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Undead Darlings ~No Cure For Love~ “Zombie Romance!”

Undead Darlings-NoCureForLove-Game-Screenshot-3

Undead Darlings-NoCureForLove-Game-Screenshot-1

Undead Darlings-NoCureForLove-Game-Screenshot-15

Japan’s eternal attempts to make even the most absurd things moe has been aided by two former members of NIS America, who are creating the rather unique RPG/visual novel title “Undead Darlings ~No Cure For Love~“, which features a variety of cute zombie girls for players to romance.

The title aims to deliver compelling RPG gameplay whilst simultaneously captivating players with adorable zombie girls via visual novel elements, hopefully to appeal to fans of both genres simultaneously – and not least of all, to lovers of the undead.

The official trailer:

Undead Darlings-NoCureForLove-Game-Screenshot-1

Undead Darlings-NoCureForLove-Game-Screenshot-2

Undead Darlings-NoCureForLove-Game-Screenshot-3

Undead Darlings-NoCureForLove-Game-Screenshot-4

Undead Darlings-NoCureForLove-Game-Screenshot-5

Undead Darlings-NoCureForLove-Game-Screenshot-6

Undead Darlings-NoCureForLove-Game-Screenshot-7

Undead Darlings-NoCureForLove-Game-Screenshot-8

Undead Darlings-NoCureForLove-Game-Screenshot-9

Undead Darlings-NoCureForLove-Game-Screenshot-10

Undead Darlings-NoCureForLove-Game-Screenshot-11

Undead Darlings-NoCureForLove-Game-Screenshot-12

Undead Darlings-NoCureForLove-Game-Screenshot-13

Undead Darlings-NoCureForLove-Game-Screenshot-14

Undead Darlings-NoCureForLove-Game-Screenshot-15

Those wishing to support the game can contribute to its Kickstarter – success will allow the title to make its way to PS4, PC and the Vita May of next year.

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  • Anonymous says:

    Why would you promote a game based on NISA? They are known for.

    1. Being absolutely incompetent
    2. Game breaking bugs not in the original
    3. Being JP illiterate
    4. Lying to customers
    5. Rewriting character personalities and storyline
    6. SJW pandering censorship

    They are the cancer on gaming. But maybe the JP can save this title.

    • Anonymous says:

      The worst part of this is that NISA has basically reached a point where they found the bare minimum work for maximum profit on a release, and their reputation has assed because of it.

      But not enough to stop them from making money on the releases of games. It’s nothing short of a tragedy. It does not take much effort beyond what they already do to release quality, but they just don’t do it.

    • Anonymous says:

      DISGAEA 3
      o DLC scam. Purchasing content one by one locks certain content needed for 100% completion. Purchasing as a bundle unlocks it all, for the low price of $50. NISA released vouchers for a limited time as apology.

      o Scrubbing minigame removed over 120 CGs removed. Basically censored extremely lazily. Excuses given over the years were many and varied, but some of them were “We wanted to appeal as much as possible to a wider demographic.” “The vocal minority can’t put a dent in our wallet.” “We find this content creepy.” “Unofficial ESRB rep indicated this title has potential for AO (it didn’t)” “We found this content distasteful, so you don’t want it anyways.”
      o Created new bugs and glitches not seen in the JP release
      o Massive lag during regular battles
      o Can fail an area load after a battle forcing you to restart from your previous save
      o Released an LE which had bath sponges and a towel even though the bath minigame was removed which was a massive slap to the face which the LE sold poorly(still have copies of the LE on their site).

      o Scrubbing minigame removed, over 120 CGs removed. See entry for Mugen Souls
      o Elka introduced as the Hero of Water World when she’s the hero of the Fire World
      o Slumbering Boss battles cause freezes in Mugen Field

      o Ending is not subbed when using Japanese. When someone asked about this, they were told to use the English dub instead

      o Very questionable localization quality. (bad translation, unfunny jokes/lines added to several dialogues which changed the characters personalities at times)

      o Very questionable localization quality. (bad translation, unfunny jokes/lines added to several dialogues which changed the characters personalities at times)
      o Didn’t tell the gamers idol events DLC would not be included, then, when brought to attention, denied any and all knowledge of such DLC.
      o Freezing issues with some DLC.

      o Game-crashing bugs (rumor about a GameFAQs user fixing everything and mailed such solution/file to NISA. Still no official support a year from release, nor token mention of any such thing.)
      o PS3 overheating (Confirmed to be replicable by person who originally made the post)

      o Name changing: Esty Erhart => Esty Dee (S T D = Sexual Transmission Disease, get it? XD)


      o They fucked up the dlc characters so they don’t have voices.
      o They decided not to release all the dlc characters, but released the final character, majin hinako.
      o Majin hinako unlocks item book collection slots because it assumes you have the other dlc characters.
      o Downloading majin hinkao means you can’t complete the collection book, effectively killing anyone going for 100%

      DISGAEA D2
      o Game-crashing SKILLS (several Fire-based)
      o OPENING stops abruptly
      o Fuuka and Desco were free DLC for the first month after release in Japan and Asia. Day 1 paid DLC in USA and EU.
      o CPU melting bug at release

      o Bad string handling leading to complete crash against specific bosses (AT1, MK2) / major part of the extra dungeon enemies (MK1). MK2’s crash is rather easy to avoid, though.
      o MK1: Unnecessary and flagrant name changes to a variety of playable main characters.
      o MK2: Lack of testing in the extra chapter leads to crashes when doing certain tasks if Ulrika is the main character instead of Raze: Student handbook and Job post usage crash the game.

      o Typographical errors, missing words, and shaky sentences, mistranslation of important game terms, inconsistently-adapted names
      o Localization introduced or exposed game-crashing bugs in the game.
      o NISA marketed the game based on Sex Appeal, when, in fact, AT2 was intended to be a more serious and thoughtful game, with less emphasis on cheap hooks and a greater focus on the plot, than Ar Tonelico Elemia
      o In order to fit English voice acting onto the disc, they cut approximately half of the Japanese voice-acted scenes, leaving many important plot points lacking appropriate impact.

      o Typographical errors and untranslated text in various spots on top of their “translation” not even being remotely close to the japanese track and english voice track, what little there is, not even matching the text in some areas.
      o Binary Field (DLC episodes) scam where they put out each chapter separate then a few days after a bundle pack which didn’t work if you had downloaded the first episode.

      o Neptunia 1 would crash on the dungeon leaderboard screen if it couldn’t upload your score while you were on PSN for whatever reason.

  • Anonymous says:

    This…. actually looks really cute. Would play. Character designs are nice.

    Granted, A few of those lines looks kinda… stupid. Depends on the way its actually written, it could be fairly funny or just really bad.