manga at the same time and i think I’ll continue to view it in this way so i can see the differences.

        • Anonymous says:

          Well they showed Rory in an onsen robe on the opening, so we will be getting that scene for sure. A-1 Pictures is most likely just gonna scrap the very explicit and adult scenes in favor of their style. Still I was in glee for best girl, so I’ll just glaze over that for now. They’re not like other studios like Madhouse, who for the most part aren’t afraid to show death scenes, so of course they’d make this more toned down then the manga. They didn’t even show how Tuka’s village was destroyed, and that was pretty graphic.

      • Anonymous says:

        Indeed, this watered down, censored butchering, is why the anime industry sucks so bad now days.

        I can deal with 95% of the new animes every season consisting of moe/ecci/shounen/mild shounen-ai pandering for female otakus, usually devoid of any depth whatsoever. That is, if they didn’t fucking tone down and censor the rest of the 5% that actually has some sort of interesting premise. Hell, why not turn the MC and his soldiers into fucking high-schoolers while you’re at it… If you moeify, censor and remove any adult & mature themes, you might as well adapt another fucking Light/Visual novel aimed at beta faggots. There are thousands of those out there, go make animes out of those instead of showing us this butchered crap.

        Remove the gore, violence any sort, nudity or any sort of mature themes, and the series suddenly looses any appeal it had from the start. What’s Berserk, Gungrave or say Black Lagoon without it’s graphic violence and devoid of any mature and explicit content whatsoever? Fucking boring and pointless! Might as well watch swordshit moe online instead, because the difference is suddenly minimal.