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China: “Japan Will Attack With Gundams!”




Chinese news program Focus Today recently ran a short segment accusing Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe of seeking war with China, which further went on to describe the arsenal of weaponry the villainous country has at its disposal – including a glimpse of the relatively famous 1/1 scale Gundam originally erected in Odaiba, which was rapidly spotted and soon made the talk of the internet even far beyond poor vulnerable China.

While not mentioned directly on the segment, the Gundam momentarily appeared on-screen alongside the looming Japanese war machine’s other terrifying weapons of aggression and despoilment:

Of course, anybody who had bothered to even look into the tactical capabilities of the magnificent mech would already understand its inadequate combat capabilities due to its limited mobility and vulnerability to kneecapping, let alone its mysterious reliance on dashing young pilots to get anything useful done – but considering that China’s media can barely differentiate a mushroom from an onahole the programme’s content probably need not be taken too seriously.

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