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  • Anonymous says:

    Not a fan of this line from Kotobukiya, mainly because of the proportions. The limbs and feet are too thick causing it to look more like baby fat rather than being chibi. While the head of the figure is cute, the body does not look good.
    Also, the joints don’t look very aesthetically pleasing.
    It wants to be a Nendoroid, but isn’t anywhere near as good as Nendoroid.

    It sucks that there isn’t a Nendoroid Hestia yet, but I am certain they will make one. Goodsmile would be crazy not to make one.

  • Anonymous says:

    Cu poche are really awesome, they pretty much stay on the exact same spot on the stand regardless because of magnets in the feet. Also, it’s interesting how there’s no Nendoroid version of Hestia, I do feel at times Good smile make terrible choices with what show they cover. They’ve done 2 Nendoroids from that flop Rail Wars but none from this?