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Japan vs USA in Mech Battle


The world’s first ever real giant mech battle has been officially announced between Megabots Inc and Suidobashi Heavy Industry, two robotics companies who have successfully constructed functional giant robots – an event that has triggered massive anticipation from dedicated mecha enthusiasts the world over.

The “Kuratas”, the first “mech” ever built and created by Suidobashi Heavy Industry in 2012, will face off against Megabots Inc’s very own “MK. II”, which was revealed just this year – an astronomical event that many have still failed to fathom.

The initial challenge dealt by Megabots:

The response from Suidobashi Heavy Industry:

The threat of being completely upstaged by mere barbarians seems to have somehow roused Suidoubashi’s Japanese spirit – their CEO is on record as saying “We can’t let another country win this, giant robots are Japanese culture.”

While no absolute date has yet been set, the initial video states that there might be at least a year long wait until the face off.

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