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Girls Und Panzer Promote Tourism & Safety


The admirable schoolgirls of tank battle anime Girls Und Panzer have been emblazoned on a variety of posters to help advertise their lovely town of Oarai, (the town that the anime centers around, which is very much a real location even if its main claim to fame is now the anime) with the fictional girls practically becoming mascots for the tranquil fishing town.

This first set of posters are meant to promote tourism for the upcoming summer season; they will be put up on July 9th at various railway stations for about one week:



The second set of posters take on a more serious nature as they promote basic maritime safety in a joint promotion with the Japan Coast Guard, which will be publicly displayed on July 11th along with leaflets containing safety tips:



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  • Anonymous says:

    Is that a diagram showing you how big a pedophile sailor is in relation to the size of his loli prey when they are in the kneeling position?

    Surprisingly it shows how big the pedo’s face is!

  • Anonymous says:

    It’s mind boggling why people actually liked this anime.

    School girls and tanks? That’s simply dumb, and if you actually need to see some cute girls driving tanks you must be a really lonely person.

  • Anonymous says:

    I know Girls Und Panzer involves school-ships that put American supercarriers, oil mega-tankers, and cruise ships to shame, but wouldn’t Kantai Collection have made more sense for the maritime safety stuff? Or are the maritime posters limited to Oarai too?

  • Anonymous says:

    I’ll never understand why people actually like this anime. They don’t have any standards or self respect or what?

    How sad you have to be to watch some anime with “cute” girls and pink tanks?
    Nevermind…some people even watch my little pony…

    If you like any of these 2 bovine manures you’re a really sad person….

    Now go on, downvote me. Protect the school girl driving tank BS.

    • Anonymous says:

      Would you prefer precure? LWA? Keroro?

      Don’t you enjoy exploring things that aren’t boring and mundane? Here we have frilly sparkles and cute fanservice.

      Its like trying to compare Galgun Ahegao with one of the 3DPD Call of Duties.