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Monogatari & Hello Kitty Team Up Again


NisiOisin’s official twitter page has teased a 2nd upcoming collaboration event between the Monogatari series and Hello Kitty (with the first involving a maid cafe), revealing some tasteful illustrations of the anime’s lovely ladies with a noticeable Hello Kitty theme – though little has been divulged about the team up itself.




It was also announced that new goods featuring the felinated girls will make their way to 7-Eleven for otaku to deftly snatch up in October, though whether or not there is more to the collaboration has yet to be elaborated on.

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  • Anonymous says:

    WTF? I can’t imagine two franchises with less in common. This mashup must have come from marketing zombies in Japan giving each other hand jobs outside a bar because they drank themselves blind and stupid after work.

    Are they going to have Koyomi Araragi molesting Hello Kitty with a toothbrush, dildo and ona-hole at the same time? How about Hello Kitty BDSM gear featuring staplers, scissors and office supplies? Why not just go all the way with an AV Hello Kitty/Monogatari orgy? I know it would be a big hit with the Sankaku crowd.

    Leave me the fuck out of this. I just want to see the regular anime without any of these damned cross overs.